Think if this country's media had done its job, both pre-9/11/01 and after. Just think of it.

How many people would have watched WTC 7 collapse on its footprint, devastatingly, as a classic controlled demolition? How often would TV analysts have pondered that?

Would reporters have taken the magic passports at face value? And consider the FBI, recently so hugely stupid, unable even to communicate at the time between disparate offices. Would media types have wondered how this same FBI could then name the culprits in one week's time?

And what would a real media sector have done when nearly half of those very names then turned up again, attached to people who are, even today, still living?

Would a real media have allowed Rudi Giuliani to orchestrate the single largest destruction of criminal evidence in world history? It went on for months, with no oversight of any kind.

What other glaring issues would reporters have hounded the president about, again and again and again, and the VP too, at every press conference, until madness ensued, or a semblance of truth emerged? Would reporters have asked him about the pet goat story? Would anyone have asked about the missing $trillions at the Pentagon? The put-options on the airlines?


It did not do its job. It failed the whole world, and every citizen everywhere now pays the price.

Mahatma Gandhi said, "Evil can only exist as long as we support it. Withdraw support, and it must collapse." He stated this as a law of life. It rings true to me. Does it to you? Gandhi proved it.

The MSM need us, as viewers, listeners, and readers. They cannot survive without our support. We can withdraw their life support.

Again, do a thought experiment. Wouldn't this have a huge effect, if more and more people stopped supporting the MSM? What if it started as a trickle, but then gathered momentum and, over time, turned into a flood?

Here is another law: real change in society, for the better, always calls for sacrifice. Look again at Gandhi, who stated that too as a law. Look at M.L. King, at Caesar Chavez, at Nelson Mandella.

Boycotting the MSM would indeed involve sacrifice: no more NFL Live, no more news broadcasts in the car, no more front-page news, no more funnies...

But is that so bad? We can get all of this and far more on the web. Select only sources that are, at least, not against 8-11 truth.

And what will the kids watch, and do? My guess is that family life, after an awkward period, would then improve dramatically.

This revolt will work if...

1. We do it, and...
2. We publicize it, everywhere: on buttons that we wear, on T-shirts, on websites that we comment on, on posters, in letters to the editor, in conversations, everywhere.

Obviously, the MSM would not report on it. But so what? Let them miss out. Let them die out too, until and unless they begin doing their job.

Why do we here complain about the MSM, while we do nothing about it? And why should we blame our politicians? The MSM invites corruption. Politicians -- being feeble, almost by definition -- accepted their invitation.

Honestly, this one move could have a huge effect on the whole country. And on the world.

I am interested in your thoughts on this thought experiment.

I used to be a cog in the MSM machine...

I was a sales manager for one of the largest media conglomerates in the country. I can't talk about it because of our "separation agreement".

Never again! It frightens me how thoroughly controlled our media is! I had no idea!

The most frightening aspect of all this censorship is, WHAT ELSE ARE THEY HIDING???

try to expose you could be labeled a bunch of nonsense names.

Wow is this a subject that if you try to expose you could be labeled a bunch of nonsense names.
who owns the media?
is there a biased towards a middle eastern country
how many people that are CEO OR vice CEO have dual citizenship with another country?
with the mating of multi coperation and the media do you think this is form of dis info for there listners
etc.. etc..

i all ready boycott


Friend, this is why I propose that everyone boycott the MSM. And that we spread the idea around.

"Think if this country's media had done its job...."

....that's just it, they "did their job": they suppressed the information that gave the operation away, and instead trumpeted the government's script....

That is their job.

A Controlled Corporate Mass Media is one leg of the Table of Tyranny (Police State legislation, Rigged Elections, and the MIlitary-Industrial-Complex are the others). We have a Ministry of Propaganda, CNN just hasn't told you yet.....

Again, boycott

Wouldn't that solve the problem?

I know it is idealistic. But what choice is there other than idealism, at this point? I know the idea is preposterously hard. But what choices do we have, to get anything to change?

I hope the idea catchs on.

if the lemmings want to be leaded. we can do it also

(most) human beings want someone, who leads them.
sorry thats my truth - sad, i know
this is the reason, why all this wars and things are happen again and again over centuries.
i think, the only quick solution is a very strong leader, who leads them over years and years, and then, without let them know before, suddenly let them free ....
we need a dictator like einstein or ghandi or bhudda or jesus or mohammed ;-) (i cant remember all)
or maybe a group of them.

the other solution is, waiting for the development of the mind and spirit of the masses

an individual can easily escape from the matrix, and lot of people are doing this.
but democracy means, if 90% want to be leaded, the other 10% have to respect their wish.

but, if the lemmings want to be leaded. we can do it also

Things may start moving fast, soon

So, Sir Rios, you hope for a 'benevolent dictatorship' sort of model. Did I understand that correctly?

The internet shows a different model operating, a collective model. It becomes a sort of community, without central leadership.

It looks to me as though the 911 truth movement reflects that: there is no leader. Yet there is progress toward a defined goal. Don't you agree? The progress is picking up speed.

And look at this 911blogger website. Over time, people staying here have come to a kind of consensus on several important issues.

Not a perfect consensus. In fact, it is better than that: a 'consensus with disagreement' model that unites toward a common goal.

I agree, it is hard to imagine that same model working somehow on a national scale. But it can certainly work on local scales such as individual communities and networks of communities. What more do we need? I will be happy with that.

I am quite interested in this topic. I am sure that people need to start thinking about long-term issues, like this. When matters start to change, they are likely to escalate in both numbers of people, and rate of change. It will snow-ball. It will explode.

The Sibel Edmonds case might start that going. We need to think through what we want, to replace what we have. It will have to be radically different and radically better. It will have to be people-oriented, and community-oriented, rather than elite-oriented.

I will close with my new signature:
"Evil can only exist as long as we support it."
M.K. Gandhi

So shall we BOCOTT THE MSM?

NO dictatorship

"So, Sir Rios, you hope for a 'benevolent dictatorship' sort of model. Did I understand that correctly?"
NO !
i dont hope and i dont want it, dictatorship, no matter if its single dictator or a "democracy party" (what is REAL democracy ?)
i need no leaders.
i need no manipulated (mass)medias and avoid them since years - except for "entertainment"

but if someone needs a fast solution, a benevolant "dictator" may be an option

i'd like to write more, but this is the wrong place and not my native language - i can express myself not as good as in german and i dont wanna step in another language gap.


Ooops... correcting my new signature...

With correct spelling it should read:
"Evil can only exist as long as we support it."
M.K. Gandhi

So shall we BOYCOTT THE MSM?