I am proud of Rosie, but Cynthia McKinney is one of our greatest patriots...

From Cynthia's most recent email - make sure you check out her latest speech - it is brilliant. Also please help her retire her campaign debt!:

My friends! Some great things are happening and I want to update you on them all--or at least the ones I can remember right now!

First of all, St. Patrick's Day is my birthday and I received a wonderful message from my son saying how atypical his mom is: she spent her birthday protesting the government! Well, the message was wonderful because he at least remembered it was my birthday! We're making progress here . . .

But that day was incredible. First of all it was so darn cold my mouth was freezing as I was trying to give my remarks!!! However, the crowd was enthusiastic. They had to be. The march organizers told me that 60 buses couldn't make it out of the north because of the weather! Yes, the night before it was snowy and sleeting. Driving was treacherous. So the ones who did make it, braved the elements to be there. People came from Texas, Indiana, and all over to be there. I went up with my contingent from Georgia! I'm renaming my remarks, "Voting for Complicity" because that's exactly what the Democratic vote to fund the surge and Bush's wars is. Here's a youtube link of my remarks:

As you know, I participated in the Malaysia Peace Commission and it was mentioned in an article describing how Bush and Blair have opened themselves up for prosecution. Believe me, the international community has established the mechanism for justice and we must demand that justice be served to the international community and the American community betrayed by its leaders. The March 18, 2007 London Sunday Telegraph article starts out: "The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court said in an interview that he can envision a scenario in which President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair could one day face war-crimes charges at The Hague." The article goes on to mention the Malaysia effort organized by former Prime Minister Mahatir.

I have been asked to join the Hurricane Katrina Tribunal and to take its findings to the Malaysia effort as a crime against humanity. And as I mentioned before, I have accepted the invitation to join the Brussells Tribunal on Iraq, too. I promise I'll send more information on these efforts!

I will continue the work for justice. I invite you all to please visit my website allthingscynthiamckinney.com and if you can, please make a donation to help us retire our 2006 campaign debt. All donations are greatly appreciated and much needed. It's difficult to move forward for 2008 if we haven't settled our responsibilities for 2006. You can proceed directly to the donation page at http://supporters.cynthiaforcongress.com/supporters.cgi. Thank you in advance for your help and support!

I am meeting such committed Americans as I travel around the country. Please feel free to drop me a line at this e-mail address. For those who are not on my regular list, just tell me to put you on my updates list. For those of you who are, please share these updates with your internet circle of friends. Let's get the word out that the hard work of taking our country back is being done every day by a small, but committed core group who are not afraid of the machinery of intimidation being hurtled at all Americans on a regular basis. Think about that the next time you find yourself undressing at the airport. Only we can save our country from what it is becoming.

Once again, thank you for your support! Here are my birthday remarks in front of the Pentagon:

Cynthia McKinney
Remarks in front of the Pentagon
"Voting for Complicity"
March 17, 2007

Well, it seems that George Bush and Democratic Leaders were right.

They confidently told us that not only would Democrats fund the surge, but that the Democrats would not stop action in Iran, too.

Now, we are not surprised when the unelected, illegitimate Administration of George Bush ignores us, but we are shocked that the Democratic majority in Congress chose war over us as we say Bring our troops home now!

The answer is clear: Our country has been hijacked.

What about a livable wage for America's workers?

What about the right of return for Katrina survivors?

What about repealing the Patriot Act, the Secret Evidence Act, and the Military Tribunals Act?

Why is impeachment "off the table"?

Our country is bankrupt yet this institution, the Pentagon, has "lost" 2.3 trillion dollars!

I want that money back . . .

For jobs . . . for health care . . . for education . . . for our veterans!

The Democrats have become so timid they won't even repeal the Bush tax cuts as a strategy to deal with a bankrupt nation.

Seems the story is the same: more money for war, but we can't feed the poor.

It's hard to believe, but now the Democrats are full partners in George Bush's wars.

And by funding his wars, the Democratic Congress is explicitly complicit.

Complicit in war crimes!
Complicit in torture!
Complicit in crimes against humanity!
Complicit in crimes against peace!

The FBI spied on us;
Condoleezza, Dick, and George lied to us.

In 1957, Dr. King observed that "Both political parties have betrayed the cause of justice."

And so it must be repeated today.

Our beloved America is dividing again into two Americas. Our struggle is for nothing less than the soul of our country.

We want an America that is respected in the commonwealth of man; we want our values to shine like a beacon throughout the world.

As an American of conscience, I hereby declare my independence from every bomb dropped, every threat leveled, every civil liberties rollback, every child killed, every veteran maimed, every man tortured.

And I sadly declare my independence from the leaders who let it happen.

We will not stop. We will win. We will take our country back!

"Reasonable men adjust themselves to their environment. Unreasonable men attempt to change their environment to suit themselves. Therefore all progress is the work of unreasonable men." George Bernard Shaw

"We will not stop. We will

"We will not stop. We will win. We will take our country back!"

WOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!! McKinney is the only politician i can safely say has a good heart. i guess thats why shes not a politician anymore.

You cannot say enough about

You cannot say enough about American Hero Cynthia McKinney