Anniversary Of Sheen's 9/11 Trailblazing Legacy
Chain reaction raises profile of truth movement

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Today marks the one year anniversary of Charlie Sheen going public on his doubts about the official 9/11 story, a courageous act that has inspired a chain reaction of other high profile figures to use their media platforms in drawing attention to the 9/11 truth movement.

2006 heralded the biggest surge in growth of the 9/11 truth movement since its birth, aided in no small part by the anniversary protests in New York and before that by actor Charlie Sheen's Decision to risk his multi-million dollar career by standing up for the truth, and being viciously attacked for doing so, in March of that year.

It was on March 20 2006 when Sheen, then involved in delicate negotiations about the future of his hit sitcom Two and a Half Men, decided to risk everything and put it all on the line in the name of the truth and pursuing justice for those who perished in the attacks and all those who were killed as a result of the wars that followed 9/11.

Sheen then went on to appear at a specially organized 9/11 truth conference in LA at which 1200 people attended and large portions were broadcast on C-Span.

One year on and Charlie Sheen has outfought the attack dogs to remain at the top of his profession, while his act of fearless trailblazing has lit the path for a number of other big name personalities to throw their hats in the ring.

The chain reaction is clear to chart, following in Sheen's footsteps were David Lynch, James Brolin, Richard Linklater, Jesse Ventura, Matthew Bellamy, Ed Asner, Christine Ebersole and several others who all used their powerful media access to spread the viral message of 9/11 truth while warning people to never trust their government.

The latest 9/11 celebrity is Rosie O'Donnell, whom the media are normally fascinated by if she breaks a toenail or says something about Donald Trump, but have chosen to largely ignore in the case of her public savaging of the official 9/11 story. The usual suspect Neo-Con websites have churned out their ad hominem hit pieces, including World Net Daily today, but there remains a relative media blackout in comparison with the widespread coverage garnered by Sheen a year ago.

Some have criticized a suggested inflated focus on celebrities being the torch bearers for the 9/11 truth movement, but the fact is that we can have a multitude of professors, physicists and experts on board and still not reach any new people who wouldn't otherwise have stumbled across this subject. The only way to stop preaching to the choir is to enlist individuals that already have a large media platform and are willing to use it to spark the interest of newcomers.

We live in a world where perception is reality and what people see on television, movies and popular culture becomes the accepted norm. The garbage that is ceaselessly pumped out by the architects of the zeitgeist is the primary reason why Americans and westerners in general are more dumb, fat, lazy and brainwashed than at any time in human history.

We need to seize the levers of this cultural monolith and use it to educate people or at least encourage them to think for themselves.

Charlie Sheen, Rosie O'Donnell and others have acted as the canary in the coal mine for this process and we fully anticipate a number of other worldwide famous artists, musicians, writers and performers to follow suit.

Who will be the next 9/11 superhero? Only time will tell but one thing is for certain - none of the great strides made by the 9/11 truth movement over the last 12 months could have been made without the completely altruistic and awe-inspiring bravery displayed by Charlie Sheen one year ago today by risking his livelihood and reputation in the name of 9/11 truth.

More stars please!

Well, it's a fact Charlie's there and Rosie's here too. But we need more stars. I wish I had the possibility to reach for a star.... to join 911 truth .


Contact Any Celebrity!

Contact Any Celebrity!
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Excellent Robert, with that link and a few people,

There's a lot of progress to be made.
The real basic problem with anyone stepping forward on the 9/11 Truth;
is numbers.
Nobody will go it alone, and the more poeple behind this, the more will step up.
It's no surprise that celebrities are cautious. They have careers that are controlled by other people with more power.
The rest of the power is ours.
Besides this blogger, there's virtually no central point, no cohesion, and no way for a constructive tally to be made.
It's beyond me. I'm doing ALL I CAN. I sent this story about Rosie to dz about four days ago and he just blew me off, didn't even bother to reply.
IF WE can't get a central tally, then we're just so many fish swimming upstream.
828 links by story title exposing the plot.
9/11=PNAC Plot

Great Article

Thanks to Charlie the 9/11 truth movement has caught fire. More famous people will come forward, trust me on that one. Even the Russians doubt the so-called "Official Story". I just spotted this one on TvNewsLies. Check it out, it's a good one. It seems a 757 didn't hit the Pentagon after all. Surprise!.....Anyone who still believes the "Official Story" needs his head examined.

Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones

Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones did an amazing thing last year, and I've got a metric butt ton of respect for both of them. But I hope this clip below isn’t a trailer for AJ's new film because the music is ridiculous and it makes the subject matter seem a complete joke;

A trailer for the New World Order movie -- a movie in which we are all extras.

It doesn't seem that bad,

It doesn't seem that bad, trailers for a lot of movies have music like that in the background.

I’m sorry dude but I

I’m sorry dude but I totally disagree, that Electro remix is terrible. The graphics and the animation are superb, but to me the audio is what defines the mood the most, and that track totally wrecks it.

A bit like Jungle Rave does "Old Spice advert"...

Not bad for a trailer...

Best wishes

That's Carmina Burana done

That's Carmina Burana done on a Synthesizer, and I agree that the electro sound wrecks it. They could redub it with an orchestral version though. It's actually a fantastic piece.

Yea, the original classical

Yea, the original classical version would be WAY better.

The Jaws theme would be

The Jaws theme would be best...

I don't know, the Jaws theme

I don't know, the Jaws theme is great music but it can be related to the non-serious, there's room with the Jaws theme for people to think, "is this a joke"? You need something that fits right, but I suppose it's basically down to interpretation. I love this art form though so it's very easy for me to feel strongly about stupid videos lol.

I was just kidding (-:

I was just kidding (-:

911 Truth on Happy Meals

What's up with this new call for only a refined Truth Movement. Are you guys nuts? Don't you realize that a huge hunk of the American populace has been dumbed down. What would you prefer? Do you want to start a scholarship fund to send every sponge brain American to college so they can study history, politics and World Affairs to truly get a grasp on how a relatively small group of corrupt Arms dealers and Bankers and Monopolized Media men have hijacked the American government and are planning on forcing a New World Order on every person on the planet. Or do you think it would be a bit easier to stoop down a level or two to get these mentally abused Americans up to speed with the rest of us. PLEASE! Just get 911 Truth information out by any means unnecessary and have faith the Truth will rise to the top. Hell, I'm up for the idea of putting 911 Truth pamphlets in Happy Meals. Get over yourself 911 Truth Snobs, the issue is bigger than you and I.

911 Truth By Any Means Necessary! -- except unnecessary violence

sign suggestion

I'm not in NY, but copy the old squigly Rosie logo and use a term she often uses: Rosie Rocks the Truth, or Rosie Rocks 9/11 Truth.

re: 911 Truth on Happy Meals

Funny you mention that - I was thinking about putting "Investigate 9/11" buttons in party favors for a wedding reception!

we need to get Oprah

we need to get Oprah Winfrey. then the fat lady will sing...

Oprah is New World Order

Oprah probably has most of her loot locked up in a Goldman Sachs hedge fund. That's a major cog in the New World Order financial syndicate.

Show "Estevez family, Alex Jones, they are all Jesuit coadjutors" by Brend

And their source of power is?

You know, it makes sense that the globalist bankers wield disproportionate power through their money monopoly. And the Jesuits?

Perhaps the rich families like the Rothschilds and others

are working with them? Have you looked into the links between them and the Vatican?

Perhaps you've heard of the Vatican Bank? Do you know what they and their subsidiaries own around the world? What scandals they were involved in?

What in the bizarre hell?

What in the bizarre hell? "Jesuit coadjutors"? Alex Jones is not a "coadjutor", he’s someone who kicks ass on a daily basis.

Show "Alex is the ultimate gatekeeper" by Brend

Happy Anniversary

That's right. It was so important to me that I wrote it on last year's calendar, and transferred it over to this year's. If I'm not mistaken, it was the 22nd. Taped on the 20th? (Not to brag or anything ... yeah right ... but I alerted dz when I heard the promo for Showbiz Tonight) To mark the anniversary (no final confirmation yet) demo Michael Chertoff at World Affairs Council, March 22 at Bonaventure Hotel in LA.

Chertoff confirmed

Thurs., March 22, LA, 6:30 PM Details just posted in Events section @ To be modeled after successful GHW Bush/Music Center demo last week.

Yeah, DHS, 322 creepy.

It was on 3/22 that Showbiz Tonight covered it..

ooohhhh 3/22

get it?


(cue creepy music)

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