What we can learn from our foibles on 9/11Blogger

I've been meaning to find the time to thoughtfully respond to the current issues that have come up and i think I have it...

The recent issue of bandwidth strain and how flame wars contribute to them (among their other virtues) is of course what I'm referring to, and to begin I'd like to point out the fact that this falls under "discussing the movement instead of the 9/11" and that I'm generally pretty averse to that, as I think we are so strong on the facts that we lose by making ourselves the focus of our energies.

What it amounts to is gossip about other truthers distracting from the issue of achieving peace, justice, and/or "nailing the bastards what really done this, whoever they were." This is not at all a call for "unity"--the word as used these days makes me shudder. It is for focus. Are focused enough? What areo , what are we focused on? How are we doing? What could we be doing better? These are all questions that could be asked and some possible answers are "We could spend far less time than some of us do on issues of who is and is not disinfo, for instance. There could be a link
to a discussion board replacing all excised comments, or even just a link at the top to enter the "flaming room", which we could associate with a pink triangle which will discourage insensitive people from looking into it. Also, people who choose to engage
in flame wars will have to live with the fact that searches for their comment history will turn up many a spat involving them the flaming room

I'm only half kidding I hope you see. If we collectively, without a semblance of personal attachment, contribute to improving the concept of social netwoking/information sites/services then we will be creating an open source standard by which to
spread our individual messages. As with any collective, it requires some contributions to get the thing going and this effort should be conducted as anonymously as possible so that no one can benefit from being able to contribute more monetarily than others.

There is no end to the variation that truth groups (and it would seem we do make up a truth group in some ways) can take. I firmly believe thought hatour methods need to be as antithetical as possible to the existing order. This means:

1) condemning violence in any form.
2) encouraging and if necessary enforcing transparency in government
3) not being ruled by profit
4) favoring decentralization of overly concentrated power

And lord knows what else.

Everyone may not agree that these are the correct principles but would anyone deny that we need principles? What do you think?

Flaming Room...LOL

probably too complicated to execute; an excellent idea nonetheless. Maybe we could use it as a figure of speech -- like, "Dude, I think you just entered the flaming room with that one."

As for basic principals, I could make an argument for why you shouldn't include profit=bad in that list, but I don't feel like it. I think corporate de-personalization would be an excellent place to start, though.

sorry Cass

i didn't mean to imply that profit=bad, I said that we shouldn't be ruled by profit--that sometimes you have to think about things without involving costs and profit. That there ARE things that have to remain above the taint of Mammon, and among them are government, religion, and professional sports. OK maybe we can let Mammon have professional sports. Th problem is that the profit motive contains a few slippery slopes. Basically the question i hear is does profit necessarily corrupt people? you would say no, that profit can coexist with fair play and i would say that i don't know about that... :)


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I agree with that list RT

There is so much involved with 9/11, having so many people checking into each their own area, and having an opinion to boot, it gives up to lively debate. I don't have a problem with that, debate is good. The principles you put down are the things most Americans would want, I think, it certainly is something I want.
What We are up against to get to a real, thorough investigation is in itself a daunting task, so banding together in a cohesive force of consensus is extremely important. To that end I think 9/11 Blogger is it, man! The people who are sitting on the fence is where the battleground is.. these people are hearing things about 9/11that don't jive with the Official story and are willing to hear, but at the same time those disinfo sites set up by the CIA that put out the nutty stuff and mix it in with half truth do their part to turn people off. Along with Psy-op material to divide the actual truth movement itself....such as the LIHOP/MIHOP and no planes; both of these can be attributed to Nico Haupt. Jeff Rense, who father worked for the Hughes Corporation along with having national intelligence clearance. Alex Jones is one I just don't trust, I don't know what it is, but there is something about him that gives Me a feeling of wariness. These are just the tip of the iceberg. Getting back to Constitutional Government is getting back to transparency, and that includes those who commit high crimes and misdemeaners be held responsible for their actions.

The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles.

thanks mike

I think i feel the way that a lot of people do which is to consider any site legitimate where you are given a fair chance to air your views and respond to open criticism without getting banned. I think this site qualifies as now constituted, but I wonder what developments could occur to change that and keep an eye out for signs of them. It is especially important to be transparent because of the psyop type stuff going on.

AJ i think just seems a little TOO much in the know, like he's fed choice tidbits by someone. but what finally made me "ambivalent to slightly inclined to distrust" is the whole "he predicted it" thing. That's what Larouche's people say about him. He predicted 9/11. Not to sound normalnormative but AJ and Larouche aren't exactly the most "normal" people you've ever met. AJ also seems to always have it all figured out, and as he reveals things to people he's a lot like an apocalyptic preacher--a bit like Harley Guy--slightly TOO in character, you know?


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Absolutely..The thing I can't get out of My mind is the mass mai

To the editors of all newspapers in the country last year. Even though I don't know how many actually published them, I didn't stop to reflect about how this would look on the truth movement untill much later.
That was My first feeling of uneasiness about AJ. 2nd thing is his site, Prison Planet. Quite a bit of bizarre stuff on there, some that do turn people off, I'm sure, and that gives the wacko impression. that was how I felt about it. I don't visit his site anymore. And how does Fetzer keep showing up at many of the conferences? I don't trust him either ( really, I'm not paranoid...lol)

The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles.

RT you got it right

RT you got it right In my opinion there should be alot more focusing on activism and less on knowing every little detail. We already have enough to smoke these ....... the only way we beat these guys is to be smarter. but these guys have one advantage they can create money out of thin air.

The 9/11 Truth movement,

our movement, is like a snowball that we're all pushing up a mountain.

As we push it, it gets larger, heavier and more cumbersome.

When we get it to the top of the ridge we've reached critical mass and the tipping point. One last push and it rolls down hill to victory.

We're more than halfway to the ridge right now.

The only thing that can stop us is ourselves. We need to stop arguing about gloves, powder pants and boots and focus on getting the snowball to the ridge top.

We can debate the finer points in the lodge after we're done, over dinner and drinks.

Now, can I give you a hand with that parka, friend?

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.