Spectacular 9/11 WTC aerial photos, massive pyroclastic clouds, intact WTC-7 etc.

Absolutely must see photos from Sept. 11th, 2001, many
of which you've never seen before. Spectacular aerial
shots of massive pyroclastic clouds as towers are being
obliterated. Prominently featured; the seemingly intact
WTC-7. This has been leaked from police/military/media
whoever was flying around in a helicopter.


Did you save it?

Gangster, I get an error message on clicking that link -- access denied, contact your webmaster. Did you save the footage? If its still there on your disk, it's probably smart to keep it.

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So shall we BOCOTT THE MSM?

Me toooooooooo

Me toooooooooo

I got there but...

..you have to log in to see anything. Here's the address....


Should be the same...

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Use your least secure email account to register...

...at this site, if you must. Luckily I did--you cannot completely log off without closing your browser window. God. Damn. It.

Sorry, chum---I think you better blog this again, view page source html and post the pics dirrectly. I don't plan to go back to that site again. Jenny is ALL about the security. :(

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

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It's a TORRENT, guys.

You need a bittorrent client such as for ex. Azureus to download it.

It's a 6MB power point slide show with the most amazing pyroclastic flow pics of the WTC collapses you've seen.



Hey Gangster...

Many of us are non torrenters...

Any chance you could upload to : http://www.megaupload.com

Thanks and best wishes dude

I second that

Please save the pictures and upload them for more people to view and discuss. Thanks!

Me three.

It would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Gangster!

A good few I havent seen. Pic 3 is a jumper and pic 4 is poor folk hanging out the windows. Nothing graphic but shut your eyes and click thru if it upsets you.


pps viewer here if you cant open file.


Cheers P45 and Gangster

Some great shots there...

Sadly could not see anything that shows the upper south face of WTC7 post WTC1 collapse.

Thanks for sharing, best wishes