Private intell. firm paid to watch millions, including me!

(Are they watching you too?)

Private intelligence firm targets The American Monitor
Devlin Buckley, 3/21/07

According to online statistics provided by The American Monitor’s Internet host, a private corporation specializing in online surveillance, Cyveillance Inc., has begun monitoring this site.1

...While the person, agency, and/or company paying Cyveillance to monitor our online content remains a mystery, a range of news articles and online complaints indicate that Cyveillance has a history of violating Americans’ civil liberties on behalf of private companies and the U.S. government.

...According to Fox, Cyveillance scans the web for “topics as varied as bomb-making and anti-American sentiment.”10

"We download a lot of raw information, then we have technology that processes it for relevancy [and] real intelligence," Bransford told Fox News.11 The company then supplies their clients with a permanent archive of all the information they gather, including a “searchable index of all suspicious data discovered”.12

According to Bransford, government uses "would include everything from information security, [to] identifying the threats and risks that are occurring out there in online discussions."13

According to one website specializing in Internet security, Cyveillance is even “known to work on behalf of the government to spy on whistleblowers who expose waste, fraud and abuse."14 ...

Now this is f*cking outrageous!!! Where is the ACLU on this???

"...According to Fox, Cyveillance scans the web for “topics as varied as bomb-making and anti-American sentiment.”10

I'm sure they spend hell of a lot more time spying on 9/11 truthers than on the above!

Easy problem to solve...

Easy problem to solve...

This is a Linux box? I hope... Edit your .htaccess file that's in the root directory of the server. Add these lines...

##Start here... Top of .htaccess
order allow,deny
deny from #Block CYVEILLANCE
deny from
#Next three lines block companies that run employee filter software
deny from
deny from
deny from
allow from all

Check this... "Has your web

Check this...

"Has your web site been visited by Cyveillance recently? It's quite possible, but you probably wouldn't know it. Cyveillance crawls the net spying on web sites. If you say something they don't like about one of their clients, they'll tattle on you.

Cyveillance uses a couple of dirty tricks when they crawl the web. First, they ignore the robot exclusion protocol. This standard allows you to specify portions of a web site that are off limits to robots and other automatic agents. Cyveillance fails to honor the exclusions you may have declared for your web site. They crawl places that 'bots are not supposed to go, in spite of your explicit instructions not to do so. ..."

That's not the robots.txt

That's not the robots.txt file. That's the server config file. If they come from the ip address in that file,, they won't get shit. The server won't server pages to that IP address. It's not about them being nice, and only searching the places that you specify in your robots.txt file. It's about you not serving any web pages to that ip address.

I get it.

Thanks for the tip.

Is it possible for them to change up their IP range, though?

Yep. I doubt that's likely


I doubt that's likely though. These people are cheap. They would have to pay for more IP addresses. Then they would have to be smart enough to setup multiple bots in the same data center to run on those different addresses. I'm not a network guy, but a programmer, though that seems like a pain. It seems like they would need multiple lines coming into the office. Then, they would have to scan everything a few times, with different IP's to make sure that someone's site didn't just close shop.

And really, these aren't the people to worry about. They aren't good people, but the government doesn't spider you sites; they physically hack directly into the "tubes." You can't do anything about that.

Also, the line "deny from

Also, the line "deny from" will block whatever that resolves to.

Wait, I did a search, and found this...

These bastards do have a large range of IPs. This is a start. Place this in the top of your .htaccess file.

order allow,deny
allow from all
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from
deny from .*domain\.com.*

Another page said they might

Another page said they might own the whole 38.*.*.* block.

order allow,deny
deny from
deny from
deny from 38
allow from all


What took them so long...Thought they would already be on it. Shows the system is bogged down and they are moving slow.

CR says:

Monitor "THIS" !

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

I wonder if the commercial datamining companies

like Akamai, etc., whose main business is psycho-profiling of consumers, are also involved in this kind of surveillance, or sell their data to companies or agencies that are.