There is a holiday for everything from saying we miss you to our vets to planting a tree to saying thank you to our secretaries. There is a day for Mothers and Fathers and Grandparents. A day for love and a day to save the environment. But there is no day for anyone who believes "Above the Norm"

WE NEED A NATIONAL "OPEN YOUR MIND" DAY or "CONSPIRACY DAY" or "WAKE UP DAY" or something like that. A day where every single person who thinks outside the box makes a pledge to WAKE AT LEAST 1 PERSON UP.

The question is...How the hell do you start a holiday? Is there some registration you have to sign or guidlines to follow?

I ELECT MAY 29th...IT WAS JOHN KENNEDY'S BIRTHDAY. Plus there are no other holidays on that day.


anything but 29th of

anything but 29th of February is fine with me...

Day of Truth

We need to shake the word "conspiracy" completely. Afterall, the Truth Movement is about Truth and Justcice. How about May 5th, the Day of Truth

Once a year?

Sorry, but we don't have that kind of time. Everyday is a new opportunity to wake just one person up. There are any number of ways to do it too:

1) Share a DVD
2) Send an e-mail link
3) Write a letter
4) Show someone how to use YouTube
5) Ask them their opinion
6) Take them to lunch
7) Show someone how to use Google
8) Take a survey
9) Buy them a 9/11 Truth t-shirt or bumper sticker
10) Ask them to pray for our country, then tell them why we are in such need of prayer.

Use your imagination. Start with a family member or a close friend. Ask them to tell just one other person. Just do it!

When we get the job done, then we can celebrate a holiday. The day George Bush was sent to jail for crimes against humanity!

If David Rockefeller has his way...

...the best day would be on the first of Nevuary.

The true threat to liberty comes not from terrorists but from our political leaders whose natural inclination is to seize upon any excuse to diminish them.
~~ Walter Williams, Nightly Business Report, September 2001