recut of controlled demolition video

It's not perfect I know but in the interest of getting it out I decided not to endlessly scour it for problems... feedbag always appreciated! Neiigh!

very good. short but

very good. short but effective.

check out the pigeon...

freak out and fly away as the bombs explode/plane hits at 1:57 - 2:00. it's sitting on the corner of the green building.
add music in the first minute
stop using different fonts throughout - comic book style and the green digital don't flow with the one used at the start. make it consistent.
thanks for the video. i hope that you continue to explore this avenue for truth dissemination.

go to 4:54 1/2, almost 4:55...

i've never noticed this, but that shot shows an explosion going off at the upper left corner of the building followed be the collapse of the entire left facade exposing the skeleton. it remains standing that way for several seconds until the entire thing begins its freefall at around 5:02.

that's the east or west penthouse

not sure which--but in fact it does collapse before any other part, and i hadn't seen it until this clip was used in the jowenko phone call video. It is obviously very weird, and one of the official reports pointed it out as particularly interesting.

thanks for the good feedback btw--i ended up experimenting with fonts at the end right before I got sick of editing it. And yeah, music is god for otherwise silent parts, but it's hard to know what will work!

I think I wanted to also make the point that we're not in this to strut our nonexisting mad skillz, but to use every tool at our disposal, including video, as a routine in our day to day communication with eachother. Knowing we're all seeing the same thing is reassuring...


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The East Mechanical Penthouse on WTC7

Was the first part to collapse...

Soon followed by the rest...

Best wishes

Anyone notice the white flash?

There's a white flash at the top of a building on the left in the first of the two animated gifs in that post, that seems to come at the beginning of the loop, right before the east penthouse collapses. Could just be a video anomaly as well, I guess.

nothing but a...

low aircraft warning light on a different building...

Excellent observation. For

Excellent observation. For some reason I've always associated that movement with a thick cloud of dust passing the penthouse just before the collapse. Wrong. I never heard someone point that out before.

I agree

with the comments and critiques made so far, good vid, needs a lil tweaking.

If I may add one general critique of something that I notice in a lot of these "homemade" vids, and even in some of the "professional" ones. When it comes to audio, it needs to be normalized. The audio sources are different from clip to clip and the effect ends up being a volume level that is jumping all over the place from clip to clip. From a viewers perspective this can tend to get annoying and ends up making the production "amateurish". I know most of these are more for the info rather than the production value, and thats great, I am not trying to knock anyone, but if you have access to some software that can normalize the final audio then it might be worth doing, enhancing the overall end result of the effort.

either way, good job people

ps - I never noticed the north tower "pop" as the south tower is hit, classic magician's sleight-of-hand technique. those cheeky bastards.
(fake laugh)
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