Zembla 9/11 documentary

I haven't ever had a chance to watch the Zembla documentary on 9/11 in its entirety, but have instead just focused on Jowenko's testimony. Today I found the following excerpt at youtube; it covers US foreknowlege and insider trading.

plans to retaliate against Bin Ladin,and targets in Afghanistan,

it's very half hearted.Doesn't go into the most important details.

here's the entire documentary:


Now, this is what they should have looked into:
Why were plans to retaliate against Bin Ladin, and targets in Afghanistan, prepared weeks before 9/11?

Look here from the 38th minute and tell me that isn't a strange thing to say on the day 9/11 itself? :


Jack Kelley

That guy they have on at the 38th minute you mention is a fraud himself. Check this out.