Media's Desperate "Anti-Semitic" Tactic

The media tactics against Rosie and Charlie have reached a new
low. Twice on Friday I heard news show attacks saying that
questioning 9/11 is like "holocaust denial." (CNN show hosted by
some jerk with a Democratic and GOP strategist who both joined
in the assault.)

So it's not enough to just do personal attacks against Rosie and
Charlie Sheen to avoid debating the evidence, now they must imply
that anyone who speaks out about 9/11 is also anti-semitic!

Let us correct them: "Denying the evidence for the demolition of the
World Trade Center is like holocaust denial." and..
"This has nothing to do with anti-semitism-- This is about getting the
truth." (Besides, Mark Cuban is Jewish)

Their other strategy is to make 9/11 skeptics seem like a very small
fringe group. Let's keep citing the polls which say that nearly half of
Americans and two-thirds of New Yorkers want a new independent
investigation, and that "9/11 family members themselves believe
there's been a cover-up-- Are you accusing the families of being
unpatriotic?" "And what about the firemen? Numerous first
responders reported explosions-- Are you accusing the firefighters
and policemen of being unpatriotic?"

"Lies and cover-up are unpatriotic. We want the truth."

Branding 9/11 Truth.

Actually questioning 9/11 is more like questioning Hitlers lies and propaganda. The 9/11 Truth Movement is more like the underground resistance movements in all the occupied countries during WW2. The main difference today is that we have the internet, therefore more people are aware of the lies and propaganda of the existing power elite.
Unfortunately some elements of the MSM are twisting the facts and confusing the issue for less perceptive listeners. And in a lot of cases it works in their favor, just as Hitler's propaganda convinced a lot of Europeans (not only Germans) to accept his lies.
(You may notice I always use the term Truth Movement with caps, never conspiracy theorists. It may be a subtle form of propaganda on my part but i believe it is important to brand our movement somewhat professionally.)
Awareness+ activism+ rebellion= New Paradigm.

They are trying to re-brand 9/11 Truth

as 9/11 Denial as this makes a direct linguistic link to Holocaust denial, which NO ONE wants to be associated with. It is also a short and simple phrase which can be easily spewed in the media. Denial is a hard-edged word which gives it greater verbal power.

We have been relatively successful in throwing off the "conspiracy theory" label by pointing out that the government myth is also a conspiracy theory. This is also an overused label and one that does not slip off the tongue easily. It's not hard enough and has lost a lot of its power to indict.

9/11 fantasists still gets some play in print, but it sounds too fruity for general use on tv and radio (I almost miss our favorite fantasist accuser RW, I said ALMOST, Col. Sparks).

Words have power and it is very important to always be aware of how we use them.

I always refer to the government account of 9/11 as the government myth or the government conspiracy theory, thus stripping it of the credibility that the word "official" denotes.

One distinction I'd like to see more of us make is labeling the destruction of the Twin Towers as explosive demolitions and WTC 7 as a controlled demolition as there was nothing controlled about the Towers literally being blown to steel girders and dust. Also, they were clearly destroyed from the top down which is the direct opposite of a classic, bottom up controlled demolition, such as WTC 7. This simple use of more precise language helps to disarm those debunkers who try to confuse the issue using the logic of pure rhetoric while sidestepping the actual physics and facts in their arguments.

9/11 Truth is making steady progress and we will continue to as long as we make calm, well-reasoned statements of fact and let the opposition rant and rave like the desperate lunatics they are increasingly showing themselves to be.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Using "Government Conspiracy Theory" or....

..."Government Myth", instead of "Official...", etc., is a really good idea.

So is using "explosive demolitions" for the Twins, and "controlled demolitions" for 7.

Great post, as usual, LeftWright.

The CNN show to which you're referring is Glenn Beck.

I watched it last night because I had caught wind of the subject -- normally I would never subject myself to that kind of mental torture.

I'm wondering if anyone recorded it. The so-called "Democratic strategist" was appalling -- she was clearly brimming with enthusiasm about the Holocaust denial - 9/11 skepticism equation (sic) and seemed to be suggesting that free speech should be limited in this regard.

They would love to limit free speech!

They did so in Germany -- there are explicit laws against any and all skepticism regarding the Holocaust since 1960. Probably to honor the dead and protect the victims' families' feelings -- yada yada yada. If you find any sarcasm, keep it.

interns < internets

Thanks for the name...

Glenn Beck is the host's name-- I blanked on his name while writing this piece. I normally would never watch this tripe either but I made the exception for this. It was appalling indeed. Al Sharpton was the only one of the four who thought O'Donnel and Sheen even had a right to free speech!

None of the points that Rosie made in her blog
about Bld. 7 were even discussed. It was just centered on whether she should be fired from The View, and how everything has been totally debunked
that she said-- while not mentioning the website she was quoting from.

I just hope that whenever Rosie and Charlie are personally interviewed they will quote the peer-reviewed papers of scientists and make the point that
this is not simply their views.

Celebrities are for visibility/ Scholars for Credibility.

Let them

keep spewing their bs as if they speak for everyone. its a short matter of time before it blows up in their face.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Another tactic

The other tactic these days is dividing truthers from the anti-war crowd, making one dislike the other (usually it is anti-war crowd meant to dislike truthers). Let's be on the lookout for that one too, and defuse it.

Lacking substance to their opposition, they have to manufacture bogus issues, and then try to attach those to us.

Is there some group thinking these things up? Attending meetings about this? Some Rove-like group... or maybe Rove himself, and those others up there.

Notice: these smear efforts only strengthen the 911 truth movement, and spread it. People smell the rotton tactics, and no one likes that odor. It will drive folks to 911 truth.

They try to label the Truth

They try to label the Truth Movement as being left wing, it's not; it's anti-semite, it's not; and that we are fueling terrorism, we are not. We are the biggest unifier and draw from all political affiliations; we admire the the compassionate and respectful Judaism and dislike the racist Zionism. We are the biggest threat to terrorism, period. That being the major terror creator in the world, the Bush administration. The State Department has issued a study showing that the illegal invasion of Iraq has drastically increased terrorism worldwide. 911 Truth Ends War.


They constantly bring up "holocaust denial" and "anti-semitism" in the same sentences to cast a tone of "how dare you" on the movement, but yet constantly desparage arabs... last time I checked arabs were semites too.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB