9/11 Truth Takes Toronto

There was a strong 9/11 Truth presence at the Anti-War Rally in Toronto today. The Toronto 9/11 Questions Meetup Group as well as other Truthers joined the anti-war crowd to demand Truth and Accountability from our leaders.

Here are the highlights (Click each image for full size):

Full Size Banner:

Expose 9/11:

Inside Job:

Demand 9/11 Truth:

911 Blogger:

Scholar Michael Keefer and unknown activist:

911 Truth takes Center Stage:

Here is some local news footage of the event. There are a couple of Truth Bombs right at the end:

awesome. The Eleventh Day


....Those are some good signs....(and lots of them!)

Way cool.

"Inside Joe" banner

Just so you all know, the banner actually didn't say "inside joe", but INSIDE JOB,
It was awesome to see so many truthers there.
Thanks to the photographer and somebigguy for posting.