Desperate Disinformation Campaign

What we are seeing right now is one of the last, pathetic attempts of this administration to save itself from the truth about 9/11. First they rolled out KSM, with his confessions about 9/11 and every other terrorist plot in the last twenty years. As if they really expect us to believe in the first place something which has been entirely mediated through the Pentagon and CIA after three years in a secret torture prison, there are gaping holes in KSM's story. First off, he "admitted" to a terror plot against a building for which the planning didn't even begin until 2006... and yet he's supposedly been in custody for three or four years now. Secondly, he supposedly admits to killing journalist Daniel Pearl. But someone else has already been brought in for that killing- Omar Sheikh. Notice how US-Pakistani relations have been cooling off lately? Maybe it's to do with the fact that Pakistani President General Musharaff outed Omar Sheik about six months ago as an MI-6 agent.

Then there's Walid Muhammad bin Attash, their most recent Al-Qaeda squealer. We're supposed to believe that this guy orchestrated and trained the operatives for the 1998 Kenyan Embassy bombing. Just like the Kalid Sheikh Mohammed/Omar Sheikh switcheroo, we're supposed to confuse Walid Muhammad with Ali Mohammed, the US Special Forces officer who we've known for almost a decade is the one who actually trained the Kenya bombers.

In short, the Pentagon and CIA are now hanging their hopes on Americans' widespread ADD and inability to distinguish between Arabic-sounding names to cover their tracks and justify torture and the entire failed "War on Terror". Unfortunately for them, you can't fool all the people all the time, and now we've got the Internet, suckas!

Be alert

I am not sure it is time yet, to name the anti-911-truth campaign as desperate, or pathetic. I do suspect that we will see some new tricks emerging. Be on the lookout.

"Evil can only exist as long as we support it."
M.K. Gandhi

So shall we BOCOTT THE MSM?

Oops, Mr. Bush - we have forgot, that KSM is dead ...

"But now it emerges that an Arab woman and a child were taken to an
ISI safe house, where they identified the Shaikh Mohammed's body as
their husband and father. The body was kept in a private NGO mortuary
for 20 days before being buried, under the surveillance of the FBI,
in a graveyard in the central district of Karachi.

The widow subsequently underwent exhaustive interrogation in the
custody of FBI officials, during which she revealed details of people
who visited her husband, and of his other contacts and plans. News of
the death of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed was intentionally suppressed so
that officials could play on the power of his name to follow up leads
and contacts."