WTC7 Architect slips up back 2002 *MUST SEE VIDEO*

A very telling report by NewsHour back in 2002 the day after the FEMA report was released. WTC7 architect David Childs who was also part of the freedom tower debacle admits the towers shouldnt have fallen. Also some great footage of the top portion of the south tower vanishing into thin air. An interview with the DR. W. Gene Corley, who was the cheif structural engineer for the 26 person team Fema put together. They really have trouble making sense of what happened. Its great video, can somebody rip this I'm having trouble doing it.


I don't see what your getting at here.Here they still claim fires weakened the steel...BS
I still want to hear them explain the freefall speed.
Conservation of momentum.
I would also like to point out a collaspe of a 110 story building would not turn itself to dust.

This video... nothing but classic pbs/nova/PM/NIST/FEMA disinfo garbage, where's the "slip up" ?

Funny bit was the guy saying we wont see anymore tall skyscrapers built ("75 storeys at the most") LOL. How do they then explain a steel framed tower nauseatingly named the "Freedom Tower", standing 1776 feet tall to be built on the wtc site?

I keep pinching myself to wake up from this nightmare but no luck.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Jonathan Barnett is

Jonathan Barnett is disingenuous. He claims the emergency water systems would have been taken out and that there would have been no water to fight the fires. If the emergency water system was hit, there would be water spraying all over the place. He must think we're idiots! He also says the fuel would pour down the elevator shafts without telling people that they didn't run the entire length of the building.

Pure propaganda. If there's a hell he's got a spot saved.

Let's rip him a new one.

He says1000-3000 gallons of fuel went up in flames. He doesn't give us the total capacity of the jetliner so we can know how much of it burned up in that blast. Then he goes on to say a large percentage of other fuel poured down the elevator shafts.It sounds like a huge amount which helps sell the line that the fire brought it down.

Then he tries to make the furniture sound like it was great for fueling the fire. Who's seen an office building with lots of wood furniture??? I've worked in government buildings and wood is rare! Many of the plants aren't even real unless you bring your own!

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