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Very impressive format.

Great work guys. We need a show like this every few days highlighting the news surrounding 9/11. I'd watch a short clip of news from you like the Rosie O'Donnell updates. The Sibel Edmonds case. The Rush Limbaugh thing. It would be just like visiting this place (911Blogger) each day to get filled in with the current news, but in a visual news cast way. Very cool idea. And I like the attitude as well. I hope you guys keep it up and bring out a new episode anytime something pops up in the nine eleven truth world.


Would love to see you guys confront public figures/celebs on the 'street', on the topic of 9/11.

This would bring a great deal of attention to the cause and yourselves.

Find out where and when your local Tv stations are filming a local event and be sure to be in the background wearing a 9/11 Truth t-shirt or similar sign.

Attend local sporting events with the same goal - media exposure.

Oh you kids!

I gotta love it. Maybe there is hope for you youngsters after all!

The message

I just watched the new impressive entries at theresistancemanifesto.com Some great ideas for spreading the message. A friend and I have made about 100 copies of Terror Storm /Loose Change/911 Mysteries. An idea I had was simply making tons of flyers that say something like:


Google Terror Storm and Loose Change

and leaving them on the doorsteps of apartment buildings, houses and car windows. Cheap and effective.

Great minds think alike


good work... I have done this at movie places in Ontario myself, just never got it on tape! Keep working for the truth.


You had me at the middle finger. Good work.

Why no comments?

Why does your latest blog entry not allow comments?

It's nice to see that there are some people doing some real activism in the 9/11 Truth and Justice Movement.

However, people REALLY need to stop writing "9/11" as "911"!

"911" is what you dial for an emergency.

If I didn't know anything about the 9/11 stuff, and I was driving by and saw a sign that says, "911 = Inside Job", I would, seriously, wonder what problem they have with the Emergency Phone System. I might wonder about "9/11", I suppose, but people need to be more precise and less vague.

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