Guns and Butter: Why the Facts of 9/11 Must Be Suppressed: Understanding the Ruling Group Mind Behind the War Without End

Guns & Butter

Wednesday, March 21, 1:00pm

Why the Facts of 9/11 Must Be Suppressed: Understanding the Ruling Group Mind Behind the War Without End

Dr. John McMurtry, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Guelph, Ontario in a presentation at the International Citizen's Inquiry Into 9/11 on May 30, 2004 in Toronto. McMurtry was one of the first academics to analyze 9/11 and the 9/11 wars. In response to the extreme pressure of forcing reality to conform to manufactured delusions, the group and its members become increasingly submerged within a pre-conscious field of hysteria, denials and projections. Their program is being played out in Iraq against heroic resistance, while elsewhere in the empire the "regulating group mind" demands complicity with its fundamental assumption - that 9/11 was an attack from the outside.

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Does this mean that KPFA is coming closer toward the 9-11 truther side? I realize they are considered quite 'alternative' but, whether alternative or not, left-gatekeepers in general function as MSM clones.

So this station is not among the gatekeepers? It is in favor of finding out what really happened on 9-11? Or is it just allowing this one individual on to the show, who happens to feel that way? Even that is quite welcome.

It looks like we can comment, at KPFA on
But you might have to go to first, I couldn't tell.

KPFA is part of the Pacifica group of radio stations. I think they exist in California only. KPFA handling 9-11 questions would take them off my implied list, i.e., making them 'non-MSM,' as in the signature below:

"Evil can only exist as long as we support it."
M.K. Gandhi

So shall we BOCOTT THE MSM?

Guns and Butter is a

Guns and Butter is a fantastic 9/11 truth resource. Look through the archives of the show on the website -- they have some of the best 9/11 researcher interviews out there. Bonnie is a wonderful host.

I've been listening my way backward through the entire archive and will be ordering cd's of some of the shows to pass around to unsuspecting, still-slumbering acquaintances who have long car car commutes. (You wouldn't believe how many people say they honestly haven't had time to watch the dvds; I need to inject 'em where they really live.)

Thanks for the tip

It's good that we can hear them on the website, and don't have to be in on the broadcast itself, in California only, as in earlier days.

Webster Tarpley

has been on Guns 'n' Butter (sorry) quite a number of times, as have Kevin Ryan, Steven Jones, and David Ray Griffin. I also listened to a great interview with John Judge and one about OKC. That show rocks.


for the kind words :)

Could you recommend the best interviews....

...(and corresponding dates) you've found?

If it's not too much trouble.

Well, it depends on what

Well, it depends on what topics interest you. Some of them focus on very specific aspects of 9/11 and some are overviews. Anything by Tarpley, Griffin, Ryan, Jones, et al is great. What I found was that so many topics that at first glance didn't seem directly related to 9/11 were actually part of a larger pattern. But honestly, I haven't found a dud in the lot. John Judge, Ralph Shoenman, and William Pepper are names not as well known in the 9/11 movement but their interviews are important and compelling. And Barrie Zwicker is just always delightful.

The ones that brought out aspects I didn't know from other sources OR gave interesting context and historical perspective that fascinated me personally are:

Jan 24, 2007
9/11 in Context: The Strategy of Tension Gone Global

Dec 06, 2006
Sirhan Sirhan and the Assassination of Senator Robert Kennedy

Nov 15, 2006
The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Part One

Nov 22, 2006
The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Part Two

Sep 06, 2006
The Global Dominance Group and 9/11
Presentation by Director of Project Censored, Dr. Peter Phillips

Aug 30, 2006
The NORAD Audio Tapes: Real or Faked?
Interview with Dr. David Ray Griffin

May 31, 2006
An Act of State, Part One
with William Pepper

Jun 07, 2006
An Act of State, Part Two
with William Pepper

Mar 15, 2006
How the Failure to Identify, Prosecute and Convict President Kennedy's Assassins Has Led to Today's Crisis of Democracy
with author Joan Mellen

Jul 13, 2005
The London Bombings
with Bonnie Faulkner and Ralph Schoenman

May 18, 2005
9/11 and State Terror from the International 911 Citizens Inquiry in Toronto with Ralph Schoenman and Bonnie Faulkner

Mar 09, 2005
The 9/11 Omission Report: What the 9/11 Commission Didn't Answer. Part 1
John Judge

Mar 16, 2005
The 9/11 Omission Report: What the 9/11 Commission Didn't Answer. Part 2
John Judge

Feb 23, 2005
The Great Conspiracy
With Canadian television journalist Barrie Zwicker

Jun 16, 2004
Commentary on the Independent 911 Commission Hearings

Sorry you asked? :-) Happy listening, and I hope you post your feedback!


...much appreciated...


KPFA is not a monolith, although on the whole they are not very supportive of our show, Guns and Butter. We produce it completely independently and entirely voluntarily, with ZERO financial or moral support. The tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars we have raised for them go entirely to station operations and paid staff budgets-- we don't get a single penny. Please DO call and/or write and voice your support of our show, if you are inspired to.

Pacifica is the parent network, and KPFA is the flagship station that gave birth to Pacifica. The main Pacifica stations are KPFA Berkeley, KFCF Fresno and KPFK in California; KPFT in Houston, Texas; WBAI in New York City, and WPFW in Washington DC.