Fox and O'Reilly Threaten Sheen Over Narrating Loose Change 3rd Edition

Fox and O'Reilly Threaten Sheen Over Narrating Loose Change 3rd Edition -

FOX News Threatens Sheen & Cuban Not to Make Film
Report that Actor Might Narrate Theatrical Version of Loose Change Prompts Mafioso O'Reilly to Warn Against Film's Distribution-- "You're Not Gonna Come Back"

FOX News' Bill O'Reilly warned actor Charlie Sheen not to do narration for a theatrical version of Loose Change, threatening "If he voices this, he's through" and stating plainly, "Don't do this. You're not gonna come back from it if you do."

This follows a hit piece by the New York Post's Page 6 who suggested "some celebrities don't know when to keep their mouths shut" after reporting on mainstream actors Rosie O'Donnell and Charlie Sheen's 'throwing their weight" behind 'twisted theories' regarding 9/11-- especially in light of reporting that Loose Change may be distributed by Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire Mark Cuban.

Despite mafioso-like tactics on the part of both O'Reilly and the Post, O'Reilly claimed that his attempt at intimidation was "not a threat" while his guest, Det. Bo Dietl, dog-piled into the cryptic warnings that "Martin Sheen's kid there better watch it."

In reality, O'Reilly is so desperate to contain 9/11 Truth-- and bat away support from mainstream celebrities from publicly supporting what he calls the "far-left fringe-- that he has little recourse but to lump vague threats on top of untenable straw men arguments and ad hominem attacks-- which were also included in the hit piece.

Guest Det. Bo Dietl claimed that 9/11 Truth was a "disgrace to the families"-- despite that fact that most of the families support a new, independent investigation of 9/11 and that the head of the largest 9/11 families group, Bill Doyle, knows that 9/11 was an inside job. Doyle also reports that over half of the families completely distrust the government's official story.

Guest Gerald Posner-- also a shill/author for the JFK official story-- slandered that O'Donnell's posting of information about the WTC7 collapse shouldn't be allowed and is like saying the "Holocaust didn't exist." This anti-semitic theme was repeated by he and other guests in attempts to compare Loose Change "propaganda" with that of the 3rd Reich and to link 9/11 Truth with theories that Israel carried out the attacks.

Meanwhile, what the New York Post called 'Hollywood's 9/11 Idiot Brigade' was also referred to on FOX as "wackos," "complete moron stuff" and-- conversely-- 'slick disinformation' 'like Oliver Stone's JFK propaganda' film.

While Dietl threatened "We won't watch that 2 1/2 kids thing at all," it was clear in O'Reilly's demeanor that full realization of defeat had sunk in-- the 9/11 cover-up had failed.

Just as Det. Dietl tried to explain away the WTC7 implosion-- which he acknowledged, but claimed was due to the 'heaviness' of debris from the towers, which he said "melted like potato chips"-- O'Reilly cut off his side's fruitless attempts to debate on the basis of logical, "DON'T CONFUSE THEM WITH FACTS" bridging instead into more familiar territory-- "I just don't get the hatred for the country."

Mass Murder Cover-up

Bill O'lilly will be prosecuted for the cover-up of mass murder.


$20 bucks for Anyone Out of the Blue Questioning 911

$20 bucks for anyone out of the blue questioning 911:

Forget about no plane at the Pentagon!!

Beware the Pentagon. After much thought I believe the question of weather a 757 went into the building should be forgotten about I think it is a trap. As it is possible if not probable as there is plausible wreckage, the flight path could be pulled off and the fact they show it here again (MSM) makes me think they plan to use it against us.

I know previously I have stated that "Ground Effect" would prevent this crash at the high speed that is suggested in the official version of events, if the plane is flown manually. But it is possible if the autopilot and FMC (Flight Management Computer) are used to overcome this. I hadn't thought the highjackers would use this method so I didn't consider it, I err. But it would be quite simple for them to change the flight path/plan though FMC if trained, or of course other people could have remotely controlled the plane through the FCC's (Flight Control Computers) if the plane had been modified to allow this function.

All this considered it is still very unlikely it happened the way the government propose, but the confidence of MSM to use the Pentagon as an example makes me think video evidence is being held back to completely discredit us as we get too close for comfort.

If you look at Jim Hoffman’s article at it is very informative and should be relied on as credible. Because after much research at work talking to pilots and engineers alike and after comparing parts with pictures there is a definite possibility flight 77 went into the Pentagon. The punch out hole I can't explain the rest is in doubt but not impossible.

Beware the Pentagon Trap!

Why bother talking about it if it’s not a water tight argument we have better things to do like WTC 7 that the MSM avoid like the plague.

Regards John Bursill - Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Avionics

Pentagon Trap

A complete analysis of the eyewitness testimony (250 statements) demolishes the Pentagon myths beyond any doubt.  I will post my research soon.  The testimony is supported by physical evidence.

In contrast, the pentagon myths are supported by photos taken out of context, misleading arguments (i.e. misinformation), the "conspiracy" method (one subjective interpretation of evidence invalidates all other evidence), and known disinfo agents:

Jim Fetzer: "The so-called "cropped" version is the first I ever saw from a source that I trust. But I LOVE this uncropped version! ...It shows all the same features in even greater abundance"

Yes... it shows all of the same features, except for the actual size of the hole

[Jim Fetzer:] “The initial point of impact (prior to the collapse of the floors above) was only about 10' high and 16-17' wide, about the size of the double-doors on a mansion.


[Jim Hoffman:] “In fact, photographs clearly show that the region of punctures to the facade extended to a width of at least 96 feet on the first floor and 18 feet on the second floor. Thus, the hole was approximately six times as large as Fetzer admits. Fetzer continues to promote the ‘small hole’ fantasy despite the efforts of several people, including Fetzer's colleague Steven Jones, to point out his error.



get a life

wolfowitz in sh... calls us shills

it must be true then... Especially when Fetzer lies about taking photos out of context:

"Fetzer continues to promote the ‘small hole’ fantasy despite the efforts of several people, including Fetzer's colleague Steven Jones, to point out his error."

9/11 disinfo artists who are protecting the NeoCon/NWO mass

murders are in far more trouble than they believe. Their deception is clearly that of an ACCESSORY AFTER THE FACT!

Accessories after the fact--are people who receive, comfort, or assist a felon knowing that he has committed a felony, or is sought in connection with the commission or attempted commission of a felony. See 234 A. 2d 284, 285. The term thus applies to anyone who obstructs justice by giving comfort or assistance to a criminal offender in an attempt to hinder or prevent his apprehension or punishment. 378 F. 2d 540, 542.



O'Reilly is a FASCIST, FOX is FASCIST, THEY ought to be ARRESTED

Despite the hundreds of websites containing valid information, the simplest common sense would tell even the stupidest idiot that THREE steel re-inforced buildings do NOT collapse at freefall speed !!
WTC 1&2 fell at TEN floors per SECOND !!

O'Reilly, you sorry assed fascist sonofabitch idiot twat !!
No matter HOW MANY threats you make;
THAT FACT will NEVER go away !!

838 Links by Story Title Exposing the Plot
9/11=PNAC Plot

Seize Halliburton, KBR et. al.
Confiscate their holdings,
Rescind the Patriot Act,
Disband Homeland Security,
ONDO EVERYTHING that these mofos have installed and stolen because of the PNAC Plot, which is a copy of Operation Northwoods and the Wolfowitz Doctrine

O'Reilly's Cellmate

Let's not forget about that lying, soulless viper James Meigs - I hope he ends up bunking with O'Reilly at Leavenworth ( Meigs, of course, would be the b*tch).

Fair and Balanced? I don't

Fair and Balanced? I don't see the other side represented here(Truth). Their motto should be censored and Lies. The Bill O'lie E show. That author guy is a professional debunker, as I have seen him spuing his ridicule about JFK on the discovery channel. In addition , he learned english as a second language, as is evident by his subtle german accent.Overall, I think this may have done some good for the 911 truth, as the B.S. is so strong, I feel a good portion of people will look further into this.

I sure Hope so!!

Along with the rest of them

I Watched it 4 times!! Loving it!!!

Im loving this, If you watch the O Reilly Video, You can tell Bill O Reilly and his 2 guests are scared. They are also getting desperate they have to beg Sheen not to Narorate this film. Really Pathetic!!

That guy who looked like that guy from MAD Magizine Looks like hes gonna have a heartattack, Hes sweating Bullets. You can see the fear in there face. They are panicing, and Im loving it!!!

The Wheels are Coming Off

I think O'Reilly's medicated.


I love the line where Bill says "don't confuse them with facts"..haha...there's no need to worried about the Bush Administration/911 commission and all the other state sponsered media/shills being affected by such inconveniences as facts....

potato chips

man, finally, we have a scientific explanation.
its all about potato chips !
let me quote mr. Dietl:

"when that melted, that went down and became like potato chips"

i'll do some tests now with a tower made out of potato chips. that should work i think.

also, i found this sentence interesting:
"the internet lets this theories explode"


Potato chips, pancakes ...

Potato chips, pancakes ... someone should feed the shills already.

His contorted version of massive falling debris on the top of 7 causing the bottom-up implosion is adorable. Remember, they count on the Fux News viewers' slavish devotion to the hosts to keep them from actually watching any of the footage on the internet. I don't watch tv, but I'm guessing that they've pretty much stopped showing the Towers' full collapses as well, and only show the plane impacts/fireballs.

i havent seen the full

i havent seen the full collapse of the towers on tv for a couple of years now. only on History channel here and there, but the news channels NEVER show it. never.

good point

I've noticed their preference for the plane impacts instead of the collapses.

Yeah, because.....

....the plane impacts were the Cover Story for the collapses.....once you separate the two and focus on the collapses/explosions, CD becomes obvious.

At one point the tough nuts

At one point the tough nuts new york cop 'who was there on 9/11'...tells us the reason WTC 7 came down...the mystery is solved...with facts!

"..because so much heaviness came off the world trade center"

So lets see, pancakes, potato chips, and heaviness! All these years I never considered 'the heaviness'! These guys are brilliant.

Seriously though, it is nice to hear these guys yammer on like this. All in one segment, those who doubt the US Government are equated to...

1. 9/11 Family Victim Haters
2. US Troop Haters
3. America Haters
4. Morons
5. Holocaust Deniers

And maybe I missed some but these are the 'heaviest'. Great to know 9/11 Truth is making these turds wiggle. As the pundits said after 9/11...'NEVER FORGET'.

Oh Bill...we will never forget you. America will never forget you Bill ol' boy. The things you did to this country...will be remembered always.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

I guess

......the moten steel in the sub levels of WTC1 2 3 WAS THE DIP?

oreilly is so clearly an

oreilly is so clearly an enemy of american freedom and so obviously in league with the real criminals of 911 ,birds of a feather...... anyone with the ability to think knows how discusting and treasonous bill o is as the mouth of a fascist coup

They keep showing that

They keep showing that picture of the Pentagon with the plane in front of it.


yup, that really jumped out at me. hm, why would they do that...

Fighting for G.O.D. (Gold, Oil, and Drugs) is available now for pre-order on Amazon.

Total criminals. I love how

Total criminals. I love how they talk of "slick propaganda" but yet they are engaging in it 24-7. The times we live in are so unbelievable in every way imaginable.

The War on Truth

These times are very strange indeed. It is a battle for reality.

A battle for reality.

So true. They still thing they can make their own reality through the freaking TV. They're so naive.

Viva le Web!

I thought "propaganda"...

....had to originate from a government, by definition, not by individual grassroots actiivists....I love how they throw that term around in OUR direction when citizens point out the government's lies....


I LOVE IT! PURE FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you Charlie Sheen, you have them wetting their fucking pants!

Courage Mr. Sheen and Rosy.

This is truly heroic on Charlie's part. He must surely know that it could totally destroy his career and reputation. On the other hand, (Charlie, if you read 911blogger, and I'm sure he does,) if things continue on the path of truth and justice, he will go down in history with the likes of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. People who had the courage to step forward when for justice when the odds were stacked against them. Don'be intimidated by cowardly tyrants with deceitful tactics.
Vive le Truth

Awareness+ activism+ rebellion= New Paradigm.


Gerald POSner:

"She essentially did a cut 'n paste (...) you can't do that. It would be like putting on something that said the Holocaust didn't exist."

Uh-huh, makes sense...if you live in la-la-land. The rest is a fine example of even more non-sequitur. Imperial drones, don't let the (potato) chips fall where they may -- unless you let them fill the void in your cranium, you're through! Bill will call the Foxstapo, right when he's done with his Loofalafel...

how about the unfrozen caveman cop's

explanation for how building 7 fell? a lot of heavy stuff fell on it and the foundation got all out of whack. MOVE OVER NIST!!

Get ready for some energized shills coming out in the street armed with their liquid OReilly courage!

I need a good scrubbing with a falafel--anyone? Bill?

If this is all they got, PLEASE bring it on!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


HAHA! "a lot of heavyness

HAHA! "a lot of heavyness fell on it". HAHAHAHAHA, the fucking audacity......

I'm glad you mentioned this, Bruce

If that wasn't the sloppiest transition to an arranged talking point I've ever seen...

and they even trot out chief

and they even trot out chief propaganda pusher Posner? when they trot out that scumbag you KNOW they are starting to feel some heat. this is so great.

he looks like Alan Colmes long lost brother

does Posner...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


hahaha, yeah, and it only

hahaha, yeah, and it only took him 30 seconds to mention the holocaust in the context of questioning 9/11. i wont be happy until people like Posner are in prison.

Mentioning the Holocaust was

Mentioning the Holocaust was so bizarre. It is clear they are desperate and are coming undone.

coming from a piece of shit

coming from a piece of shit like Posner who has a long history of lying for the government/establishment its not bizarre at all. in fact i expected it. they are indeed desperate though. we are winning and they know it.

they're desperate because

Loose Change Final Cut is on its way. :-)

$20 bucks for Anyone Out of the Blue Questioning 911

Prison Planet is on it's way as well. Loose Change is not the only pony in the show. Add to it the countless individuals who've contributed articles, emails, blogs, videos, demonstrations (which are key). The fact is we are not going away. They are going to have to pay the piper.

$20 bucks for anyone out of the blue questioning 911:

Was O'Reilly correct

in saying that Loose Change Final Cut takes the position of criminal negligence? I hope not.


Surprise surprise! Trotting out the holocaust yet again--why? Well, maybe for the same reason that Eric Williams uploaded his Auschwitz book to just in time for the Arizona conference. Guess what I found out (and tried to blog here but got rejected?) Eric William's book on Auschwitzz is a fraud--he plagiarized blatantly from David Cole's video documentary. I didn't read the whole thing, just the sample pages on Lulu, and as early as page six he directly steals several lines from Cole's video. Meaning? That Eric Williams is not even a "real holocaust denier" but an actor who whipped together a few bad books about 9/11 to then release his plagiarized crap on Auschwitz. How silly does it look now to have made a big deal about him? Very I should say, and we should be ever vigilant for tactics like this intended to create controversy where none exists. It begs the question--why does the holocaust keep getting linked to 9/11 by apologists for the OCT? What does it mean that that particular smear tactic is used? I think I know what it means. I just wanted to make that known about Eric Williams--I will not mention the you know wHat again.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Show "Eric Williams" by Realist

nope, sorry

Eric Williams is not even a legitimate revisionist. He is a fraud. He plagiarized his book. That's it for that issue as far as I'm concerned. He is pure disinfo.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force



do you know what the book is about?
Look, I'm a far cry from a holocaust denier.

Williams was questioning the numbers. Was it really 6 million? Do you know how they came up with that number? 1 million is the number williams estimates. Is that denying anything? 1 million jews are dead, that's freaking horrible.

Let's talk about the content of the book rather than our opinions. Do you think 6 million is correct and if so why?

Not the point, Realist.

You wanna see where Williams plagiarized his book from?

Here ya' go.

Part 1 of 4.

that's not the point

agree or disagree with the facts he presents, Eric Williams is a FRAUD. The only reason I can see for his involving himself with 9/11 is to give the false impression that 9/11 truth is comprised of people who question the holocaust. That is not true. It has nothing to do with the facts surrounding the holocaust, which are legitimately up for debate. Let's not add fuel to this disinfo fire--there are enough people around here who want to do that!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


The Nerve

My girlfriend asked me why I watch the news if I know that its just BS. I told her, I know its BS, but its amazing to actually sit there and listen to this clip knowing that they are trying everything possible to cover it up. When I realized the truth about 9/11, I couldn't believe how I was able to see right through all these lies that O'reilly and friends are involved in covering up. Its a lot harder to lie than it is just to tell the truth. That, in my opinion, is the very reason this movement continues to gain momentum. The sheep are finally waking up and there is nothing that will stop the TRUTH.

The Truth Never Lies

Fair & Balanced?

Whatever happened to representing both sides of the issues. Opposing viewpoints? I guess they don't even care to fake it anymore.

Any body else

thinks that Gerald Posner looks like an Alien?.. He really does not look human.

i already pointed that out

i said he looks like Alan Colmes...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force



they clone their shills somewhere? ;-)

By now, it must be pretty hard to find volunteers for this farce.

interestingly enough

Colmes seems to be an agent of some kind--

Alan Colmes' Bio

FOX News Radio
Just as the American hostages were being seized by the Iranian government in 1979, Alan Colmes began doing talk radio. One of his first radio exploits was to call the American embassy in Tehran. Shortly after his dialogue with a student named “Z” the U.S. state department banned all calls to Iran.

This type of sharp-sightedness got Alan noticed. After a string of successful radio shows on legendary talk stations such as WABC, WNBC and WMCA in New York, Colmes gained a reputation as a hard-hitting interviewer known for his electric commentary and wit.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


he looks like carmen ghia

he looks like the "springtime for hitler" directors hairdresser/assistant in the original film
" the producers"
my name is carrrman ghia..... pleeese follow me...
white white white is the color of our carpets....
he answers the door for zero mostel and gene wilder

i think hes a dead ringer

I umm i umm

AM SPEECHLESS ! ha ha ha ha !!!! Let's Roll....

Bill O'Liely complains about "Propaganda"?????

And Gerald "The POS" Posner associates thousands of victims' family members and other victims of 9/11 with "Holocaust denial"?????????

Bo "Pringles" Dietl compares the Twin Towers to "Potato chips"???????????????


(Reminder to those registered @, check your list of people who've befriended you and add them to your list of friends to help build up the 9/11 truth army)

"We are going to keep up this fight till the end, till the very end... They took it from the top to the bottom. We're gonna take it from the bottom to the top!"
-Dan Wallace

On my application for FOX

I said that the towers fell like pick-up sticks....... DAMN!!!!

I knew they would pick the "Potato Chips" guy

I should have known..... everyone knows what potato chips are.... people don't play with pick-up sticks anymore.

I did refrain from saying that the explosions were like Rice Crispies when you pour milk on them
Together in Truth!

Don't forget about the "spaghetti" betty...

I remember not long ago that the 4inch thick structural steel columns were described as "spaghetti"...

Best wishes

And licorice!

Pancakes, spaghetti, licorice, potato chips -- what unites all these? Seems like the basest of analogies -- food -- is just of the right sophistication for the target audience.

This Just In!!!

Frito-Lays just got the contract to rebuild the towers!

They say that there is nothing to fear..... there have been many advancements in Pringles technology

Have we not learned anything?
Together in Truth!

outsourcing it to the Mexicans?

is that wise? what if they use brittle tostitos instead of authentic pringles? what then??


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


I'm Sorry

But I keep imagining cromagnon man in his apartment his hole laden underwear..... with two huge stacks of Pringles on the coffee table.... throwing paper airplanes..... when his genius light came on!
Together in Truth!

don't forget the empty beer cans

he stood on top of one and his heaviness made it collapse, completing his epiphany.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


stocking feet

leder holein? perhaps

potato chips.

And all this time I thought the towers were constructed from popsickle sticks. Was I ever far off base. Hmmm potato chips, who'da thunk it?

Awareness+ activism+ rebellion= New Paradigm.

This is good news

They can't ignore us anymore - and their pathetic desperation is showing.

i hope you all can see how determined they are to link us to the holocaust-denial anti-semitism meme. they are working straight from a script.

now - Foxnews broadcasts live out of NYC - in many cases in front of an open window. who wants to join me in putting signs in those windows during a live show? the time is ripe.


They have been linking us to the nutjob-whacko-loony-tinfoil meme for years...we're still around, and stronger than ever.

In due time, everyone will see the rest of the smears for what they are: baseless. So please, let it go...

let it go?

i don't think so.

"in due time"? I say there is no time like the present to flush out these holocaust denial rats - and make it clear that thet are enemies of truth.

I think you're obsessed

not that there is something wrong with obsession per se -- after all I consider myself obsessed with truth and justice -- but being obsessed with something not quite as positive, such as "enemies of this movement" for example, might not be the way to go.

naaa... Its just part of the puzzle

i do not mean to suggest that my approach is the ONLY true path to 9/11 truth.

but it sure doesn't hurt to have members of the movement able and ready to fight to protect our reputations from slander.

this is about TRUTH - and if people are intentionally projecting LIES onto this movement - to disrupt it - then we NECESSARILY need to fight this war on TWO fronts - one front to educate the public on the TRUTH - and one front to protect ourselves from from the LIES.

but i appreciate your civil and reasonable response. i really don't want to blow this out of proportion - i just think it is worth noting that - once again - the MSM is blatently attempting to link us to holocaust denial. the pattern is pretty clear - and i think there is value in exposing it.

You mean 'enemies of truth' Like RT or myself?

You see John, the 'holocaust denial' smear tactic is exactly why I decided to research the subject, what I found was interesting to say the least. Does it make me an 'anti-Semite'? (by the way Arabs are a Semitic people too & they're suffering a new age 'holocaust' as we speak.)

So, John, have you researched the subject at all? (Since you seem so sure the 'official story' is bullet proof.) If so, have you come across any 'discrepancies' in the stories we were all fed? Intellectual dishonesty tends to be more harmful to ones credibility than simple ignorance. Which category do you fall under?

i'm not engaging in a flame war

i was talking about Fox and CNN.

this is about 911 - i have no interest in researching and linking holocaust denial to 9/11.

I'm not flaming you John.

I asked a genuine question. The fact that you refuse to research a subject you seem so obsessed with refuting (Since you brought it up... again.) speaks volumes.

I never have, or would inject "holocaust denial" into 911 truth. Israel's involvement is well known without stretching the truth, as a few of the 'agent provocateurs' have & which you've fallen for. I'm just a guy who's a fan of truth in general & an enemy of "protective stupidity" in principle.

i didn't bring the subject up again

Foxnews did.

i wonder why?


they are grasping for straws.


I agree with you....the subject of 9/11 as led me to start looking into other historical events that have been put forward and promoted by our press as fact. I now doubt most things I'm told on MSM and at the very least suspect a cover-up or major exaggeration of the facts. I believe the holocaust is one such instance where the facts of the matter may never be known..and now, with the passage of so much time, it seems overly blasphemous and dangerous topic to question, but I believe there are many unanswered questions about that event in History.

I'd love to see your answers to Big D's questions

please don't skirt them by falsely claiming they were meant to incite a flame war.


he claimed i was talking about him and RT. i'm not.

i'm talking about our enemies in the media who USE holocaust denial as a weapon against us.

but - to answer his question - i have no interest in researching the holocaust. Researching 9/11 Truth is more than enough work for me.

what else would you like me to say?

I'd like you to explain

how come you accuse "holocaust denial rats" of being "enemies of truth" without having researched what the truth is.

Thank you.

this is a 9/11 message board

take it elsewhere

So you refuse to discuss this glaring paradox? more questions, Jess. I rest my case.


i refuse to discuss the holocaust on a 911 message board.


you refuse to investigate it outside of this 911 message board before playing judge and jury.

not interested


"this is a 9/11 message board"

Yes, & "Holocaust denial" is a 911 truth smear tactic. So I think it's perfectly relevant. If you can't handle the discussion stop bringing it up.

(I'd like some clarification from DZ on this, thanks anyway, John.)

Personally I laugh every time one of the MSM Shills trot out the "holocaust denial" smear, after all it's what peaked my interest. That & the fact that there are so many parallels between today's America & Nazi Germany.

"he claimed i was talking about him and RT"

LOL, Did I?

I thought the question mark at the end was indicative of posing a question (Clarification of who the "holocaust denying rats" are).... But, what do I know... I only do my homework before speaking on a subject.

and with that I must ask

and with that I must ask anyone involved in this spat to drop it. this is a comments section for the topic at hand, not a discussion forum.



I tried to make my point as tactfully as possible.

If I offended anyone, sorry.

Show "sure" by John Albanese

It was none other than YOU

who accused 9/11 activists here. Like you did before. Like you always seem to do. And when cornered with tough questions, you always seem to remember that actually, this place isn't about this or that topic.

I'll be blunt and say it: Jess, I think you're shilling.

This is my last post

i accused no one here

i simply stated my opinion that anyone who continues to inject holocaust denial into the 911 Truth movement is, in my opinion, an enemy of the movement in that they are distracting us from the subject at hand - 9/11 - while feeding the MSM a very powerful weapon for attacking us.

that's my opinion.

i do not need to defend my level of 'understanding' of the holocaust itself to have this opinion. i am HERE to discuss 9/11 - not the holocaust.

Fine. Here's my last post:

It is well documented within this thread that you accuse "holocaust denial rats" of being "enemies of truth" while you explicitly state you have no interest at all in researching what the truth is. There's nothing more that needs to be said.

This is intellectual dishonesty at its worst.

Funnily enough I too was led

Funnily enough I too was led to researching the Holocaust and Holocaust denial because of people like you and RT who have attached themselves to the Truth movement. What I've found is that those who would deny that there was an extermination program and exterminations in death camps systematically distort and lie.

Let it go, why? One of the

Let it go, why?

One of the issues keeping the movement from more widespread acceptability is the holocaust denial/anti-semitism association.

Why shouldn't we make things as easy as possible for ourselves?

It's only the future of the nation at stake.

The only thing that can keep this movement

from more widespread acceptability is continued and willful ignorance of the facts of 9/11. Everything else are just excuses.

Excellent Response

we of course will never stop fighting to clear our names

No one associates 9/11 With the Holocaust

There are a very few number of people associating 9/11 with holocaust deniers. The loudest vocalists regarding this connection are not the accusers but the defensive reactionaries in the 9/11 truth movement.

I say ignore it. I am not studied in the holocaust so I'm agnostic as to whether the facts are as I was taught in high school. Shit, I barely even remember that.

My point is that, IMO, focusing on the 'holocaust denier' enemy within the truth movement is a waste of time and resources. This element is not big or strong enough to garner a reaction from me. When the pundits in this video mention it, anyone with a brain will say "wtf? that is retarded!" because the accusations are baseless.

The people who don't or won't come to this conclusion are basically dumb heard animals succumbing to the propaganda of the state.

I really could care less about 'convincing' this segment of society that I'm not a holocaust denier or that I'm not a loon. Bill's supportive audience is hardly worth a worry.

It sounds pretty harsh but the truth for me is that this part of society that listen to this megalomaniac (bill o) and agrees with him...are just too fucking stupid for me to deal with. I'd rather ignore them and pretend such stupidity does not exist.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever


not true

the MSM is constantly bombarding us with accusations of being anti-semitic. that's a fact.

and - no - ignoring it is not an option. with all due respect i always look with a somewhat jaunticed eye towards anyone who tells us to simply ignore blatent disinformation campaigns and public smears. i think "what can this person be THINKING" to suggest we just sit here like passive little ducks while they pick us off with defamation of character and slander and disinformation?

i say - hell no!

Step in the ring then..

My personal position is that I don't step into the ring of a pre-determined fight with a pre-determined 'outcome'. It only ends up making the holocaust more of a topic regarding 9/11 Truth.

Imagine you are on Bill Oreilly talking about WTC 7 and he brings up the holocaust bs. You then step in the ring and begin your battle with Bill exclaming that you are NOT A HOLOCAUST DENIER DAMN IT!!!

You end up making it more of an issue then it really is. Sure, the opposition might yammer on about it...but to jump in the ring on such a non-issue is a waste of time.

It does no good. It actually is negative in my view because you could side step the non-issue and pretend bill didn't say it and talk about REAL issues like WTC 7. Instead you will find yourself trying to win a debate about why you are not a holocaust denier.

I don't need to argue about that. It has nothing to do with 9/11.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever


i disagree

i think its pretty clear that the MSM is attempting to label us holocaust deniars - and i do not agree that ignoring it is a good strategy.

Ok step in the ring

You are saying it's good sense to step in the ring and argue that you "ARE NOT A DAMN HOLOCAUST DENIALER!!!DAMN IT" and you admit you haven't studied nor will you study the subject of the holocaust?

A recipe for failure?

The only time I talk about holocaust denialism is when I'm trying to convince truthers that it's a non-issue. The only ones talking about it are the pundits and fascist talking heads. They WANT YOU to engage them on this topic. It makes it bigger then it really is.

It's a non-issue. I've already said too much.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

Actually it makes good sense

Actually it makes good sense to argue against lies. For instance, if I was accused of being a Holocaust denier on Bill O'Reilly's program I would of call him on using a baseless smear in order to win points, and I would point out that I feel strongly that crimes of States should never be swept under the rug. I would go on to describe just how horrible the Holocaust was and some of the policies that the Nazis put into place that led to genocide. I would then go on to point to similar crimes that other states have committed, including the United States. Finally I would point out how Holocaust denial relies on falsifying the historical record, and I would point out how the current administration is trying to keep history locked away and secret and how those who refuse to accept that the US was complicit have to deny established historical facts about the PNAC, foreign intelligence warnings, and official lying after the fact from NORAD, Fleischer, Rice, Bush, Cheney and so on.

You can't let a smear stand. Instead you have to turn the smear on your opponent.

your assertion isn't born out by the facts

You say no one does?

Then how come last night on national news it was brought up?

How come when CNN did a hit piece in the last couple months it was brought up?

How come in the Arizona conference it was brought up?

How come when South Park did their 9/11 episode it was brought up?

It is brought up ALL THE TIME in Mainstream Media hit pieces.

It is one of the MAIN slanders against 9/11 truth, after the 'tinfoil hat' slander.

Read Again...

Read again, there are people saying it but they don't matter.

Basically what Im saying is:


It's a non-issue because there are hardly any 9/11 Truthers that I know of actively pushing this stuff.

Have fun with it though. I've already said too much.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

How much infighting did we have

to root out the "tinfoil hat rats" -- the archnemesis of truth? It is just a cliché smear, borne out of desperation...

Well said, Micahyah

One of the issues keeping the movement from more widespread acceptability is the holocaust denial/anti-semitism association.

Why shouldn't we make things as easy as possible for ourselves?

I see no good coming from this discussion of the Holocaust in the context of 9/11, and am very suspicious of people that want to talk about it on 9/11 sites.





So damn good

These terrorists hate us so damn much..... and they are so good at making car bombs

Yet not one car bomb in the US since 911?... not ONE!

Are you going to tell me that is because our intelligence agencies are so damn good?

Just don't try to get more than 3.4 ounces of liquid onto a plane... LOL

Story Problem:
What would happen if 5 guys got together and each brought 10 bottles each containing 3.4 ounces of liquid onto a plane. They would together then have 170 ounces of liquid.
What could they do then?


but those four five guys could simply sit in an exit row and pull the door in midair

What a joke!
Together in Truth!

silly JJ

that's because we're fighting them over there....

9/11 was just a cry for help from the Jihadis to bring the war closer to them...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force



I could feel my face getting red as those scum-bags held their circle jerk of treason.

No O'Reilly! You better be fucking scared that the few, simple people who actually look to you for news will soon be unable to deny the truth, then YOU will be finished FOR GOOD!

"circle jerk of

"circle jerk of treason".

hahaha, im so stealing that line from you man.

Nothing wrong with that.

When a thing has been said and said well, have no scruple. Take it and copy it.
--Anatole France

Consider it semantic evolution -- in the long run, it benefits all of us. I think we've taken it way too far concerning property rights, especially in regards to non-physical property...

What I heard was....

FOX News' Bill O'Reilly warned actor Charlie Sheen not to do narration for a theatrical version of Loose Change, threatening "If he voices this, I'm through" and stating plainly, "Don't do this. I'm not gonna come back from it if you do."


"So this is how liberty dies....with thunderous applause." ~ Padme' ~ (Star Wars Episode III)

What's O'Liely going to do to Charlie....

.....Falafel him to death?.....


Bo Dietl tells us there were no core columns

"The whole construction..."

Is he ignorant or is he a liar?

detective Dung Beetle

looks about as crooked as crooked crook with severe scoliosis can look.....


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


The guy is a loon not an expert

I knew i saw this crap bag on The Daily Show propped up as a 'security expert'.

Watch the scum bucket share his 'security expertyness' on the daily show.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

Everyone must watch this!

This is too hilarious! That ignorant, Fascist, POS is perfect for faux news disinfotainment.

Wow! I remember that bit

Wow! I remember that bit from the DS, but had no idea it was the same guy. What a thug.

"Former New York Detective?" Does this mean NYPD or privately employed? If he worked for the PD, he may have dipped into a little brutality hot water with his 'tude. Maybe he works for Ghouliani's outfit these days. That would explain why he's on Fux's speed dial for propaganda emergencies like this one.

Mobsters don't just own the police / jugdes anymore...

they ARE the police / judges.

hmmmmm.... VERY interesting

Detective Dung Beetle has provided acting services for the Daily Show, a 9/11 Denying production. Anyone else connecting the dots?


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


"Anyone else connecting the dots?"

Yes, but some are scared of / refuse to see the picture they paint.

he want to close off

he want to close off minnesoda with a giant hedge?

that is FUNNY stuff!

i watched the clip again and his potatochip comment is even funnier!

thank you !

thank you !

Ignorant or a Liar

That is a real tough question....

Can we put percentages to it?
Together in Truth!




anger is the path towards the dark side. Really.

True, but I just say it how

True, but I just say it how I see it. O'Reilly and his sit in shills are complete and utter professional scum, period.

I'm not disagreeing

here's a saying that expresses my intentions beautifully:

A Native American grandfather was talking to his grandson about how he felt. He said "I feel as if I have two wolves fighting in my heart. One wolf is the vengeful, angry, violent one. The other wolf is the loving, compassionate one." The grandson asked him "Which wolf will win the fight in your heart?" The grandfather answered: "The one I feed".

Anger is natural, but don't dwell on it.





Shayler is a “no planes

Shayler is a “no planes hit the WTC” disinfo shill I’m afraid.

"The only explanation is that they were missiles surrounded by holograms made to look like planes," he says. "Watch the footage frame by frame and you will see a cigar-shaped missile hitting the World Trade Center." - David Shayler





Glen Beck & Joe Scarborough clips

here is the Glen Beck crap

here is the Joe Scarborough crap

Thanks for that!

Thanks for that!

Fair and Balanced??!?!?!?!

This time they went right for it with 2 guests slamming the "conspiracy nuts". Not even a token appearance by Uncle Fetzer!

Let us realize here that this O'reilly hit piece was a WIN for the 9/11 truth movement. They are clearly desperate and have resorted to shutting out the other side, continuous name-calling, and relating us to holocaust deniers.

Everyone here can see right through their propaganda. It's only going to influence the kool-aid drinkers on the side of the government.

Chalk one up for loose change, Rosie, Charlie, and US!

the potatoe chip theory

How could I have been so blind? I guess we can all pack it up and go home now.

Yes Randy

We are all asking ourselves the exact same question. I'm just sitting here shaking my head in disbelief.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

A very fair and balanced

A very fair and balanced piece for Mr. O'Rielly.How about Dream Team '07 starring;
F J Meigs
F J Wood
C J Fetzer(captain)
G Bo (potato chip) Dietl
G G Posner

Bad news is good!

'The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.'
~Oscar Wilde


Physically fight...

It would be Bill Oreilly or (BO) I call him.

I very much dislike that man. It borders detest but I would love to get in the ring with that guy and beat the tar out of him.

This isn't about O'reilly

or Bush. Or anyone 1 person.

This is about Truth and Justice.

History will take care of these criminals, it's up to us to stay strong and laugh at the silly childish attacks coming from so-called news people.

Don't let them get you angry, the o'reilly piece was HUGE for us, believe me.

This is likely to spur more coverage from other networks. Imagine every network ranting and raving about the "lunatics" that believe in "conspiracy theories".

At some point average Joe america will get curious and research the facts for himself, instead of just buying into the name-calling and propaganda.

Gee, I wonder which one would stand up: Bo "Potato Chip" Dietl's shrewd analasys of the collaspse and equating Rosie O'Donnel with a holocaust denier, or actual facts as presented in great documentaries like 9/11 mysteries showing no chance that planes and fires knocked those buildings down?


Picturing O'riely in the ring. Ha. B.O. would never in his life face someone on equal ground. Anyone who watches his tired act for 5 minutes can see that the man is a coward.

As I said yesterday, I actually have pity for people like O'Reilly, Rush, Hannity et al. How utterly souless does one have to be to actively support such a monstrous lie; to know the truth and yet attack those who would tell it.

The money and the fame can only be so much of a comfort. It must be horrible to go through life as a slave to lies. They are truely the living dead. May God forgive them.

i could not put it better

i could not put it better

This is great

Just remember the old adage...there's no such thing as bad publicity.....these idiots on fox are probably doing just as much to awaken the people of America as they are to keep them dumb and ignorant.....cheers Fox.

Freedom of Fascist speech

"If he voices this, he's through"

"Don't do this. You're not gonna come back from it if you do."

O'Reilly claimed that his attempt at intimidation was "not a threat" while his guest, Det. Bo Dietl, dog-piled into the cryptic warnings that "Martin Sheen's kid there better watch it."

What are these NAZIs doing on TV.

Where is the Abbie Hoffman of today to call out the " horses**t " spewing from these fascists prats.

Freedom of speech, use it or lose it.
they seem to use it.

Voice Out for 911 truth

Bill Polonsky

Giant thanks to!

Joe Scarborough attacks Rosie O'Donnell and Barbara Walters

Glenn Beck clip should be live soon...

My GOD! Do you hear what these people are saying..

"Mark Cuban doesn't get to have an opinion"
"Mark Cuban doesn't get to be nuetral"
"Mark Cuban and the Conspirators hate America"

Autocratic Facsism at its ugliest...



First of all, they are promoting Loose Change just by talking about it.

You got some crooked cop who sounds dumb sayin "yeah, it was the blind shiek"

You got Gerald Posner and his Israeli accent saying how we should ban free speech. He wrote a book about how it was Oswald alone. Who would write a book about that unless they were clearly working to cover something up? Nobody would care that much unless there was a reason. What a scumbag.

overall, this interview was good for us. Sounds nuts, but O'Rielly gives us so much press coverage I am wondering if he really is trying to help us.

that's the muslims...

"The Muslims tried to blame it on Mossad."

That's how numb we are to muslim-hatred--OReilly can get away with that comment and you won't hear a peep out of anyone over it.

The Muslims... The Jews... those are terms of hatred--you tell me if there's a double standard in the American media...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


couldnt agree more, and the

couldnt agree more, and the hypocrisy of most of the people that go around screaming "anti-semite" never ceases to amaze me. most people dont even notice the blatant muslim-hatred in the everyday media. its sickening.


Imagine Gerald Posner in a black HD t-shirt and cap.

Dude is married

I clicked on the link to his wife and I was blocked at work due to it being "Pornography"
Together in Truth!

No, Not Her

I meant dressed like this "harley guy". They kinda look alike.

I can't believe...

That Bill O'Reilly or Fox News for that matter is allowed on the television.

1. Comparison to Holocaust Denial.
2. Dishonoring the Family members.
3. We hate our country.
4. Our facts are made up.

Let me on Bill. I will school you silly.

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

potato chips and conspiritorialists

This is good publicity for 9/11 truth. And there's been a lot of it so far this week.

chin up

Michael Reagan

Coming home tonight I happened to hear Michael Regan discussing 9/11. He couldn't get over the hatred the "conspiracy theorists" have for this country and its president. The best part was a caller that talked about the fall of WTC7 and how amazed he was that we couldn't understand that it fell because it was in the "blast zone". Reagan agreed. Also, a friend sent me an .mp3 of Michael Medved putting the "lunacy of WTC7 to bed". For 5 minutes he used words like lunacy, idiocy, pathetic, and ridiculus. He also said that that there are lots of pictures and videos of WTC7 that show the damage and show that its collapse was inevitable.


Posner must not make a living from his books. Now I know I was right not to bother reading them.

They are setting themselves up for a fall..

By referring to every and any aspect of the alternative views on 9/11 forwarded by the 9/11 truth movement, as lunacy, idiotic, nutty, etc. etc. and refusing to even begin to enter into a debate on what we are saying and offering up as evidence and proof that the OCT is false in almost every regard, they are setting themselves up for a big time fall, relative to the information that's going to be presented in the film, because then, people will simply think that they've been actively seeking to discredit it, either out of denial, or for motives much much worse - seeking to guard the lie itself, and aiding in it's cover up.

They are hanging themselves by not debating the merits of the case we've put forth, like the near free fall nature of the destruction of those three buildings that day, for example..

And they are failing to take into account the prevailing view in America, that the official story is riddled with lies and distortions, and that there remain many unanswered questions about 9/11, and so, in effect, they are calling the majority of their viewers NUTS to even BEGIN to question ANYTHING that the government has told us about 9/11, and that was where Colmes was leading, that we MUST be permitted to question, and debate, whatever we like as free thinking people!

It's like Chinese handcuffs they've placed on themselves, where the more they name call, or enter into a debate on the issues, the tighter the lock, and that is due to the very nature of truth itself.

If our position was so nutty and outlandish, then why won't they just debate it, head on, and safely shoot our arguments down to everyone's satisfaction?

What they are saying, in effect, is that the official story about 9/11, in every aspect, is sacrosanct and that it is a form of blasphemy to even BEGIN to question any part of it, and that doing so is somehow unpatriotic, when all the while, the entire weight of this whole episode, or fiasco of modern history eminating directly from 9/11, has ALL OF IT, proven to have been a lie, and all manner of overt and covert forms of pschological manipulation, all of it based on the "new reality" created by 9/11.

If you are Bill O'Reilly, this represents an absolute TERROR, since it means that your entire worldview is based on a flimsy house of cards subject to a sudden free fall in a vacuum..

Soon the official story myth of 9/11 is going to start hanging by only the very thinnest of threads in the collective consciousness of the American people, and these attack dogs, they themselves are holding out the scissors to make the "final cut" on what will amount to a ribbon of truth, opening up a whole new realm of possibility, for the USA, and the world at large!

There is no shortage of irony, or self referencial metaphors here, and they all weigh in in our favour, because of the very nature of the truth.

It's as though we are like the terrorists, relative to the perps and the complicit MSM, slamming planes of truth into their official story myth historical ediface, and in THIS case, a small fire CAN bring the whole thing down in a free fall collapse, where all structural integrity simply vanishes! That's just one of many I could come up with..

“We will export death and violence to the four corners of the earth”
~ George W. Bush

Beware the Pentagon. After much thought I believe the......

question of weather a 757 went into the building should be forgotten about; I think it is a trap. As it is possible if not probable as there is plausible wreckage, the flight path could be pulled off and the fact they show it here again (MSM) makes me think they plan to use it against us.

I know previously I have stated that "Ground Effect" would prevent this crash at the high speed that is suggested in the official version of events, if the plane is flown manually. But it is possible if the autopilot and FMC (Flight Management Computer) are used to overcome this. I hadn't thought the highjackers would use this method so I didn't consider it, I err. But it would be quite simple for them to change the flight path/plan though FMC if trained, or of course other people could have remotely controlled the plane through the FCC's (Flight Control Computers) if the plane had been modified to allow this function.

All this considered it is still very unlikely it happened the way the government propose, but the confidence of MSM to use the Pentagon as an example makes me think video evidence is being held back to completely discredit us as we get too close for comfort.

If you look at Jim Hoffman’s article at it is very informative and should be relied on as credible. Because after much research at work talking to pilots and engineers alike and after comparing parts with pictures there is a definite possibility flight 77 went into the Pentagon. The punch out hole I can't explain the rest is in doubt but not impossible.

Beware the Pentagon Trap!

Why bother talking about it if it’s not a water tight argument we have better things to do like WTC 7 that the MSM avoid like the plague.

Regards John Bursill - Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Avionics

Thank you Bill O' Railly

All I can Say is Thank you Bill for helping to promote the TRUTH. If you just left the subject as it was, buried with a few loonies believing, everything would be like in the good ol days.
Thank you Bill...keep the hate flowing!

N Y C choosess final resting place for 911 victims

they have destroyed the steel , they have siezed the videos , they have fogotten the unfolding disasters first coverage, they refuse to create a meaningful memorial, and now the dust of 911 ,atomized cement,computers and victims instead of being respectfully interred, ended up at the fresh kills landfill, yes the fresh kills landfill, enterprising city planners have found a new use for this powder, pothole filler for the streets of manhattan.
Anyone who has willingly or unwittingly subjected their brain to this type of psyop mental abuse,and are beginning to see the falseness of this manipulative network nonsense, can do what any patriot must now do : leave the fascist pundits behind and seek saner more balanced views of the world, and drop the networks a note or a phone call , they want your eyes and ears ,tell them what they need to do to get them back.

Posted by nycity paul at 9:56 AM 0 comments

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Prime Examples of Ignorance at its worst, all 3 of them

They say they are angry? Hell, I am angry simply from watching this short clip of this fascist-loving, ignorant, pathetic excuse for a news representative (O'riley) even entertain these other two clowns, especially Bo Dietl, who apparently is the most misinformed and/or ignorant of the lot of them.

Quotes from Bo Dietl proving his blatant ignorance on the subject he has been brought on this half-assed show to discuss, as if he were some sort of expert:

"...heavy thick steel walls, around the outside"

In reference to the WTC construction, I guess this metallurgy expert here who worked on the WTC during it's construction just conveniently forgot to make mention of the other inner core of 47 steel beam supports, aside from the outer mesh of steel reinforced concrete. Or the fact that the building was OVER-designed according to building regulation laws at that time, and over-designed to support multiple times it's standard mass. Or maybe he forgot about the fires early in the building's life, which prompted re-fireproofing and installation of sprinkler systems. Or perhaps he failed to realize the entire infrastructure of this building was designed as a 100,000 ton heatsink to equally distribute a source of heat in the building throughout the entirety of it's steel framing, thus eliminating intense heats as quickly as they are applied to the steel, thus making it even more outlandish that an open fire which does not burn hot enough to melt, let alone significantly weaken the supporting frame such as was in this building. Just a couple of smaller factors in the huge mass of evidence as to how this steel melting was physically impossible, by scientific law, without the planned demolitions used to destroy it.

"...what happened that day, is that that melted, and it came down like potato chips"

No shit it melted, the thermate melted straight through the support beams after the shape-charges were detonated, thus bringing down the building. Everyone in America saw it on TV, you weren't the only one watching it there Mr. Dietl. But let's be honest here, this clown doesn't support the shape-charge, and/or thermate, conclusions... he supports the law-of-physics-DEFYING open fire conspiracy theory which was spoon fed to him, just like the other two pawns in this show, by the Bush administration. And they swallowed it hole, without even taking a look at what they were desperately shoveling into their mouths, real smart there guy...

"it looked like they were imploding, they were imploding"

Uh... no, they didn't look like they were imploding at all, actually. In fact, they looked quite the opposite. In fact, the characteristics of the destruction of the building were consistent with an EXplosion, not an IMplosion. WTC 7 on the other hand, did in fact implode, precisely I might add, into its own footprint. But... this is coming from a guy that was there... This "eye witness" claims since he was there, the Twin Towers in fact... imploded. Well I guess that proves it then... So we should just ignore the numerous camera angles and still photos that show the buildings each exploding from the top down... Not to mention the mass of debris both in the footprint and in a large radius around and outside of the footprint of the building... and the debris that was impaled into nearby structures as a result of the massive amount of energy generated by the controlled demolitions within the building, and the explosion that they produced. I'm beginning to question if this guy was even awake on 9/11.

"what about the victims..."

Yeah, what about the victims there, Dietl... including you, including me, including every American citizen during and after 9/11, including every soldier overseas, including every lost life... What about us? What about the lies we've choked on for the past 5, 6, going on 7 years. What about the victims who are continually dishonored and forsaken by people like you who are so narrow-minded that you can't even stop and think for yourself, even for the slightest moment, to examine the entire scenario objectively... Because I guarantee if your were capable of that very basic task, the crap that just came out of your mouth would have never even entered your head, were you capable of an inkling of logical thought and reasonable evaluation.

"this is complete 'moron-stuff' now"

Wow, is that a technical term there Dietl? Your profound logic and concrete conclusions are just blowing my skirt up over here, let me tell you... /sarcasm off

"So much 'heaviness' came down from the WTC onto seven..."

Yeah... heaviness... Uh huh. Is that why there was minimal debris seen on the roof of seven throughout the numerous photos taken that day too? Or is that why WTC 7 IMploded into its own footprint, exactly identical to a controlled demolition? Where is all this massive structural damage you claim happened to WTC 7 in the photographs that could have caused the building to implode into itself? Or maybe it was the 2 isolated fires on separate floors that caused this building to miraculously melt as well... even though in the history of high-rises and sky scrapers NO building has EVER... EVER... EVER... collapsed due to structural fire, especially not 1 hour of structural fire. Amazing...

Now onto O'riley... a real piece of work...

"We went over it with the popular mechanics people..."

Right, you went over it with a magazine company, that's good to know, thanks. We've gone over it with controlled demolition experts, metallurgists, physicists, fire experts, and the list goes on and one... all agree with our conclusions, and claim that your conclusions of this event are not only wrong, but damn near IMPOSSIBLE in the reality world that we live in today. Hmmm, who to believe... Magazine company... Numerous experts in the various fields regarding the incident... Let me think...

Oh... and this is how Popular Mechanics explains the collapses...

The collapse of both World Trade Center towers--and the smaller WTC 7 a few hours later--initially surprised even some experts. But subsequent studies have shown that the WTC's structural integrity was destroyed by intense fire as well as the severe damage inflicted by the planes. That explanation hasn't swayed conspiracy theorists, who contend that all three buildings were wired with explosives in advance and razed in a series of controlled demolitions."

Thanks for all your concrete facts there, that really clears things up. Sure, they'll go into... well the steel didn't have to reach melting point, it just needed to weaken. Ok, but as I stated before, that has already been proved impossible, due to the structural design of the building as a massive heatsink. Open fires could not have reached a temperature hot enough to significantly weaken this building's high-grade steel, a building which was admittedly OVER designed to even support more weight than was regulation, to the point of collapse. But as Popular Mechanics so eloquently put it... "That explanaiton hasn't swayed conspiracy theorists (Pop Mechanics, O'riley, Dietl, etc)"

"I agree with you..."

There goes O'riley's credibility, or at least, whatever credibility he might have had left... Agreeing with the oaf from above. L... O.... L.

"...painful for people who lost people..."

Wrong. It's painful for every one of us who've had to endure this government fed lie from day 1, not to mention the horrible tragedy in itself... including the people who've lost loved ones. It's painful to be ridiculed and belittled by ignorant fools who dare not look into the realm of possibilities and unexplained questions. It's painful to have that which is so blatantly obvious not only ignored, but outright denied by the media-cartel such as yourself. Shame on you.

And then the other half-wit they have on the show... Don't even get me started, he makes it sound like every single conspiracy theory ever presented regarding the WTC incident is accepted globally by all of us. Fact is, most of us stick to a few solid conclusions based on the facts. I for instance don't believe in the "pod" below the Boeing that might have launched a missle. At this point I have yet to be presented with concrete evidence to lead me to believe something else other than a jet liner hit the pentagon, though I have plenty of questions. But I think one thing is global, at the very lease, and that is WTC 7... the smoking gun, that is one thing most, if not all, of us can agree was a controlled demo.

He goes on to claim we are misrepresenting the facts, and misinforming otherwise unknowing people with these falsehoods. You're the ones misrepresenting the facts O'riley, you and plastic-surgery boy over there, along with Dietl. We are merely raising questions that are in need of desperate analysis and investigation... nothing more, yet you refuse to even consider the possibility or look at our considerations objectively. Some informant for the American public you are... You should be fired and banned from any type of media position throughout the rest of your life, bottom line. Why? Not because we disagree, no... I'm not that petty... But simply because you clearly have not researched your point of view and perspective that you are forcing onto people with threat of calling them unpatriotic. You have a biased opinion because you have entertained no other notion on any level. Journalist my ass. And then they attack the internet and free speech... pathetic. And oh... this is the best, because we have taken facts, science and evidence into consideration to arrive at a logical and reasonable conclusion... "They hate the country, they hate America." Screw you O'riley. I don't hate America, I hate ignorance, I hate conformity, I hate people who can't think for themselves - such as yourself, I hate the administration that's brought us to this point and continues to debilitate this once great nation... but I hate most of all that it's people like you that continue, time and time again, to do nothing about it... even when you have a perfect platform to do it from. How much are they paying you, O'riley? I hope the bloodmoney is comforting amongst the ghosts of the innocent. See you in hell.