Rosie defends 9/11 mastermind/Suggests U.S. tortured, 'robbed him of humanity' to get false confession


Thursday, March 15, 2007


Rosie defends 9/11 mastermind
Suggests U.S. tortured, 'robbed him of humanity' to get false confession

Posted: March 15, 2007
5:16 p.m. Eastern

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(Rosie O'Donnell discussing Khalid Sheik Mohammed's confession. Photo: Media Research Council)

Rosie O'Donnell, hosting ABC's popular "The View" morning show, came to the defense of terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed today, suggesting the government elicited a false confession from the 9/11 mastermind by using torture, robbing him of his humanity and treating him like an animal.

A transcript of Mohammed's confession to 31 terrorist attacks was released today, but O'Donnell argued it came only after having a "hood on his head and being beaten to death."

The hood was a reference to the Abu Ghraib prison scandal in Iraq in which U.S. military personnel were punished for humiliating prisoners.

O'Donnell echoed the sentiments of Palestinian terrorist Abu Jihad, who told WND today, "I am sure the Americans tortured Mohammad and forced him to say these untrue things. Isn't it strange it took three years since his arrest for the supposed confession?"

Pointing out Mohammed was arrested in March 2003, O'Donnell asked, "Why hasn't he admitted it until now?" according to clips posted on the weblog

(Rosie O'Donnell, left, on ABC's 'The View' with Elisabeth Hasselbeck)

"They didn't allow reporters there and he hasn't had a lawyer," the talk show host stated, insinuating the confession was coerced with no accountability.

Defending U.S. handling of Mohammed, co-panelist Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked, "You don't think he had ties to any of (the terrorist acts)?"

"I think the man has been under custody in secret CIA torture prisons and Guantanamo Bay where torture is accepted and allowed – and he finally is the guy who admits to doing everything," O'Donnell said. "They finally found the guy, it's not that guy bin Laden, it's this guy they've had since March 2003."

O'Donnell added: "And look, this is the picture they release of him. Doesn't he look healthy?"

(Khalid Sheikh Mohammad shortly after his arrest in March 2003)

The photo of an unkempt Mohammed, however, was taken upon his arrest four years ago.

O'Donnell then argued terrorists are people too, and asserted the U.S. "robs them of their humanity."

"They've been treating them like animals … they have hoods over their heads, they torture them on a daily basis," she said.

Suggesting the U.S. is looking for a scapegoat, O'Donnell said of Mohammed, "for whatever he did or didn't do, he is not the be all, end all of terrorism in America. And our government has not found the answer in this one man."

Mohammad confessed in a U.S. military tribunal Saturday to plots that included a previously undisclosed plan to kill several former U.S. presidents, including Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

"I was responsible for the 9/11 operation from A to Z," Mohammed said in a statement read during a hearing on his status at the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo.

He confessed to the murder of journalist Daniel Pearl, saying, "I decapitated with my blessed right hand the head of the American Jew, Daniel Pearl, in the city of Karachi, Pakistan."

Mohammed added: "For those who would like to confirm, there are pictures of me on the Internet holding his head."

In November, O'Donnell told Hasselbeck in an exchange on "The View" that Americans shouldn't fear terrorists.

"Faith or fear, that's your choice," she said.

"You can walk through life believing in the goodness of the world, or walk through life afraid of anyone who thinks different than you and trying to convert them to your way of thinking."

My response...

To this accusation...

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

It's just most logical that

It's just most logical that he has been tortured, especially because the confession list is so long and it took him so long time to confess,but confession alone is never proof enough of a crime. It's common that people confess to cover for the real criminal.
Wasn't KSM the guy who was once arrested in New York, then he was released and the judge gave him back his books,which were bomb making manuals? I read about it in Peter Lance's "Cover Up"

Rosie needs to be supported!

We should remember what Gandhi says about them fighting us etc. And why are you labeling the posts as what the critics are saying. Instead of "Rosie defends 9/11 Mastermind" you could say or title the post something more creative and 9/11 Truth friendly like "World Net Daily comes out against Rosie" There is no reason to repeat the propaganda coming out of the other side. Unless you are intelligently ridiculing them with satire!
In my opinion.

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." -- Mahatma Gandhi

"alleged" mastermind

Always precede such speculation with "alleged". Guilt has not been proved in an open court of law.

"I was responsible for the

"I was responsible for the 9/11 operation from A to Z,"

So, where does Osama fit in? Or is part of this a lame attempt to explain why the FBI does not consider Mr. Bin Laden a suspect in the 911 attacks?

Lame, lame, lame,lame,
Lame, lame, lame ,lame....

(to the tune of "Spam")

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

nono, thats simple. Of course..

..Osama was the executer, and KSM the planner.
Maybe the debunkers who revealed that haven't told the FBI yet.

So does that mean KSM has

So does that mean KSM has told the Feds where to find Osama? Will he be captured any time soon?

See them dig themselves deeper with each rationalization... ;-)

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

We should not fall for this trap

and should tell Rosie, she should not, too.

It's not about us vs. the terrorists. The whole KSM story is merely a story, a fiction, unprovabel at all.

So, if the US government can make a case against him, it should be done in open court under international law.