Cindy Sheehan responds to the question of a new 9/11 investigation

Soggy grounds and howling winds met Philly 9/11 Truth as they hastened to reach thousands of Peace activists gathered in a field adjacent to the Lincoln Memorial. The original call was for Truthers to meet on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial however such was restricted due to police blockades protecting Pro-War demonstrators. As we explored the crowd, we found ourselves feeling like children who only get some of what they want for Christmas, seeing only a few 9/11 truth signs but no mass assembly. In light of these conditions we rushed back to the DC 9/11 Truth booth that we passed on our way into the rally and gripped handfuls of Truth paraphernalia. We fervently traversed the crowd handing out signage and requesting Truth activists to rally at the rear of the crowd. After about an hour of hard work, a small contingent assembled and the march toward the Pentagon began.

The march first passed by Pro-War demonstrators lining two sides of the Lincoln Memorial who cast denigration onto the stream of Peace activists. In the maelstrom of mixed emotions some of the 9/11 contingent advanced hastily and others slowed to rebuke comments like, “if you don’t like it, get the hell outta here!” And so, early on the hope for an organized body of 9/11 Truth was torn asunder. We spent the remainder of the march trying to reorganize the group, but to no avail.

The event winded down with a gathering in front of a stage roughly 250-300 yards from the Pentagon. At this point we handed out fliers for a good two hours and disseminated information to Peacers who were in line waiting to use the Johnny-on-the-spot. We then moved backstage to wait for Immortal Technique so that we could brief him on a few issues, and in the process found ourselves in arms length of Cindy Sheehan. Reporters from Philly 9/11 Truth began the interview by stating that a good portion of the families of 9/11 victims are calling for a new investigation and asking Cindy to opine the issue. The importance of this encounter should not be relegated to minor incident. Sheehan has enough credibility and influence to change the minds of millions in the Peace Movement. If the following video proliferates and infuses the right minds, this could potentially be a strong success for the 9/11 Truth Movement.

There is much more footage from the rally to be posted which will be up shortly. Thanks once again to DC 9/11 Truth for hosting the event.

not a resounding endorsement but good for a start

She doesn't seem to know too much about the issue, though...


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