9/11 Skeptics Want Those Who Disagree At Saturday Event

They claim evidence will sway others to doubt 'official' story.

Source: southbendtribune.com

Tribune Staff Writer

SOUTH BEND -- Andy Schmidt wants you to attend Saturday's conference -- especially if you don't agree with him that what he calls the "official story" of 9/11 is false.

Three presenters -- all part of the "9/11 truth movement" that questions the conventional explanation of the 9/11 attacks -- will speak at the event, which Schmidt sees as a learning experience.

"I would strongly encourage people who doubt the 9/11 truth movement to come to the conference," he wrote in an e-mail, "because they will learn the most (if they remain civil, that is!) We don't want to just be preaching to the choir. It's an educational event that will be of most benefit to folks who are still 'on the fence' about 9/11 truth."

The Granger man says he wants to draw people who, like he once did, don't agree with 9/11 skeptics.

Initially, Schmidt said in a telephone interview, "I was one of the strongest believers in the 9/11 story."

In fact, he said, in the wake of the attacks, he reported two men of Middle Eastern descent after they walked into the Boston library where he worked at the time because he thought they seemed suspicious.

But over time, he encountered the work of skeptics -- at talks, on the Internet and in books -- who sought to poke holes in the mainstream explanation of 9/11. The questions they raised changed his perspective. Now, he hopes to change others' views, as well.

"The Web sites, the books, that's basically it," he said. "I think if you just do minimal research, you can find things that just don't add up."

Kevin Ryan, a former South Bend resident and one of the presenters, likes Schmidt's approach to the conference.

"It's very useful when we can get people who are interested in what we have to say," Ryan said.

Ryan, who now lives in Bloomington, Ind., was fired in 2004 from his job at Environmental Health Laboratories Inc. in South Bend, a subsidiary of Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

The firing came after Ryan wrote a letter to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which was examining the collapse of the World Trade Center's twin towers.

In the letter, Ryan said burning jet fuel did not cause the buildings to collapse and maintained that Underwriters Laboratories had certified steel components used in the construction of the skyscrapers, a claim the company denied.

Mike Berger, another presenter, said the conference will be about raising questions, which he said is key to addressing official reports that have "white-washed" what happened on 9/11.

During the conference, he will show and discuss his film "Improbable Collapse," which critiques government reports about the collapse of the Trade Center buildings.

"While people want to speculate, there's no need for speculation," he said. "What we have from the government, in effect, is speculation on how these attacks may have happened. But certainly they haven't run all these leads down."

Berger says the "painful truth" is that the U.S. government had provided a "conspiracy theory" to explain the attacks. But despite that, he said, many people don't question the explanation of 9/11 offered in government reports and through countless media outlets.

Schmidt hopes the conference will help change that.

"Come to the event. Keep an open mind. Just look at the evidence," he said. "Because that's where things start to fall apart."

Thanks JG...

Mike Berger and Kevin Ryan are in my "dreamteam" of 9/11 Truth.

This should be an excellent event... Be great if it's videoed !!!

Good luck and best wishes for a great event... All the ingredients are present...

Conference schedule - 17-Mar-2007

Saturday's "9/11 truth" conference runs 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the St. Joseph County Public Library, 304 S. Main St., South Bend. The event is free and open to the public. Here is the schedule:

10 a.m. Mike Berger, media coordinator for the site www.911truth.org, will show his film "Improbable Collapse" and speak about it.

Noon Lunch break, meet and greet, free raffle for books and DVDs.

1 p.m. Presentation by Kevin Ryan, former South Bend resident, on his experience of speaking out about Sept. 11 and his research on the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings.

3 p.m. Presentation by author and lecturer Webster Tarpley on the history of "false-flag" state-sponsored terrorism, and how Tarpley believes this history applies to the events of Sept. 11.

It will be videoed....

I live in South Bend and i will be helping Andy set up on Saturday. The event will be videoed and be posted here and elsewhere, so stay tuned! It's going to be a great event.

Will nonviolence be discussed in Indiana?

I hope the issue of nonviolence is raised at this event, because the 3 people mentioned as speakers each have opinions on the issue.

Webster has made it clear more than once that he feels the examples of Gandhi and King are irrelevant to our 911 struggle.

When Kevin Ryan surfaced he proposed an anniversary walk honoring Gandhi. I was the only truther who volunteered to walk with him. It fell through.

Mike Berger tells a recent story( I heard it secondhand) of his presentation in Durham, NC at Duke where a young woman in the audience inspired much discussion when she shared her experience of being empowered by a recent antiwar civil disobedience.

There is no right answer in this realm, but I hope it is addressed. I consider the issue of moral courage to be more central to the challenge of fellow truthers than the plane/ no plane issue or questions of what brought down the towers.

That's why I named my website 911courage.org

I'll be there.

I live in Fort Wayne, IN and I plan on attending the conference in South Bend, IN. I'm bring someone with me who is not as up to speed as I am on all the unanswered questions about 911, but her take is ...basicly she wouldn't be suprised if our government was involved. From alot of the polls that I see it seems like Most Americans doubt this story, yet Most Americans are still apathetic about it all no matter who is responsible. For whatever reason, we as a nation have become XBOXed and become numbed out and all too accepting of this behavior so long as we're allowed to max out credit cards and pay for cheap gas. What a shame......I can't say I'm the most involved in this but I can tell you that I've lost countless hours of sleep over this and stayed up all hours of the night reading and watching videos. I just wonder what event is going to spark this coming out. I hope some sort of media is there covering this, because if they are........I'm certainly going to give them a peice of my mind. Our media is an absolute disgrace.