Hamilton, Ontario - Lecture tonight. (3/23)

If there is anyone in or near Hamilton, Ontario tonight who can attend this event and document it, please do, and send us some media or get it online and send us a link.

“Was 9/11 an Inside Job?”

Friday, March 23, 7:00 p.m.

The Skydragon Centre

27 King William Street, Hamilton

Join founding Director of the Centre for Peace Studies and long-time peace activist Graeme MacQueen and Professor Emeritus of structural engineering Bob Korol for a discussion of the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks. The speakers will screen a film and present both primary and secondary research on the collapse of the World Trade Center towers. The evening will present a rigorous and scholarly analysis of one of the most important events in recent history. Bring your questions and your open mind!

More on Bob Korol;


Hamilton-Wentworth's 1998 "Engineer of the Year" BOB KOROL

This distinguished honour was announced and conferred on Dr. Robert Korol at the annual Hamilton-Wentworth/Halton Regions Engineering Week Luncheon held at the Hamilton Convention Centre on October 19th.

Bob Korol, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Civil Engineering at McMaster University, was feted by 500 practising engineers from the region for his research work in the area of design of steel structures and in helping to develop sustainable cities at home and abroad.

Much of the steel used in his designs was manufactured right here in the Hamilton steel mills. Currently, Bob's research is focused on developing an improved design for conical-shaped water towers that are used by many municipalities for water storage and supply. In this research he is collaborating with Dr. Ashraf El Damatty (McMaster '96), a colleague from the University of Western Ontario.

Findings have been submitted to the American Water Works Association and while the association is awaiting publication of Korol's and El Damatty's findings in an academic journal, their work is expected to change the design standard.

A visionary in the newly recognized area of sustainable development, he is chair of the sustainable development committee for the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering. His ground-breaking work in this area has taken him to China as part of official delegations to advise Chinese engineers on how to curb pollution and sustain natural resources as they try to raise the standard of living for China's 1.2 billion citizens.

Bob Korol is taking his relatively new role of grandfather to heart by participating in planning for future generations. He is an active member on several citizens groups which are dedicated to 'greening' the community by reducing the use of fossil fuels in home heating, reducing auto emissions and promoting the maintenance of green space.

Congratulations Bob Korol, McMaster University's Civil Engineering "Man of Steel" and Hamilton Wentworth/Halton Regions' "Engineer of the Year".


I'll be there and recording

I'll be there and recordingMoney mouth


Can you upload the raw footage here: ftp://www.xboxottawa.ca/ ( no size restriction )

I'm in Ottawa, but I would still like to help edit the footage.

91.1% truth.

I'll try, not sure how to

I'll try, not sure how to get the video from my camera to a PC.  My PC has SVideo input and the camera the RCA outputs.

I assume I need an RCA to SVideo converter as well as some software to capture the SVideo input.  Anyone have any instructions on this?

You, or someone you know

You, or someone you know need a video capture card to convert the RED,WHITE,YELLOW cables from your camera to a digital file on your computer. Or you need a more modern camcorder with usb support, then you can just tranfer the file over via USB or firewire .

Another option would be to buy a nice digital camcorder from futurshop, then return it tomorrow :)

91.1% truth.

I was afraid I'd need an

I was afraid I'd need an extra card, not gonna happen in my laptop.  I was hoping some sort of RCA to SVideo converter would do the trick.

You can get the converters

You can get the converters from Radio Shack for about $15. Though if you had the firewire/usb option it would be better quality, plus no fuss with the audio. I would've loved to have made it to the event but had no real way to get there. I have a video camera too which would've helped and I've worked a lot with digital video. If you go down the capture route I would recommend VirtualDub to capture the video stream. You'll also need a converter to convert the RCA audio to to mini plug so you can hook the sound up to your PC. If you have any questions let me know.