Rumor: O Donnell and Sheen coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT 11PM CNN Headline News

Note: just a rumor, but set the TiVO just in case... -r.

I heard Sheen was coming up on Hannity and colmes, While I was waiting, I turned into Glen Beck, and they

showed a clip of rosie O donnell being interviewd By Showbiz Tonight, they had the microphone that said Showbiz tonight,.

AJ Hammer is a truther and will be more then fair.

11PM On cnn Headline News Eastern Standard time

Thanks everybody who contacted them the other day


Put on O reilly at 11:05 EST, They should mention Loose change

Anyone hear if they mentioned

it in the intro (for topics to be on the show tonight) ?

O'Liely did a Truth hit piece editorial.... the beginning of the hour 10pm CST.

Hope someone got it.

Pretty much a repeat of the themes of his bit yesterday....holocaust denial, haters of America, etc....

Ohhh nooooooo

Rosie and Charlie are going to be on Glen Beck.

But they're starting the hour with the Persian Gulf incident (the British soldiers) and Glen notes that "we've been at war with these people since 1979."

Don't think it was on tonights episode

of showbiz tonight... but I missed parts, including the beginning so I'm not possitive. The show after, Glenn Beck. has some on this but it was just the same old ad hominem attacks. Rev. Al Sharpton took Glenn to task a bit basically for being a jackass, but nobody endorsed the conspiracy point of view.

It wasn't on Showbiz Tonight.

I sat through the whole thing. I know a lot about Anna Nicole Smith now.

The Glenn Beck coverage was godawful -- he's a monster.

You did better than me.

5 minutes and I just coulnd'a handle it, Cap'n.