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Chapter 23 of the Veterans for Peace participating in the 4th Anniversar of the Invasion of Iraq march. SUV with 9/11 Truth messages heading down East St. in Rochester, NY on 18 March 2007.

Bigger picture:


It seems that is more open for 911 truth lately.

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This Movement is Not Going Away
Submitted by Joestokes on Fri, 2007-03-23 11:15.

Most of everyone in this movement believe that by exposing 9/11 and everything after as a total fraud we can begin to correct the destruction done to the USA and consequently, the world. This movement is growing exponentially worldwide and is truly "grassroots". Almost everyone who looks at the mountains of evidence contrary to the "official" conspiracy theory as fed us by our Government, realizes they were conned. People are abandoning the fraudulent "myths" of 911. No one turns back after finally getting it. Embracing the truth requires some willingness to see the truth. Some courage to admit they were conned.

For the latest up to the minute news I suggest 911blogger.
If you are ready to make this leap.

We Will Not Back Down

The 911 Truth Movement will not go away. In fact we are ready to battle with any anti-Americans in the ranks of our government to the bitter end. The Truth will be revealed and heads will roll.

911 Truth Surge

"Bon courage" to this 911 truth believer

Herblay FRANCE

When I print and put up information about the 911 truth mouvement at work my documents are torn down and put in the dustbin. Of course I am treated firstly as anti American and secondly as a mentally ill person. I am used to it and continue because here and there there are French people realising that their television program is not telling them all what is being said in the world. 911 was an inside job so that America can with a good conscience invade Afghanistan and Iraq.

But here in France we are only, in my opinon 0.5% , that realise that 911 was an inside job.

My reaction to the photo is that if in France I did like this guy and put what he did on his car , my own car windows would be smashed in and perhaps all the car. The French are so pro-American that they believe ever lie that George Bush speaks.

I can only say "bon courage" to all the people who dare to do like this guy and perhaps one day I will be able to do the same as he.



Why do you think the French are so pro-American?

Why do they have such difficulty understanding an alternative analysis of 9/11?

What do you think can be done to change this?

We are going to need as many Europeans as possible to understand 9/11 Truth when we reach critical mass here and the non-violent revolution begins. If Europeans don't understand it is quite likely that the economic crisis that will take place will get out of hand and create an unnecessary global panic, which will benefit no one.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

(Allez les bleus!)

From my experience

the French, or any other europeans I've dealt with, are just as open to 9/11 Truth as folks over in the US -- you got those that eat it up whole, those who taste and feel it's too bitter for them, and those who will not even try.

Response on the streets is almost entirely positive, but most wish for sound, refined perspectives for change in order to overcome their inhibitions. They are not willing to abandon the known, no matter how f*cked up it may turn out to be, without a sound alternative to follow up with, and fear chaos more than they tolerate injustice -- which is why I say let's put our minds together and work something out! This movement unites intelligent minds from all walks of life and from all over the globe. If we can't do it, who could?

Anyway, just two days ago, I had this french student visit one of my flatmates, and she got the whole ordeal -- from WTC7 to debt money -- in one tour de force, without breaking a sweat. So, it would be wrong to say the French in general were averse to alternative 9/11 analysis...

Let me emphasize once more: To me it appears as if the one thing with more leverage than any other is a perspective beyond 9/11 Truth. Our problems will not be solved by simply bringing the guilty of this crime to justice -- we are faced with deeper, systemic issues that need resolve. You know it, and so do people on the fence.


Sure wish I'd see as many 9/11 Truth bumperstickers on the road, as I see faded old Kerry stickers. Put it on the glass. I've been a traveling billboard for over two years now, and never had a problem. And the thumbs up way outnumber the fingers.

I think this is a first

I've been going to go both 9/11 Blogger and AfterDowningStreet almost every day for a long time. I have never seen such an obvious a reference to 9/11Truth on AfterDowningStreet ever before. I think this is a first, and maybe a sign of change.