Help Wm. Rodriguez Defend Kevin Barrett!

Just got this email from Kevin Barrett.

Dear 9/11 truth supporters,

I need your help! The U.W. Campus Repugnikins just ambushed me while I was on a lecture tour in Montana:

When my wife, a Moroccan Muslim, tried defend me, she was "booed out of the room" by the white, middle-class, polyester-clad Steve Nass acolytes (she insists she left in disgust).

Let's not take this lying down. I want to bring William Rodriguez to Madison in April so U.W.-Madison students and faculty can hear from a real survivor and a real American hero. William may be the most dynamic speaker in the whole 9/11 truth movement, and his story is absolutely stunning, from the moment he rescued a co-worker injured in the massive sub-basement bomb that went off before the plane hit, to his miraculous escape as "the last man out of the North Tower."

William never got any government hush money. He and his wife live in a tiny apartment, and he is trying to survive doing 9/11 truth work. (I know how hard that is.) We'll need to pay William's airfare and offer him a generous stipend, and we may have to rent a hall, since the U.W. is now hypersensitive about allowing its facilities to be used by the likes of us. It would also be great if we had the funding to properly promote the event. If you can contribute to the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth's "Bring William Rodriguez to Madison" fund, God, karma, and/or your conscience will surely reward you for it. You can mail cash, check or money orders to MUJCA, POB 221, Lone Rock, WI 53556 (write "William Rodriguez fund" on the check, envelope, etc.) or use any paypal button at (note �William Rodriguez fund). You may also contribute to William directly via

Bless you. Together, we shall prevail.

Kevin Barrett


william-1-sm.jpg, 100 x 151

William Rodriguez writes:

Dear Kevin,

I read the article about the event with the 9/11 survivor. Low shot indeed. As a matter of fact , please find an Angel to arrange for me to go over to UW and talk about my "experience" and clear this guys attempt to debunk you.

Your brother.

William rodriguez

William Rodriguez

Last Survivor of the North Tower of the WTC

President of The Hispanic Victims Group

9/11 United Services Group

Family Advisory Council LMDC

Personal website:

This is one of those moments that we show....

....that we really are a movement.....

Remember the example set by the Veterans for 9/11 Truth (was that their name?) and how they stood up to pay Kevin's tuition when he was under attack by the neo-con's minions last year.

Send what you can.