Follow up by the New York Post Page 6 gossip on Sheen- narration on Loose Change confirmed


March 24, 2007 -- CHARLIE Sheen has confirmed our exclusive story that he'll narrate a feature version of the stupid YouTube video "Loose Change," which claims that shadowy U.S. government operatives used explosives to bring down the World Trade Center. "It's a story that needs to be told. It's a story about the truth, and the truth needs to be exposed," the "Two and a Half Men" star told "Extra." "It's not just me, not just the Hollywood community [who] is standing up saying what you have given us doesn't make sense. We just want better answers." The video pushes the widely debunked "controlled demolition" theory which claims that the Twin Towers and 7 World Trade Center were blown up from within. It alleges the jet-fuel fires inside the towers weren't hot enough to melt the buildings' steel beams. The video, written and directed by Dylan Avery, has been scoffed at by the makers of an opposing video, "Screw Loose Change." Its claims were also soundly refuted by Popular Mechanics magazine, which shot down every single assertion made by the conspiracy theorists.


You have to believe that all assertions are debunked if we told you so! Don't confuse us with facts! Ad Hominems will work out!



the truth is exposed Charlie,you will be seen by ALL Americans as the hero that you are.

You know...

....if all this was being done the week before the LCFC's release, I'd think this was the greatest public relations stunt ever....movies with controversy surrounding them, that is played way up by the media before their release, always do great at the box office. It creates huge buzz. Mel Gibson's Jesus flick comes to mind.

oh man! "which shot down

oh man!

"which shot down every single assertion made by the conspiracy theorists."

this part was obviously in there just to piss us off.


Was that written by a third grader?
Together in Truth!, but...

that's about the level of literacy the inane column expects of its readers.

"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And when you look long into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you."Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil 89 (1886).

James Meigs... such a cancer, a parasite. Obviously the existense of the Pop Mech book... half of it is the mere fact that it exists! People don't need to open it! The fact that the cover purports to "shoot down" every claim must mean they have! Purely on the shelf for those who want to believe only 19 Arabs were involved.

With regard to the controversy thing, Michael Moore's flick comes to mind even more than Mel Gibson.

Remember how everything Michael Moore says in "Fahrenheit 9/11" was already available knowledge in more dry, boring media (books at the Barnes & Noble), but since Moore had the genius to popularize it, the "debunkers" of that movie had one goal in mind: to Prove Everything Michael Moore Says Is Wrong.

Same with SLC, PM and the JREF forum with regard to 9/11 Truth.

It's not hard to tell what groups are truly interested in truth seeking, and which groups are propaganda fronts.

he still believes

that cell phones work on planes..... I'm guessing that the guy flies at least three times per month..... I'm guessing that he has a cell phone..... and I'm guessing that he has never gotten the damn thing to ever work while flying in the air.

He believes that the impact of the planes knocked off all the asbestos off all the structural members in the entire building.

He still believes that its possible two steel structured buildings with completely unique structural and fire damage fell at free fall speeds into their own footprints in less than one hours exactly the same manner.

They are paid to dismiss all evidence.

If they were not.... they would see that, at the very least, one of our arguments has validity. But they support the official tale..... 100%!

We say Black....they say White...... every time.


if that isn't obvious then you are not paying attention
Together in Truth!

This is just the beginning

Expect the ad hominem attacks to get more outlandish as LCFC approaches. Murdoch's propaganda empire is massive, and it will be relentless. But I don't think most people are buying this. In fact, the more hysterical their rebuttals become, the more people will see the truth of 9/11. The more secrets and lies it takes to convince people of the official story, the more obvious the truth will seem.

Great job

Great job Charlie Sheen. I see you people at the front of the truth movement in the same light as the guys who broke away from King George the 3rd.

that stupid YouTube video

Wasn't Loose Change seen by millions before it ever appeared on YouTube? Before YouTube even existed? Internet phenomenon would be much more accurate.

It was google video...

where Loose Change got most of its exposure.

Thank God for New York Post

When they print stories about 9/11 truth, they are helping it.

We are being helped and think we are being attacked.

Doesn't that concept ring a bell?

There are people on our side in the most unlikely of places.

We are winning


Hollywood Looses With '9/11 Truth' Hysteria

Alex Jones says; "check the ratings: O'Riley digs a deeper grave for his sorry butt each day."

But it's also true to say that if you and I are not prepared to pick up a megaphone, and to use any means necessary to shift people's consiousness from one of complacency to one of action, we too are digging our own graves!

I prefer to see post-9/11 USA as a fully 'lawless' place. I give no creedence at anything any post 2000 election political hypocrite has to say. And I also feel compelled to remind you that even "Tricky Dick," while swimming in tainted money and so-called 'conservative' hypocracy, was at least sensible in his policy to --"Freeze Gas Prices"--, in so much as it was a serious attempt to maintain, rather than exaggerate the ratio of income disparity. And of course, every sector of the working labor force was on strike.

Faster than 'global warming,' World Media conglomerates are choking the life-blood out of civilization itself. For instance, it's illegal for citizens to report newsworthy events in France if they are of a violent nature? Talk about preparation for a neo-Nazi state! And what about the 'skinheads' in Germany and UK, have we all forgotten these groups were fueled by the ADL? -Ditto the World Summit, and this recent insinuation that "9/11 Groups derailed a Peace March?" Gimmie a break!

I wish it were just like in the movies, but with one exception: Next time Tommy Lee Jones gets a hold of a nuclear sub, not one stupid 'patriot-actor' stands in his way!

NY Post readers, you'll love this...

Oh yeah, this is pretty funny stuff. Watch it at work:

Sheen, Mark Cuban and Halifaxion

Has someone contacted Charlie Sheen to see what his view is of this attack on Halifaxion by Cuban?

Listening to the grilling O'reilly gave to Cuban, its easy to see he is no real 911-Truther, just another money grubber. Its disgusting that Loose Change Crew sold out...Dylan refuses to deny the Halifaxion incident