AA 11 & UA 175: Case Closed?

With little to no verifiable evidence of what really happened to the planes that struck the World Trade Center on 9/11 as well as destroyed accounts of air traffic controllers by the FAA, the FBI must be compelled to release to the National Transportation Safety Board all aircraft debris in it's possession collected at the World Trade Center after 9/11 for final identification.

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Nicely put together and glad you mention Raytheon (Arizona), coz I'm sure they're involved in some aspect...

You can clearly see the UA livery on this picture...

Source Picture

United Airlines Flight 175 about to impact WTC2

Just to be clear, I do not believe that "hijackers" were piloting AA11 or UA175. I doubt that they were the original flights, but I don't believe for one minute that they would not have not matched United Airlines livery for the WTC2 plane, with so many eyes and cameras on it makes no sense.

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I agree both with your doubt that it was a real flight. and with your idea that with so many eyes (and cameras) on the towers at that point it would have made sense to use a plane made to look like a commercial airliner...


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Was 911 a Rush Job, as well as an Inside Job?

I share your dubious thoughts about the plane's appearance. Even if they were confident about manipulating witnesses, the same cannot be said about a good camera shot.

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No Conclusive Images

The vertical stabilizer seems to be consistent with a UA plane, but a distant and blurred image is not conclusive enough for me.

And who knows where it came from. Anything is possible in this digital age.

The official story has so little to back it up:

-No black boxes recovered.
-No plane parts identified by the NTSB.
-Transponders for both planes both turned off upon impact.
-Reports of AA11 still in flight after it's alleged impact with WTC 1.
-DNA matches allegedly of only some of those passengers involved being 'confirmed' roughly a year later. (According to only one person who oversaw this ID process.)

"Northwoods' elaborated extensively on the intent to fake crash scenes, swap aircraft in mid-air and so on.

The government is going to have to do a lot more to sway me.

If and when the FBI releases the plane parts it has in it's possession to the NTSB for identification then maybe I'll be a little more convinced that each plane in fact did hit the WTC.

Wingspan Exceeds Building Width.

In this image which seems to show the underside of a UA 767, the wingspan clearly exceeds the entire width of WTC 2.

 Measure for yourself.

This is a bit crude

but there's nothing wrong here. Wingspan to towerwidth ratio should be 156 : 207, and it approximately is.

[Edited to replace with more accurate diagram]

What I Meant To Say ...

What I meant to say is that the wingspan seems to exceed the wingspan imprint in the face of WTC 2.


I really don't think so

it seems to fit.

PS: I would think it is to be expected that the imprint is not a cartoonesque silhouette, as the wingtips probably couldn't penetrate the perimeter columns -- if that was what has you wondering.

WTC2 Impact Analysis...

Your FEMA impact diagram has been edited and is not correct.

Below is correct and unedited version

Below is actual picture of WTC2 impact hole, you can see where certain parts of the wings failed to make it cleanly through and only damaged the outer cladding.

WTC2 Internal Structure and Angle of Approach

I think we can safely say the port engine would have impacted the core and unlikely to have carried through to the other side.

It is possible that some of the fuselage missed the core, as certainly did the starboard engine.

Image of Impact Point

The damage to the eastern edge is caused by the starboard wing and the slight entry angle...

Please note the height of the eventual exit point of starboard engine, this coincides with the wing scraping damage.

WTC2 Exit Hole Formation Pictures



Starboard Engine Exit Hole


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It all looks reasonable

It all looks reasonable except for the "engine found here".

Rather, the type of engine found. This is a jumbo jet engine:

Among others pics at:

I don't remember the engine they found being anywhere near this big. Anybody?

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I'm not sure

but I think the fragment is supposed to be part of the core, maybe further back from the front of the engine.

Thanks for the blog! The glamour of flight photos are hilarious, and there are all sorts of cool pictures.

NIST NCSTAR 1-2B, p. 353

says that based on the trajectory to the point where the engine fragment was found, which is in the diagram in your comment, the engine fragment would have had to exit at 120 mph. In all their simulations, the engine fragment stopped well before it exited the tower. NIST says that by changing the assumed point where the plane hit, the fragment might have exited the tower, but does not say how fast the fragment would have been going. I conclude that the fragment was planted.

The piece of fuselage could not have emerged from the north side of the tower and ended up where it did.

The video suggests that FEMA altered the color of the fuselage piece. How do we know that pictures in the NIST report have not been altered?

Image Seems To Confirm My View

It would seem that my original point of view - that the wingspan in the B&W image seems to exceed the imprint left by what is said to be UA 175 and that my FEMA illustration, although altered is still accurate: