More 9/11 Footage - BBC News 24, Channel 4 News

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The above clip is from the second of two large files of footage captured on VHS, on 9/11. The files have been digitized into .avi's, but retain their PAL video information.

The first file is 3 hours long, consisting of about 1.5 hours of BBC News 24 footage (with time stamp) then the person recording switched the channel to Britain's Channel 4 for about an hour, then back to just under an hour of BBC News 24 at 20.00 BST.

697 MB .avi

The second file is three solid hours of BBC News 24 from 20.27 BST to 23.26. (Those interested in 911veritas' research will want to FFWD to the 1:12:00 mark or 21.39 time stamp for corroboration of the intial early announcement of the demise of WTC7.)

697 MB .avi

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More testimonies

I wonder if anyone has since interviewed people like this to confirm and then complied a list of all the eye-witness testimonies of people who were there that witnessed all these explosions. Unbelievable.