Need Positive Comments Here

Hey all, we are suddenly getting a ton of hits from this Rosie O'Donnell article posted at Netscape:

We must have just passed a threshold that pushed this story onto the front page or something, and it is getting hit big time. If you could, visit the site, vote on it if you haven't, post some positive comments, and vote down the negative ones.


Link broken...

please complete it.

Link is fixed, hit it!

Link is fixed, hit it!


Please Vote on this story to help get the word out. Thanks!!!

Thanks!! Email me anytime!!

Thank you Rosie!

You do your country proud! Somewhere along the line our goverment forgot they work for us.Honesty,and integrity have no need to hide from the truth.
Then why do they? We need transparity in our goverment.There is nothing unpatriotic about asking questions that deserve answers.

I love it

If you filter the comments to only those with +5 or above, they're all for the truth! And it also shows who voted how--NICE!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


I tried to post this and got nowhere....

....feel free to post any or all of it, if anyone wants to....frustrating...

Hey, how come no one propping up the Official Conspiracy Theory will ever debate any of the ex-government officials, ex-military people, academics, scientists, or leading activists about this? The just won't show up. What are they afraid of? Their Fear speaks volumes.

Yeah, some suits from Popular Mechanics took on the kids from Loose Change. (And, even then had to trot out the tired "Holocaust denier" smear when confronted with Building 7's obvious (perfect) Controlled Demolition...pathetic).

The planes hitting the Towers was the cover story...just look at the "collapses" by themselves, they don't fall, they EXPLODE...

Only 9/11 could have allowed for the subsequent wealth transfer in the Trillions of our tax dollars to Big Oil, Arms Merchants, and Bankers.

It's not that 9/11 was an Inside Job, it's that it is such an OBVIOUS Inside Job.

Thank you Rosie for exercising your right of Free Speech and helping to expose this abominable Act of Treason. You are an example to us all.

Great job over there folks!

Great job over there folks!Laughing

We are getting somewhere

The comments keep getting better. I put one in mentioning the put options, and Dick Cheney's five war games, since so far no one had mentioned those.

This is very good! If you notice, the ugly anti-look-at-anything comments come early on but die out soon, since the truther comments are too hard to go against effectively.

And, since the truth stands so well on its own, truthers need not make a scene or call people names. The childish stuff is all in the anti-look-at-anything category.

"Evil can only exist as long as we support it."
M.K. Gandhi

So shall we BOCOTT+THE+MSM?

I agree student, keep it

I agree student, keep it civil, vote down the negatives and we kick a$$.

Where's Jon Gold?  He loves this stuff.