Update: Rosie O'Donnell Goes Public On 9/11

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Follows in footsteps of other brave figures in public eye

Prison Planet
Saturday, March 17, 2007

After going public this week with her skepticism over the official story of 9/11, Rosie O'Donnell has continued to address the issue in a Q&A with her readers on her website.

We reported yesterday that O'Donnell, who has for weeks now been tentatively trying to raise the issue of 9/11 truth on her ABC show The View, wrote a blog entry encouraging her readers to research 9/11, in particular the building 7 demolition.

O'Donnell wrote :

• The fires in WTC 7 were not evenly distributed, so a perfect collapse was impossible.
• Silverstein said to the fire department commander “the smartest thing to do is pull it.”
• Firefighters withdrawing from the area stated the building was going to “blow up”.
• The roof of WTC 7 visibly crumbled and the building collapsed perfectly into its footprint.
• Molten steel and partially evaporated steel members were found in the debris.

She then goes on to explain her thoughts on these facts.

Now, in follow up postings, O'Donnell has been answering reader questions regarding 9/11.

A section of the Q& A from her website http://www.rosie.com/ follows:

Teri writes: Do you believe in many conspiracy theroy’s?
Do you think if you were not a celeb you would still suffer from depression?
Please don’t take offence to my ?’s they are ment well.

rosie: i believe there is more to 9 11 than we have been told
depression runs in my family - so yes

vicki writes: Have you seen BBC vid of reporter telling of collapse of bldg 7 with bldg 7 still in background and 20 minutes before it collapsed? Weird to the max. So much we don’t know. Truth will out. Peace.
rosie: i have
the plot thickens

Leslie writes: Bush’s reaction to attack on 9/11 should b compulsary viewing. He didn’t move a muscle, didn’t look at who gave him the news but it’s his expression that’s so alarming & it wasn’t shock

rosie: shock was the look on everyone elses face
that morning
not his

i agree

stacey writes: OMG!! Where have I been?? What is this third tower that fell?? Where can I read more information on this tower? Sharing your opinion on the veiw has opened my eyes to so much plz. reply!!!!!

rosie: building 7
there is a link on my home page

Jada writes: Do you believe the U.S. government is spying illegally on its own citizen and using invasive and convert tactics to silence dissent?

rosie: i do

Noelle writes: the towers,Bush was not behind that, are you kidding me?He isnt a good enough actor to pull that off. Remember his reaction at the school when it was whispered to him.real emotion. i check it out, tho

rosie: real emotion?
r u kidding me
he didnt move a muscle
after hearing we were under attack

Deb writes: 911weknow.com: If I trust this info, I must believe that my govt has murdered its own people 4 $ in the name of God. I literally vomitted! Why isn’t this info aggressively investigated? Hell on earth.

rosie: info is out there

This shows the worth of public figures such as Rosie O'Donnell talking about 9/11. Whether you like her or not, clearly her readers and viewers are relatively uninitiated as far as 9/11 truth is concerned. One even comments that she never knew a third building had collapsed that day, therefore she is introducing new people to these facts.

Despite the customary ignorant name calling bloggers, the overall reaction to Rosie O'Donnell's stance has been positive. Some of the comments our article alone has recieved are as follows:

never thought I would say it, but - "Go, Rosie."
Its amazing, that rosie went public. More people are waking up, and hopefully more celebs will go public
I gotta say I have a lot of respect for this woman now.
Thank you Rosie! Please keep it up as this is the one issue that can blow this government wide open! You are a true American hero Rosie. It takes courage and you have it.
Rosie O'Donnell follows in the footsteps of other notable cultural figures who have spoken out on 9/11, such as David Lynch, James Brolin, Richard Linklater, Jesse Ventura, Matthew Bellemy, Ed Asner and Charlie Sheen.

Sheen, who went public with his views almost exactly a year ago now, was the first high profile celebrity to put his reputation on the line in the name of 9/11 truth and his courage should be saluted in opening the door for present and future individuals to follow his example.

Speaking exclusively to The Alex Jones Show on the GCN Radio Network at the time, the star of current hit comedy show Two and a Half Men and dozens of movies including Platoon and Young Guns, Sheen elaborated on why he had problems believing the government's version of events, stating "That we are to stand by the President right or wrong is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public."

Sheen then went on to appear at a specially organised 9/11 truth conference in LA which hundreds of people attended.

Following on from Sheen more recently, actor James Brolin appeared as a guest on Rosie O'Donnell's The View and urged the audience to check out the website 911weknow.com, which is a website that purports to expose how the twin towers and Building 7, which wasn't hit by a plane, were brought down via controlled demolition.

Around the same time it emerged that film director and cult icon David Lynch had also made public his doubts about the official story behind 9/11. Lynch told Dutch television he thought WTC Building 7 was brought down via controlled demolition and that the Pentagon and Pennsylvania crash sites were suspicious due to the absence of evidence that a plane crashed at either location.

As we have noted before, it is important to stress that celebrity sound bites do not make a revolution, but it is important to remember that figures such as O'Donnell have an avenue to reach a lot of people. It is down to the discretion of her viewers to decide whether to look into what she is saying.

Should they do that they will discover that over the past few years, scores of highly regarded individuals have also gone public to express their serious doubts about 9/11. These include former presidential advisor and CIA analyst Ray McGovern, the father of Reaganomics and former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury Paul Craig Roberts, BYU physics Professor Steven Jones, former German defense minister Andreas von Buelow, former MI5 officer David Shayler, former Blair cabinet member Michael Meacher, former Chief Economist for the Department of Labor during President George W. Bush's first term Morgan Reynolds and many more.

We now wait to see whether the Mainstream media will give O'Donnell the same level of attention as they did Sheen one year ago.



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