Rosie continues to crank 'em out (1/3rd of entire Q&A section now 9/11 truth)

the beheading hoax creator compiles another barrage of Rosie 9/11 truth:

Christine writes:

Just watched the Live Leak BBC footage of WTC 7 collapse. WOW. Why don’t U.S. citizens wake up and see? What can any of us do? I feel helpless against this…

Rosie: wow is right

bbc = the amazing kreskin

Nick writes:

“a controlled demolition” Come on. Its never happened b4, or since, cuz we never had anything like this b4. Plz dont spew nonsense until u know what u are talking about!

Rosie: nick
building 7 was not hit but a plane

geoff writes:

Insane to say Khalid Sheikh was tortured to get his confession. Do you realize that any American that does such a thing can be criminally charged? Where is your proof? Your hate for Bush clouds you

Rosie: the general in charge of abu g
was sent directly from gitmo

this administration has said they r not following the geneva convention
what else do u need

think geoff

Kathleen writes:

I don’t think some people realize there were more than 2 world trade center buildings.

Rosie: correct
wtc 7
start there

(haha i thought this next one was hilarious)

John writes:

Do you know that Barbara is not your friend? She is CFR

Rosie: cfr

crazy fried roadkill
crooked frayed republican
can frogs reply
cardiac forensic researcher

Kristen writes:

I understand that WTC7 was obviously planned, but who did this? And why?

Rosie: follow the money

Jerry writes:

Rosie, your response to Grant was disingenuous. If you believe that WTC 7 was a demolition, the firefighters must be involved. Many firefighters reported on the condition of WTC 7, are they lying?

Rosie: i believe no firefighters were involved
in anything other than saving lives

zebulon writes:

i watched those controlled demolition shows on discovery channel. it takes weeks to clear out the inside and set the charges. how did they do that in one day? read pop mech article on how towers fell.

Rosie: i read pop mech
i dont think explosives were planted that day
but b4

Patty writes:

Do you have a clue how much work must be done to have a controlled demolition? You are stupid to even think such a thing happened.

Rosie: well patty
thats ur view

Joe writes:

Steel is more vulnerable to collapse then wood,since it immediately begins to lose its strength.Thats why its fireproofed.When that is dislodged by Planes and falling buildings,what do you expect?????

Rosie: i expect u to do more research joe

(here she references the little known fact that KSM's children were kidnapped and held as collateral)

Susan writes:


Rosie:if the gov took one of ur kids
and was going to torture them
unless u confessed
would u

Ronald writes:

Why do you insist on making a complete fool of yourself by buying into the 911 conspiracy liars’ pernicious nonsense? You choose to remain abysmally ignorant of the subject. See

Rosie: i have seen all the sites ron
y does it scare u so much

debbie writes:

ro: my hubby commented that if you had guns from iraqui’s pointed at you manse in would want help from bush and the ilk..different story then? or would there be?

Rosie: deb
remind ur hubby
they r not in florida
we r in their country

David writes:

I agree with the no torture issue - but, I also don’t want another 9/11. Could we ever forgive ourselves if we didn’t do everything to prevent that again? It’s really not a tough decision.

Rosie: it not a tough decision

Grant writes:

Your 15 March blog seems to imply that the FDNY was involved in blowing up WTC7. I am a long time firefighter. I had friends killed or injured on 9/11. Did I misunderstand what you are stating?

Rosie: i do not think fdny had anything to do
with the controlled demolition of wtc 7

Shay writes:

I just found out about an hour ago that U have a blog. I found out while listening to the Alex Jones show. “The truth will set you free.” It has taken me about three years to ‘wake up.’ I respect U.

Rosie: thanks shay

Shayna writes:

If you agree with “Loose Change” so very much, I implore you to take a gander at “Screw Loose Change”. The latter documentary actually researches what they’re talking about and discusses FACTS.

Rosie: i have seen both docs

by: Videohoax (robbie) see our side of the beheading hoax story here and how the media made us look like the bad guys to cover up for their own embarrassment -

PS: to infowars, and prisonplanet ... remember you heard it on first ;-)

Rosie is in this fight to win!

She's not backing down. I'm falling in love with this woman. She's got moxie!

Oprah... take notes!


...Truther Nation has got your back......

How Do I contact her.? Or make comments on her blog?

I have 5 times these people slipped and almost addmitted it was an inside job

People In Government Accidently Slipped in this Scripted False Flag Terror Plot:

27. Bush saw the first plane hit live on tv: (1min)

28. Rumsfeld Says Flight 93 was shot down: (30sec)

29. Rumsfeld Says Missle Hit Pentagon - "Here we're talking about plastic knives and using an American Airlines flight filled with our citizens, and the missile to damage this building and similar (inaudible) that damaged the World Trade Center"

30. NYC Mayor Slips-

And Silverstein Admitted Bombs Brought down WTC7, As Rosie already mentioned.