What the heck is Sibel Edmonds' Case about? And why should I care?

Left gatekeeper site Daily Kos has the second article on Sibel Edmonds by Lukery this week, in which it appears that Edmonds is hinting that high-level U.S. politicians were involved in 9/11 and drug trafficking.

Call, write, and fax Congressmen Waxman and Conyers, and your local congress critters -- let Sibel Speak!

"Some of the wiretaps relate to drug trafficking, some relate to the nuclear black market and other weapons trafficking, and some refer to terrorist activity - including 9/11.

Perhaps it's not surprising, then, when she says:

You have the same players when you look into these activities at high-levels you come across the same players, they are the same people.

Those 'same people' - at least on the American side - according to [reporter Phillip] Giraldi, appear to be Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, Marc Grossman, Eric Edelman, and Stephen Solarz. It appears that we can also add William Cohen and Joseph Ralston - and Dennis Hastert - to that roster, and I'm sure there are a few more that haven't yet been publicly identified."

This is an amazing piece...

I've seen all of this information before, but I've never taken the time to put it together. Thank you lukery. Whomever you are.

Some more info about Sibel...

A Lesson In 9/11 Research

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

Sibel Edmonds is in New 911

Sibel Edmonds is in New 911 Truth Video

Truth Surge
She's at the end.

Aside, I though Sibel Edmonds information was important before, but now I think she just might be the lynch pin to collapse the entire murdering bunch operating out of the White House. Great post


What lukery said about my Sibel piece...

Jon - it's a good piece.

as you note, flocco is a nut - but the quotes are accurate. and it was a good interview with Hogue.


Whew... :)

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

The petro-arms-drugs dollar

and its ensuing collapse brought on the Nietzschien, Strangelove, protofascists' provocation of their heavily sold 100-year global war of terror, but now the not-so-strangelove faction seems to be suffering buyers remorse; ergo, limited hangouts all around - expect more, and then that some of these "players" might just sort of disappear forever, before they're ever called upon to testify. And who'd want to be Sibel Edmonds just now, no matter how well protected...who could you trust? Send her a prayer.

"Send her a prayer."

It matters how this one turns out, for its own sake but also since there are plenty of other people with similar knowledge, watching. There are plenty of people who do not want any more part in this, who are at wits end about what they have seen going on here. Also, what tney have particpated in.

Some of them will likely be reading 911blogger.

I wish Sibel the best, I really do. Do well, Sibel, and be well.

Send her a prayer

Send a prayer, yes. And form a protective circle around her, if only we could.
I wish I could believe the "not so Strangelove faction" was suffering buyers remorse. Unfortunately the neo-con forces will continue to pursue their agenda regardless of the 9/11 Truth movement with Sibel Edmonds or anyone who might have the temerity to get in their way.
History cries out for someone (plural) with uncommon courage to stop this out-of-control train.
Awareness+ activism+ rebellion= New Paradigm.

I think Jack is right there

I think Jack is right there is a faction--the evil but sane--that is trying to put the brakes on. They see, correctly, they have risked all and may loose all. These people are NOT gamblers--that's why they've never believed in a truly free market or real democracy of, by and for the people. The majority of evil, powerful people are conservative in a very literal sense--they have no intention of risking loosing ANY of their assets or power if they can help it.

But the neo-cons took that 1980's corporate fantasy of voodoo economics literally, much like they (alledgely)take their Bibles. Old money knows that's insanity. And now they're desparately triying to put on the brakes, spin, whatever.

I agree it might well be too late. The neo-cons will not ceed because they can't loose face. The other oligarchs are reluctant to expose them for fear of being dragged down, and so any efforts to stop the runnaway express train must, publically, be little more than hand slapping.

If I was to guess what the oligarchs next move was, it would be something like a "emmigration paracute", to some place sunny, leaving Bush and company holding the bag, taking away their MSM support. After Bush & Co. are out of office, whatever the terms, they'll tentatively return to the States and see what they can savage of their dreams of empire.

One problem with Jenny's senario is, I can't see Bush senior, evil as he is, hanging his own son out to dry.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

That really is quite an amazing article.

Doesn't it seem that if Sibel Edmonds and the other whistleblowers were given an actual hearing, that these revelations would be stunning and could domino into other areas of inquiry, especially what really happened on 9/11?

What's up with Waxman? If he doesn't hold these hearings, he's ONE OF THEM. No other way to see it, is there? OK, he may only be bribed or threatened, but he appears to have caved in. I mean, Sibel has the goods and this could really doom the neocons, big time. Of course, there are still the damn Democrats who have bought the "war on terror" hook, line, and sinker. They ought to know better. Oh wait, they DO know better.... Why do I think we're f*cked when it comes to political justice in this country?

I have an odd suspicion...

that the reason Democrats play like they don't see this or that it needs action is because big ones among them are implicated. In a big way. In lots of these activities too, likely including 911, IMO.

You are right, I suspect: "...these revelations would be stunning and could domino into other areas of inquiry..." It does look that way, to anyone noticing.

If this is so about Dems being just as unwilling to look at it, we may need to consider stronger means to crack it all open. And I do not know what to propose either. I do not mean violent tactics, that is for sure.

Figure out how to motivate Democrats to do something.


the Bush family sold NUKES!

Sam Bush armed the Kaiser WW I

Prescott Bush armed Hitler WW II

GHW Bush sold arms to Iran Iraq China Isreal ect..

Plame bumps into the latest Bush family deal

SELLING NUKES on the international black market.

Sibel also know this info.

limited hang outs false flags and who IS who
and WHO will stand for the criminals and who will stand for the people??

dope corrupt pols global corruption
the Bush family hiding in plane sight.

The old 50s TV show:"I've Got a Secret"

starring Sibel ...Plame and a few more...

The Bush family is vulnerable now not only from
this .... but from the elites whom have financed their rocket ship to the top..there are a few families more powerful than Bush..

pac man effect
devour the next...

The Bush family is
ALWAYS near the crime
NEVER the indicted criminal.

The Bush family NEVER do time for their many crimes.


hey dbeach, good to see you

hey dbeach, good to see you here -- miss you over at Rigorous Intuition board.... always great to read your insights

So what's your take on Waxman and why he refuses to open hearings on Sibel?

Shine on you diamonds!


MAYBE Waxie loves his cushy job?

don't they all??

Bush is already convicted of TREASON in the court of popular opinion.

Pumping up the volume and exposing the many lies seems to be upsetting battle plans..

the powerful elites expected us to rollover and NOT challenge 911 similiar to JFK.

time will cover the crimes has worked for them..

BUT the impending police state is waking more of the sleepers....exposing their agenda as 911 TRUTH is demanded.

Now we may have differences about 911 but the facts are 911 was an inside job and the signature of the elites is all over it.

Crime is the method that the Bush family has used to rise and eventually crime will be their undoing.

The cost to the people shall be.... ???
Mind Bogglin?Devastating??

they have made their choices and more are coming..

DC pols like Waxman either will stand for their corporat masters or realize the 911 Truth is gonna implicate them too

they murdered over 50 million in WW II...

Whats their numbers for WW III?


Hey, dbeach and ck,

Please check my 2c above, with the title "I have an odd suspicion..." I wrote it before seeing these two posts from you two. It relates to yours.

but do they want to breach that levee?

If 9/11 comes apart, so does all the "prestige" attached to... well, just about everydamnthing! Are the elites "above" House Bush insulated somehow from that kind of a revolution? Can House Bush be thrown to the wolves without said wolves looking up from their meal, still hungry, and seeing the others in the shadows?

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"

Are the elites "above" House Bush insulated...

Sam, you ask: "Are the elites 'above' House Bush insulated somehow from that kind of a revolution?"

It would have to affect elites everywhere. To do anything meaningful about all of this, or even some of it, would mean ending the current 'dominator' system of elitism itself.

That is at least my read on it.

Plus, we would have to do it democratically... somehow. Otherwise, it would just be more dominator politics.

I say "somehow" since democracy is hard to find these days. So even that step takes a revolution. Especially since we also lack freedom of the press in this country.

We need a forum to discuss this, and I'm not sure this one is quite it. Although, I have been scribbling some notes for a brief blog entry about it. It is defininitely on-topic. But maybe bigger than just news and so on. And it is hard to get a handle on it all.

How might we, anyone, stand back and plan for what is needed? The thing is really global in all senses of the word.

another Able Danger

I have no faith that an investigation/hearing into this will yield any fruit. It'll be another Able Danger where it's proudly announced that the claims hold no merit.

How would this lame government EVER truly investigate itself? There aren't enough in congress with spines. Well, maybe Ron Paul would speak up.

Sibel is a true American hero and to see her case turned into another quick dismissal would kill me.


The Watergate hearings got Nixon to resign. Things like that can happen. But it takes some big and very lucky breaks to get them to happen.

And obviously, this is much bigger than the Watergate break-in. Still, let's hope, and let's also work for it.

I agree that Congress looks totally inadequate to the task. For Congress to do anything, dems would have to turn in dems, I suspect. It is not only repubs, in the crime syndicate running this country right now. That is what I am surmising, anyway.

In am hoping that there will be a few people with courage and ideals, even in Congress, and even in the justice system.



October Surprise. It wouldn't shock me if someone is sacrificed by these powerful elites at the very top. You guys are ripping them a new ARSE over their blunders concerning 9/11!!
Now, Sibel is waiting in the wings to further incriminate even more of the evil ones.
Perhaps "The Death of a President" (the movie) could be the wrench in the cogs.....hmmmm
Keep their feet to the fires gang!!!
"The good Lord says I'm o.k. but you are fooked, Bush!


Here's what Sibel herself told me about Lukery...

He is the best investigative journalist out there on this case, and has done a tremendous amount of work on it.

Lukery sent me this additional piece that he wrote today...


"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

the core of the criminality ... including nuclear black market"

"the core of the criminality that Sibel became privvy to - including, but not limited to, the nuclear black market"

THANX JG for all YOUR efforts..

The president of the USA in fact
2 presidents of the USA named Bush have sold nuclear weapons to the enemies of the USA
and my bet is they sold em to Al Qaeda {all CIA DUH}.

and the rogue secret US govt and the Brit rogues are training them to use for the WW III scheduled fireworks display

THAT is the core of the TREASON!!!

Time for US Citizens arrest of the executive IF the CONgress does NOT act soon

Happy & Sad

Happy this news is getting some attention. Micheal Ruppert, Catherine Austin Fitts, Ted Gunderson, Chip Tatum are individuals in positions to know. Swear our gummit has been the main traffikers in drugs since the 60s. Wall Street is addicted to laundered cash from the drug trade. Drugs could never be legalized because it would destroy our drug dependent ecomony.

Bushes, Clinton, Gore have all been tied to drug importing.
Check out the video about Barry Seal.

American Drug Lords

Sad that Sibels days are probably numbered.
She will be in an accident or commit suicide.
I pray this is not such.

“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

Don't know if this video has been posted

But it succinctly captures Sibel's story with the help of a few Congressional notables. Paul Newman also appears:


I put on Myspace. Let's get the word out.


Blueprints to the WTC buildings

From an interview between Scott Horton and Luke Ryland entitled "Transcript: Sibel Edmonds interview":

There's some interesting information regarding an Iranian guy in prison on narcotics charges who called someone in the U.S. and asked them to send blueprints of skyscrapers (over 100 storeys tall) to someone else in the middle east. (At the end of the interview).

SH: There was something about blueprints being sent overseas - is that blueprints of the WTC towers?

LR: Well, this is also from Sibel’s open letter to the 911 Commission. In, I think, June of 2001, there was an Iranian guy who was in jail on some narcotics charges - and they were concerned that he was involved with something more nefarious, so they wiretapped his phone in jail. He called one of his friends, as I understand, and asked his buddy to send blueprints, pictures, and the building composites - what the buildings were made of - for a number of different skyscrapers - and to send those blueprints to somewhere in the Middle East.

SH: Did that include the WTC towers?

LR: Ummm - I think that the description that I have from Sibel is that the buildings were "over 100 stories" tall.

SH: Ok - so there aren’t too many of those... Was she just being coy there? Does the gag order get between her and saying the name of the buildings?

LR: I presume so - but there aren't many others - Sears Tower - but in any case, these blueprints were sent to the Mid East - but again, none of this information was included in the 911 Commission report - for one reason or other. It's crazy.

Source: http://tinyurl.com/yuftsh

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow


I got a chill from reading that article, including its comments. Feels like soon the scale will tip.

Is that proper english?

yes it is

I think it's usually "the scales" but the singular form actually seems more correct to me.

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"

What's the cost?

Hummmmmm? Pay off insurance companies.Pay off
victims families.(So this does'nt go to court) Enough left over to pay off anyone else.....2.3 TRILLION?