Director Antoine Fuqua questions 911

On Fox News in Boston this morning, they interviewed Antoine Fuqua (director of the new movie "Shooter" - a film about a plot to kill the president). During the interview, he was asked if he thought the movie would be a big hit, and he said (this isn't word for word, the transcript of the interview isn't online yet) "Yes, I think it will interest people, because most people don't trust the government these days. We were lied to about Iraq, and there are still lots of unanswered questions surrounding 9/11."

view the trailer

for "The Shooter"

in the opening scene you will see the 911 Commission Report sitting on Mark Wahlberg's coffee table.

Good Eyes JA...

Well spotted, talk about a brief glimpse...

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Wish.... had had "holes" in it..... ;)

Just wondering...

Is the guy with the book on the table the "supposed" shooter, plotting to kill the president ?

If ya know what I mean...

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Probably....'s a truism that assassins enjoy the diversion of good fiction.....

I think "spatial fantasy" would be a more appropriate...

Category for that book ;-)

I suppose my comment was more alluding to the insinuation that a disgruntled 9/11 truther seeked revenge !!!

Wonder who he modelled his character on ???

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oh it does.

Head up, eyes open, fist clenched

John: How in HELL did you

John: How in HELL did you see that?! Lol


all that CIA training

For those who never heard of Antoine Fuqua

This is the director of Training Day. The movie that won Denzel Washington the Oscar.

Here is a link to his comments on Fox. Looks like they may have been edited a bit:;jsessionid=E5FD6398B2...

Here is trailer for "Shooter"; the copy of the 9/11 Commission Report is visible briefly at marker 2:09:

Stardust, Do you have a link


Do you have a link to the webpage of the local news station that had him on?

It was Fox 25 News.

If the first link doesn't work, its in the morning show section.

First link worked great thanks...

Video too of the interview...

Love the directors quote "we've got some bad weeds in our garden".

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Thank you, WinstonKirk! I've

Thank you, WinstonKirk! I've been in meetings all day and haven't had a chance to search for the link, and at the time I posted it this morning it wasn't up yet.

Thanks again! I nearly spit out my coffee this morning when I heard him say it on Fox News...