Bush: Iraq Pullout could Spark Repeat of 9/11

President Bush said today that pulling out of Iraq could spark a repeat of 9/11.

President George W Bush used the fourth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war yesterday to warn that US withdrawal would unleash a "contagion of violence" that could spark a repeat of the September 11 attacks.


Democratic proposals for deadlines for troop withdrawals, he suggested, could be "devastating" for America's security and could help al-Qa'eda plan attacks against the United States on a scale not seen since Sept 11.


"The terrorists could emerge from the chaos with a safe haven in Iraq to replace the one they had in Afghanistan, which they used to plan the attacks of September 11th 2001. For the safety of the American people, we cannot allow this to happen."

Bush is Making Veiled Threats

This gang is ready to battle the American public. Hey, George and creep gang, are you sure you want to rumble?

If they want to rumble just

If they want to rumble just remember they have a private army including Blackwater. That's the thing that scares me. Those pieces of shit were in New Orleans "protecting owners from looting". I have zero respect for mercenaries. They are men who are willing to kill for money. The difference between them and our troops is that our troops , in most cases, enlist to SERVE the country not some filthy rich elites.

"... In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." (Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642)

One more thing. If a rumble

One more thing. If a rumble did go down they would lose just like the ruling class always has when they become completely arrogant and belligerent. Keep a positive mindset people!

"... In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." (Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642)

Secession looks better and better everyday...

Of course, those in landlocked states are sort of buggered...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.


Blackwater is the main story on DemocracyNow today, here is the transcript:


speaking of private armies

Here's a quotation from Jeremy Scahill's post at AlterNet:

"Kucinich says he plans to investigate the potential involvement of private forces in so-called "black bag," "false flag" or covert operations in Iraq. "What's the difference between covert activities and so-called overt activities which you have no information about? There's no difference," he says. Kucinich also says the problems with contractors are not simply limited to oversight and transparency. "It's the privatization of war," he says."

The author opens with Rumsfeld's quote from 9/10, but leaves out the $2.3 trillion figure.

Interesting that progressives (and politicians) can wax on about "false flag" terror in Iraq, but mention the possibility in America and you are labeled a crackpot.


See? It's true!


Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Private army

Blackwater+Homeland security+NSA+!1/2 pentagon+ 3/4 FBI + IRS............= private army

I still know we can take em' no problem!!!!!

Defenders always have the advantage!!!

Income=corporate profit

Either this is just a

Either this is just a pathetic attempt at scaring the sheeple or he means that if the private "security" have the funds shut off they are going to take part in another staged attack to get the money rolling again.

I think that is correct

I think that is correct


You and your sick little family aren't gonna get away with any of this.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month






Bush went on to say that "If

Bush went on to say that "If we don't keep our troops in place until the job is done we run the risk of a zombie vampire invasion."


first laugh of the day.

im on it

im on it
theyll listen to me

Head up, eyes open, fist clenched

Bush went on to say...

Bush went on to say...
"Sarah, if the American people had ever known the truth about what we Bushes have done to this nation, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched."

George Bush Senior speaking in an interview with
Sarah McClendon in December 1992

When in doubt...

invoke 9/11.

Commit more troops to battle? 9/11

Revoke basic civil liberties? 9/11

Wire-tapping Americans? 9/11

Suspension of habeus corpus? 9/11

Question 9/11 and what led up to it? Conspiracy nut! How dare you!!!

---Al Franken said it best when he referred to 9/11 as Bush's little black dress. All ladies have that one black dress they could wear out for cocktails, a date, an interview, even a funeral. Bush will stop at nothing to invoke 9/11.

Dare we question it? We'll, we all heard his warning at the UN.

Playing the "Fear Card"...


When your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.


i don't think the government has the balls to pull off another 9/11. they know we know, therefore another 9/11 will cause mass hysteria. but i wouldn't put anything past them

all in the name of control

wasn't the hijackers allegedly from Saudi Arabia that could be a safe haven oh yea your dad and the saud family are boys

I would be curious to how much money the bush family (Part of the criminal gang) has made off of Saudi oil?

But it doesn't matter the same criminals own iraq's oil all in the name of control

Ah, the Hegelian

Ah, the Hegelian Dialectic.....

...and I'll second greenback's comment that this is just a veiled threat.

Yeah, Al Qaida...

....wants us occupying Islamic countries....and would be violently upset if we withdrew and left it to the indigenous people to determine their own destiny....yeah, that's the ticket.....

Of course that withdrawal makes us more vulnerable to an outside attack...if we stop killing innocent Muslim civilians, of course they would hit us with another 9/11....

I suppose the CIA has another batch of patsys waiting in the wings....

It really is Alice in Wonderland-Time.

so basically if we EVER stop

so basically if we EVER stop killing them, they will attack us.
So we have to wipe every muslim off the planet so we can never be threatened again.

All macabre humor aside,

All macabra humor aside, this is why I blogged the political weirdness in Indonesia:


If they are going to try another false-flag with alledged Islamic wackiness, I think they want it coming from a new source, and a different direction--to maintain a veneer of credability. It wouldn't do to be "attacked AGAIN, by SURPRISE", by a group in the occupied Middle-east, where there is no logical reason you SHOULDN"T know what they're up to.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

V for Vendetta

Could this get any more surreal? Bush telling us to 'stay the course' and indulge him, let him and his corrupt regime soldier onward toward the bankruptcy and destruction of the country in pursuit of the last drops of oil while he pretends that his inside job was the result of countries unfortunate enough to have oil and/or be pipeline territory.

We don't have a government; rather, it's a theatrical production.


Threatening the citizens of your country with another inside job attack, which this time will be a suitcase nuke. Probably in L.A. (You do watch "24").

He really has no idea who he's messing with. The NWO was doing fine until they tried to pull this one off.
You fooled the people with the "Magic Bullet" theory. We don't buy it. If the internet was around when Kennedy was assassinated, they wouldn't have been able to get away with it. This is a new age, and even though most of us Americans are dumb and lazy, the internet is spreading the information like a raging wildfire.

The minute the internet gets censored is the minute the revolution will begin.

I believe the TRUTH was meant to come OUT

before the EVENT even took place.

911dvds@gmail.com - $1 DVDs shipped - email for info

How ironic

Since the mess was created by him and his administration in the first place..

That's what always get's me about that position "if we leave, it will become a haven for terrorists". None of the pudits have the insight ot point out that Iraq was not a terrorist haven before the invasion, and that the mess created there is by design.

Bush: Now that I've gone and fucked up that country, we must stay so it doesn't get even worse. Therefore, support me and my Iraq policy.

Is it just me, or isn't that an absurdity..?

It has all the hallmarks of addiction, like compulsive gambling..
“We will export death and violence to the four corners of the earth”
~ George W. Bush

If there is an "al Qaeda"..

Then the Bush administrations invasion and continued occupation is a dream come true!

Bush needs to order and watch "The Secret"

That which you resist, persists..
“We will export death and violence to the four corners of the earth”
~ George W. Bush


getting more absurd - in a scary way - every day it seems. first the KSM A-Z story, now this. there can't be many left who believe this sh1t, right??

I wouldn't think so. I'd

I wouldn't think so. I'd like to think at this point people have doubts but are too afraid to look like tin-foil nuts...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

repeat of 9/11

Thanks for the warning! 911 Truthers have known this for years, except it will have nothing to do with pulling out of Iraq. A more likely scenario is a some type of nuke attack on one of our cities and Lord Cheney will blame it on Iran and off we go to another war, as many Amerians will actually believe Cheney. YEP, we know it's coming, when and where are the only quesitons, as we all know who!

Buzz it...

This one survived the Buzzsaw: http://www.buzzflash.net/story.php?id=9166

Running Scared

Pay no attention to anything Bush says. He is just a mouth piece, a puppet if you will, of the Globalists and they are running scared. People world wide are waking up. I just ran across a David Icke video that explains it all. It is called "The Turning of the Tide". You can watch it here. http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=david+icke+turning+of+the+tide Don't worry, he does not mention shape-shifting reptilians. He does not even mention 9/11. He talks only about a spiritual approach to solving the problems of the world. Like him or not, he is right-on. The answer is so simple. Before the world will change, we must change. This video is a must-see for any real truth seeking person.

With respect, WE are just

With respect, WE are just fine--if we don't have evil, rapacious bastards breathing down our necks, overworking us and underpaying us. All these "problems of the world" are, and have always been, the side effect of a small group of powerful people getting ahead at everyone elses expense and duping them into believing this is in their best interests.

It sounds boring and unromantic, but until we change how MONEY works and remove the economic parasites at the top of the current system, people won't have the BREATHING ROOM to work towards anything more than their next meal.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Well said..

And that unfortunately is the truth of the matter. 9/11 truthers tell anti-war protesters to look at the bigger picture. What truthers need to know is that the money system in America radically needs reforming. and the over-powerful global bankers brought into line. The Federal Reserve needs to be given back to the American people, and be working for their interests. Not be a private bank with interests for a few...Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield and JFK all tried it, all assasinated, coincidence?? Check out the documentary "money masters" , or this little ten minute video from 1960 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUbaCWyxJo0


If you can stand the music, this little ten minute video gives a very good history of who has power over money in America. It is vital that America gets the power back, and stop being the puppets of the international bankers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJ6YiZgHei8

The biggest conspiracy...

I totally agree with you who controls th...,!!!

Ask most people (who have their eyes open) what the biggest scam ever pulled on the American people is....and you might hear 9/11 but,

the privately owned Federal Reserve Corp. and the (incorrectly applied) Income tax, is actually..... an even bigger scam!

Most people involved in the "truth in taxation" movement are 9/11 truthers also!

and vice versa (after Aaron Russo's movie)

very encouraging!!!
Income=corporate profit

With respect also Jenny

"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which can not fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance-that principle is contempt prior to investigation."

Nearly everything Bush says is never questioned by the MSM

The past week has been busy, busy, busy; The KSM "confession".. the firing of many lawyers (most likely ones who care about Constitutional Law)..Rosie making announcement of being a twoofer, Albert Gonzalez getting sacked..not for lying under oath, but getting CAUGHT lying under oath (You were doing a heck of a Job, Brown-- umm.. Albert). Now Bush (Rove-Cheney) coming up with a "reason" for the "surge". The "other" party that had been elected to a majority status, has proven to be a dismal performer on reasons why the voters wanted them in.
The Neocons know they're being watched closely, so the talk of another, possible 9/11, is for those who are beginning to question the "surge", and, why isn't that new majority we have just elected doing anything?

The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles.

You know

When Bush said if we pull out of iraq there well be another attack on USA soil. You know what i think he really ment by that. Bush really means if he is force to pull the troops out of iraq. The government will have know choice but to pull another faults flag 9/11 operation off. It sounds like Bush gave the american people a ultimatum..!!!! Think about it!!!

I don't know about us little

I don't know about us little people, but I can definately see that as a coded message to any institutions considering stepping off message.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

and Cindy Sheehan says 9/11 is in the past?

Every time Bush, Cheney or their minions mention 9/11 it should hammer home the reality that 9/11 is very much still in the present, since it is continuously being used to justify every illegailty and inhumanity, and to stifle legitimate thought and discussion under a blanket of fear.

9/11 is still the present, and it will be our future as well if Sheehan and the anti-war movement don't wake up to that fact and join with the Truth movement.

I wonder...

If Cheney is still advising Bush...

But the vice president said pulling out of Iraq would only embolden militant groups like al Qaeda, which he warned were aiming to find a safe haven to plot attacks against the United States.

"The notion that we can turn our backs on what happens in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, or any other possible safe haven for terrorists is an option that we cannot indulge after 9/11," Cheney said.

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

Bush "Scumbags Up" Again

Since things aren't going well for pResident Governor George Bush and his administration (in many ways), it was time, yet again, to call on the 9/11 scare tactics that have served them so well these last many years. Bush has no honor, no intelligence, no ethics or morals, and no honesty. And Dick Cheney is worse. (fyi: Karl Rove just might be the anti-christ)

Both Bush and Cheney need to be impeached as soon as possible. (for Crimes Against Humanity and Treason Against the United States of America)

And people need to start actually supporting our troops. They need to support them so much, that they do not want them over there at all. (and for anyone who was 'surprised' by the troops' treatment at Walter Reed and elsewhere — Shame On You! — if you haven't learned the lesson of Viet Nam and those veterans, as well as the Gulf War vets, then you need to get a clue and educate and inform yourself and become more aware)

When people finally get a clue and realize that 9/11, as the fundamental starting point of why we are where we are today, is the key to stopping the so-called "War On Terror", the war actions in Afghanistan and Iraq (and elsewhere in the future), and returning our Rights and Freedoms to us by reversing the damage of the so-called "Patriot Act" and the Military Commissions Act, among other illegal and criminal acts by Bush and Cheney and members of their administration, then and only then will we see a modicum of peace and justice and betterment for ourselves and others around the world. (you know, like in Darfur.... and Iraq.... and....)

Ad hominem per factum, beyotch!
You are undeservedly egotistical.... often laughably so.
Pseudo-intellectuality does not behoove you.