The 9/11 Matrix Has You

I made this short video a few days ago:

great - thats a style i like

"war of the worlds"

i think, we can make a lot of money with the production of blue pills...
yes , i know, we cant do it - because we have already taken the red pill.

great work

Short but Very SWEET Dude :-)

I love the first Matrix film...

Great analogies... Thanks for sharing

Best wishes

rage againt the machine

rage againt the machine

Infinite Kudos to the Wachowski Bros

for creating the most powerful and popular memes for our endeavour. And that was '99 -- talk about being on the ball!

Not to forget:


9/11 Vendetta by Dural

This 7 minute 9/11 Edit is cool too...

Dedicated to 9/11 Truth

Awesome :)


killing in the name of!!!!

that was great footage at the end of that tower coming down, ive never seen that clip before. should be used more.