Wikipedia Mixing Us In With LaRouche

Wikipedia Mixing Us In With LaRouche

If enough people get on wikipedia and edit the pages, they won't be able to continue to do edits with the goal to discredit us, like adding Lyndon La Rouche to the template of people challenging the official version of events to make us look nutty. He should not be on a 9/11 template.

As it is, that template goes on the bottom of every single page covering the "conspiracy theorists."

The template is here -


And it's simple to edit. Just click on 'edit this page' at the top and start editing text.

Other good pages to edit are here -

9/11 conspiracy theories

(Locked! There is a war going on there, so only people who login can edit, but logging in only takes a moment)

Collapse of the World Trade Center


9/11 Commission Report

and many more . . .

A good place to keep track of edits happening on the pages is here -

User:Rhobite/9/11 watchlist

Just click on "Related Changes" at the top of that and it takes you to a list of the most recent changes on each of the pages listed on the "watchlist." You can see that pages which are boldface are ones they are patrolling heavily.

If they delete your edits, go to the "Discussion Page" and start a discussion on it. When you engage them it is more difficult for them to ignore you and you get to know the community.




given that I've confronted the Larouche Youth

MANY times on the issue of 9/11, receiving blank stares in return, or some version of "Larouche predicted it", I can say for sure that Larouche is no friend of 9/11 Truth, which given his ostensible hatred of Dick Cheney is quite odd. Sorry, OCTopuses, this one won't fly, and just sends Wikipedia farther down the road to irrelevance...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


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Larouche tables were set up outside all the events in NYC

Larouche tables were set up outside all of the anniversary events in NYC.

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The Eleventh Day of Every Month

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The Eleventh Day of Every Month

A page to watch:

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"Tarpley's recent "attacks" on Cindy Sheehan and other anti-war activists who claim not to have signed the Kennebunkport Warning have called into question his credibility and motives among the 9/11 Truth community. And after "further attacking those questioning" the circumstances at Kennebunkport, it is doubtful that, barring a future apology to the anti-war movement, that Tarpley can save his reputation among 9/11 activists."

Why's Discrediting Tarpley a Priority?

This whole thing smells like the same gambit run against Cyndy McKinney to get her out of office.
Remember the Maine!

I'm a hardcore Cynthia McKinney fan


How do you figure this is a McKinney attack? Please include links to support your response.

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Tarpley Explains this in Synthetic Terror

"I'm a hardcore Cynthia McKinney fan". My condolences to Cyndy McKinney.

Read the book.
Remember the Maine!

Talk by Jim Hoffman

Talk by Jim Hoffman

I know something about 3 of Tarpley's accused ... I support:

* Michael Woolsey
o A Colorado activist who has worked for years on 9/11 truth.
o Strives for reasoned dialog, strong evidence.
o Has the courage to discuss COINTELPRO (to understand its workings, not label individuals.)
o Site:

* Cosmos
o A Bay-Area activist who I met in 2003.
o Has worked for years for 9/11 truth.
o Site:

* Arabesque
o A thoughtful, painstaking researcher.
o Examines the disinformation muddying 9/11 research
(to shows its workings, not label individuals.)
o Site:

I judge you by your actions

All I have are your own actions to judge you by. I would like to put my trust in Jim Hoffman, but I see clear signs of something wrong with your conduct.

Remember the Maine!

A bit off topic...

Google Victronix 9/11. No quotes. ;-)

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