New Jersey 9/11 Truth Movement

Hello my name is Tom, and ever since seeing this 9/11 thing I haven't stopped thinking about it. It keeps me up days and nights just wondering and thinking of whats going to be done. After seeing all this state support webpages though i wonder why i haven't seen one for NJ yet. So i've decided i'm gonna start my own movement group in NJ. I just need to know that i have some people from NJ that are behind me on this. Me and like 10 of my friends are in, but NJ is a lot more than 10 people, and we are also only a train trip away from the city. Also, I am going to the city this Saturday to attend the NY truth group rally if anybody from NJ would like to meet up there, and think of some plans to get this going in NJ. So please contact me if you would like to help me get this thing running. My friends and I have just started a myspace as a little pre-empt to our .org website so you can check that out here: and if you have any questions please contact us at:


P.S. My friends are also looking for a public place that we can have a screening of Loose Change and speeches about 9/11. If anybody could think of any key locations in NJ, we would love the help.

Good Luck

I'm from Joisey ... How Yu Doin

I'll leave my e-mail on your page, I keep up with this stuff everyday. Hard to keep track of fact and fiction, I think that however, is by design.

probably the best demographic right now for exposing people to 9/11 truth is the Baby Boomers and the 16- 20 crowd. college campuses and mid morning coffee houses..

Great Move

I suggest making a cheap flyers and stickers and distribute them on the Path Train and at every gas station on the Turpike. Jersey mega-shopping malls on the weekend is great place to pass out flyers. If Jersey has a Public Access channel, grab a timeslot and show the 911 Truth videos you like. You should get permission first, no one says no. Also, write up a brief press release of the formation of your group and send it to news agencies. Don't count on a quick response, but people in the newsroom are people like you and I, and they likely have a half brain (all that's required to see the Truth) The people in the newsroom will eventually begin helping out at any moment they see the chance to squeak some Truth out over the airwaves. We've wittnessed this a bit more lately when we see camera shots at Anti-War rallies showing a 911 Truth banner here and there. Ten passionate people organized is an army. Also, get a cheap video camera and post stuff to the web. When out promoting, always remember, the Truth is on your side - no matter what.

I can't wait to hear more about it. I can't wait to see some of you guys mixing it with the public.

For screenings of Loose

For screenings of Loose Change I recommend an accompanying flyer to separate out the types of evidences . . .

And then there's this longer one -

The 9-11Research Companion to

Are you aware of these guys at Ground Zero on Saturdays?