9/11 site.

I just started opening my eyes and decided to make a site. I'm only a kid.


Please post feedback. thanks.

not ONLY a kid

you're a TRUTHER! welcome to the party, and nice site!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


Wouldn't it be great if...

... a 13 year-old kid could spend his time fishing, hiking, bike-riding, reading classic poetry and literature, dipping little girls pigtails in an inkwell, anything (except teevee), rather than trying to help expose the fact that his own government is controlled by eVil, murderous bastards.

Giving them that is something worth fighting for.

The true threat to liberty comes not from terrorists but from our political leaders whose natural inclination is to seize upon any excuse to diminish them.
~~ Walter Williams, Nightly Business Report, September 2001


Great job, although I agree with dicktater that i wish 13-yr-old kids didn't have to deal with this.

I wish none of us did, for that matter :(

Cool site.

Well done.


something......You had to point out that your a kid.The truth is your a voice like all of us.
To question ANYTHING is'nt wrong! Thanks for spreading the truth,and you you did good on your site.


Pretty slick for a kid.

Awareness+ activism+ rebellion= New Paradigm.

respect !

here are your links:
german forum

one of my "blogs"

have a look at wordpress.org

good work
stay tuned without forgetting the fun