911 Truth - and Debate - Grows in Norway

Just as my like-minded bloggers, I am now regularly subject to pejorative comments in my Norwegian blog. It may therefore come as a surprise to note that I was not the f**** conspiracy nut I am accused of being before last Summer.

Like many, I had accepted the official conspiracy theory without question. My interest in 911 came as I began to write about Peak Oil, in my oil blog CQD - named after the old distress call said to have been sent by the Titanic. It was through that subject that, reading the thoughts of Michael C. Ruppert, and http://www.oilempire.us/911peakoil.html I realized that there might be more to the issue than I first had appreciated. So I began looking at all the videos like Loose Change, and at some point I knew that whatever the truth - we had not been told the truth.

CQD began covering 911. Other Norwegian "oil bloggers" went through a similar process, and by the end of the year you would have a hard time deciding whether CQD, and its rivals The Age of Oil is Over with War on Your Mind were about Peak Oil at all... or whether 911 was our main concern. I think that what it shows is that the issue is growing in importance.

Me being a purist, I decided last month to split my CQD. I now write about Peak Oil in CQD, and 911 in a whole new blog CQD 911. The response has been good.

But this week, things have really taken off. Unfortunately, not in my blog, but in yet another Norwegian blog called "Unanswered Questions". This has really posted a lot of things concerning 911, and solicited a lot of idiotic response. A HUGE response. This is probably because we who are writing about 911 (reading each others blogs) decided not to allow people to make unsubstantiated ad hominem arguments.

We have a few who do make such arguments. One of them calls himself by the call name "Nalleballe". And it is the same tripe he throws at us (I kind of hope he'll dare to comment on here, but methinks chance were a fine thing). "Oh you must believe that the moon landing were a hoax", or equating us with people who religiously believe in UFOs.

Yet you ask him to substantiate his claims! Oh no, he'll just throw out more of this pathetic rhetoric. He is unable to argue his case. We have asked him to, but as of yet we await a solid argument from him. He cannot see that he too is a conspiracy theorist (he believes in the official theory), and if you do insist on him explaining why his theory is any better than anyone else he will tell you that there is a wealth of reports about what happened - and none of us have the competence of the people who made them....

However, a glance at how many comments have come in where we won't bloggers won't give in until and unless we get an argument at least - which is to say if someone were to say "I do not believe what you are saying because of" and then make a case for why - this guy Nalleball and others of his tribe just keep coming and coming. They just have to have the last word. Of course unless they grow up, and present an argument (which they cannot) they won't get it.

Unanswered Questions can be found at http://www.vgb.no/14296/ - and you'll see the discourse to which I refer because it has a disproportionate number of comments. We normally only get about ten or so. Look for the posting about WTC 7, though... It has passed 170 comments, and they are still coming in!

For those of you who are curious what Norwegian looks like you will see that over here too, 911 is becoming an issue. CQD 911 (my 911 blog) can be found at http://www.vgb.no/21654/

Oh I do hope Nalleballe will in fact dare to show his face here.... then you'll see what I'm talking about!

Good to see 9/11 Truth is

Good to see 9/11 Truth is hitting hard in Norway now.
It's still very slow in Denmark,but Danmarks Radio 2 TV recently aired this program called "I En Konspirationstid" (In a Time of Conspiracy" which I think you should see and in fact,if you could, link to it on your site.It's Danish texted, so all Norwegians should be able to understand it, afterall we share the same language,don't we? :)

Here's the link to the documentary:


Don't worry about NalleBalle.Actually,since he has no arguments,only ridicule, he makes the other side look weak...

I am also a peak oiler

So I will check out your site. Unfortunately I cannot say that the 9/11 message is spreading in Sweden.

Min bror anser fortfarande att jag är en förvirrad tokskalle.

I guess the Norwegians and the Danes are a little bit ahead for once.

I used to chat with a great Swedish 9/11 Truther...

named seraphim

Helped with the Loose Change Swedish subtitles, was a great dude.

Not seen him around in a long time, I think he used to hang at...


Best wishes


I'm the man behind the blog "Unanswered Questions". The comments is still coming in:) There is soo many questions! I want to thank Christopher Briggs, he is really helping me out on my blog! As Christopher Briggs says, there is a lot of ad hominem arguments on my blog!

Greetings Odd Inge

Hej Oddinge! angaaende din

Hej Oddinge!
angaaende din "Screw Loose Change exposed" historie paa din blogg: Det var en "hoax" har de skrevet paa www.prisonplanet.com igaar,men jeg kan ikke lige finde artiklen nu. Men historien er altsaa ikke sand, det var ikke blogger Pat,der har skrevet det.Det siger de paa deres hjemmeside paa screwloosechange.com og Watson fra prisonplanet har trukket historien tilbage.

Det er muligvis en faelde som det er ret vigtigt ikke at falde i..

Ja desverre

Jeg skrev på bloggen min:

"Hvis denne innrømmelsen viser seg å være ekte", jeg var forberedt på at dete var en "hoax". Men denne historien er interessant fordi. Huligens "Pat" som har skrevet dette, da er det bra Watson har trukket tilbake historien hvis den ikke stemmer.

Men har nettopp kommet hjem, så jeg får se på det *neste dag*