RE: Please Help! 1,124 Ground Zero Hi-Res Pictures!

Originally from:

The torrent is available here:

And here:

Lots of perfectly cut (and unbent) core columns. -jk

Thanks jkeogh... Few probs with download from megaupload...

The download...


Is only 82.48KB (should be 1.02GB)

I think the pictures will need to be evenly split into 3 x ZIP archives and uploaded to megaupload individually (three uploads, as max is 500MB).

I'm sure all the others that don't have access to "torrents" would appreciate it too...

Best wishes and thanks


Bittorrent is an ultra efficient way to distribute large files to lots of people simultaneously. Before I had even uploaded 1/2 of the 1GB file to the group of 31 bittorrent users downloading it from me, the cumulative amount of data transferred was over 10GB. It's a magnitude of order more efficient than conventional downloading. The _more_ people downloading a file, the faster it goes.

It's also very simple to use!

1. Get a bittorrent client:

2. Drop the .torrent file into the client window.

The .torrent file tells the other users downloading the file what it looks like (it's hash information ect.) and where to coordinate with each other to make things happen as fast as possible, in this case

Don't get me wrong...

I think bit-torrent is a great way to distribute data...

The more different methods of distribution the better, some people behind NAT gateways and firewalls struggle with torrents etc, also some folks are not happy installing torrent software etc.

I personally use binary newsgroups mostly, FTP and HTTP also.

When dz uploads it, I will create the zip files and upload to megaupload, so no problems, it will also act as a mirror for dz.

Great job with the torrents, best wishes

Thank you ...

1 : I think Conspiracy central is a bad choice for
hosting torrents from this site for the following reasons :
a : It requires registration to upload the torrent .
b : there is to much UFO, crop circle, chem-trail and other "strange" things there .
Worst : It is a source of Holocaust-denying content.
If you visit their forum you will find that it is totally legitimate to claim that Holocaust didn't happen AT ALL,
and that people who oppose this ridiculous claim risk getting banned.
I don't see any reason to give the OCT-believers this free
"argument" for how crazy the tin-foil hat 911 truthers are .

2 : What do you mean by " don't have access to torrents " ?
There is one HUGE advantage to distributing material via
bit-torrent : It can't just be "pulled" like GoogleTube does routinely..
the drawback is that only people actively seeking this type of content will be exposed to the material . but for making large files available to researchers bit-torrent is great .

if you want to be respected

by "normal" people for your attempt to look under the surface of 911, you should also respect people, who are trying to find out something about UFOS and chemtrails,and others who try to find out what happend really in germany.
I am german, and i only knew "propaganda" about these one theme. since over 50 years the holocaust is repeated and repeated and repeated, and !!! investigating and speak your thoughts is FORBIDDEN and against german law.

no, i am not a nazi, but forbidden thoughts are bad.
would you like a law, that forbids questioning the official 911 theory ? do you want this ?

and, about the UFO thing you can find very serious people to testify:

stay focused on the subject, that's all I'm trying to say.

I am tired of being asked if I believe in UFO's and Aliens
controlling the ZOG and making crop-circles where-ever
they land.
The subject here isn't Holocaust, UFO's, or the NWO
but 9-11.
You are putting words in my mouth that I never said
and interpreting what I wrote way beyond what the words justify. So, you are German ? who cares ? even old SS-guards openly admit that the death-camps DID exist .
Also, I find that denying that there even WAS a Holocaust is
border-line intellectual dishonesty. Or you want to believe
Willie Rodriguez's eye-witness testimony but not that of thousands of survivors from the extermination-camps ?
Sorry if I hurt your National pride or something.

sorry, if this was the case

"You are putting words in my mouth that I never said"
sorry, if this was the case

"The subject here isn't Holocaust, UFO's, or the NWO"
you have mentioned this first - not me.
and only, because the torrentportal is used by other people ...
i think, this is a little bit intolerant ...

"Sorry if that hurts your National pride or something."
i have no national pride - no pride at all.
much worser, sometimes i am ashamed, to be a human.

so lets forget about this issue and sorry, if i have misunderstood your text.
my native language is german ...

no problem

"much worse, sometimes i am ashamed, to be a human."
I know what you mean my friend..
we can't do anything about the "human" but we CAN do something about the things that make us feel like that ..
And I have little doubt that the interest-group behind 9-11
is the same as that behind WW2 and the various fascist
regimes of that period.


a. Agreed, it also requires login to download.
b. censorship is bad
Worst: I am also unhappy with the attempts to link 911 critical thinking with holocaust denial. I haven't looked around the forums much... again; censorship is bad but I suppose it's a good idea to avoid the problem all together...

I will look around for an alternative tracker host. It's a low traffic service... the files do not get sent from the tracker server...maybe can start to host trackers! I'd be happy to help set it up.


im about halfway through

im about halfway through downloading the torrent.. once it is done we will be happy to host it as well..

in the mean time im about to post 8000 photos as well for anyone who wants those..

TOP MAN dz :-)

Much appreciated

Thanks and best wishes

links for direct download, 1.02 GB

http: http1, http2 (both hi-speed, choose random one)

I can't guarantee to hold file on these links forever, please make more direct download mirrors if you can.

Download via BitTorrent if you can, and if possible, seed.

mmmmmm.... nice and soooper fast....

Thanks sector....

I'll split into three and upload to megaupload and post the links when done...

Sweet !!!!

No problem

I've put it there within 5 minutes after BT download :]

Well, no need for megaupload or other similar service for now. These links won't go down any time soon, and can also handle quite a bit traffic. Enjoy.