Found on Wane Madsen site:

March 15, 2007 -- Guest Anonymous Column --

Giuliani, Clinton Battered Candidates as 9/11, OKC bomb Unravel.

According to the anodine USA Today, Republican presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani couldn't find time in his busy schedule to seek the endorsement of the the International Association of Firefighters, which will host a bipartisan candidate forum in March. But the New York press reports that the former mayor was not invited, citing the group's press release: "The fundamental lack of respect that Giuliani showed our FDNY members is unforgivable - and that's why he was not invited. Our disdain for him is not about issues or a disputed contract, it is about a visceral, personal affront to the fallen, to our union and, indeed, to every one of us who has ever risked our lives by going into a burning building to save lives and property." With the recent revelation of CNN and BBC reporting, on Sept. 11, 2001, that World Trade Center 7, also known as the Saloman Brothers Building, had collapsed before it actually fell, suspicions about Giuliani's advance knowledge of what was obviously a preplanned demolition have again come to the fore. Was it, as seems likely, the mayor's emergency management office that warned the firefighters and news agencies the building would collapse? On 9/11, WTC7 became the third, after WTC1 and WTC2, steel frame building to ever collapse.

On the Democratic side, the junior senator from New York is an easy target for opponents who know the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City under her husband's watch was an inside job. As Terry Nichols and former FBI officials add new revelations to the many others that have been piling up since April 1995, Hillary Clinton is open to accusations of being married to the author of a grave terrorism event or, at the very least, to a participant in its cover-up. President Clinton's eulogies for the victims may soon be seen for what they were - cynical lies laying the groundwork for laws legalizing a crackdown. Once the gloves come off in the 2008 campaign, Hillary will find herself needing to likewise cover-up this misdeed and defend the gaping wounds in her character.

The truth about 9/11 and OKC bomb is so damaging that neither candidate will be able to withstand scrutiny on the key issue of state-sponsored terror.