8000 9/11 Photos

These photos were sent to us probably around 2 years ago.. I don't know how much use they are, but I am sure some media collectors out there would be happy to have them.

The download is about 180mb:
http://www.911podcasts.com/files/images/8000 Photos World Trade Center 9-11.rar

If you are unfamiliar with .rar files they are just another method of compression like .zip, you can download winrar or other rar extraction tools freely on the web.

Also, once this torrent is done downloading we will be sure to host those as well.

Thanks again to everyone who chipped in on our server fundraiser. I will be sure to post details on when we will be making the switch, etc. once I have the details.

8000 photos

Are these from Joel Meyerowitz's archive? I recall that he had an archive of around 8000 photos for sale (the Library of Congress thought he wanted too much for them). Is there a Torrent friendly, OS X piece of software (free) out there?

1892 pictures .... ???

only 1892 in the "8000 Photos World Trade Center 9-11.rar"
downloaded 187.266.715 bytes

something has gone wrong ?

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I made it 5,244 pics in the archive...

First one is named "0000.jpg" last one is "8894.jpg"...

Your file size is correct, but it should have 5,244 pics in the rar archive.

I don't know why it's called "8000 photos" though, cos it ain't, but there might be some images of use to researchers etc.

Quality ain't the greatest, biggest pic is 96KB, but handy for web pics etc.

Best wishes

newest rar-version 3.70b works not

my old versions has stopped after the 1892th image
the new version too ...

i have used 3 different softwares ...
they all stopped after an error
size of unpacked files is about 66Mb

have you done a test on your archive and unpacked it ?
which software have you used ?

"... a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind." (mp3)
Albert Einstein

Winrar 3.6 beta8

Tools - Show Information (Alt + I)

Maybe try and download again, your download might be corrupt...

Have you tried to "test" the archive.

Good luck

thanks, i just found the repair tool

after repair i have 5240 files.

looks like a corrupt download - i cant remember when this has happened the last time...

i am also wondering, why winrar doesnt give a hint to repair it after the first error
ok, i have now...

thanks !

"... a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind." (mp3)
Albert Einstein

direct download links


here is hi-speed zip mirror:
8000-Photos-World-Trade-Center-9-11.zip (181 MB)

You may also be interested in this:
911.High.Quality.PHOTOS.zip (42 MB, from this torrent)

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