Once Upon A Time in the West

An oldie but a goodie. Giuliani plays every tune he knows in this one.

F#ck'em all!

F#ck'em all!


That was intense! I liked it. Reminds me of the 1984 anti-Hillary ad for Barack Obama on Youtube.

Bulbs are lighting up in my head right now.


They Flew too Close to the Sun on 911.

You can bet on Impeachment. You can bet on Bush/Cheney resignation. You can bet this entire Attorney General Firings is a script for the Impeachment/Resignation scenario. You can bet that the corrupt global elite who have hijacked the USA are throwing us the heads of Bush and Cheney to satisfy the blood thirst of the American public which has become too knowledgeable of the inner workings of a military/banking/media/drug syndicate which risks losing everything unless they quiet the fast growing 911 Truth movement which finally has the goods on these animals. Unless they stop the surge of Truth, all their globalist wet dreams will be over. It seems they flew too close to the sun on 911.

They all flew into the cuckoo nest

Wow i a scared who wrote there speeches Goebbels Himmler or Rove the propaganda minister