Alan Colmes And Leslie Marshall Get It Exactly Right On Sheen's 9/11 Movie

Newshounds: Alan Colmes And Leslie Marshall Get It Exactly Right On Sheen's 9/11 Movie

March 25, 2007

There was yet another great segment for liberals on Hannity & Colmes Friday night, March 23, 2007. Alan Colmes and News Hounds top dog and radio talk show host Leslie Marshall provided the perfect response to attacks from Sean Hannity and Michael Reagan against Charlie Sheen over his narration in a “9/11 conspiracy” film. Marshall and Colmes confronted Hannity and Reagan for attacking Sheen with personal insults rather than debating the issues at hand. Neither Hannity nor Reagan had a counterargument, other than to level more attacks at Sheen and the left. The result, in my view, was that Hannity and Reagan were exposed as thuggish oafs while Marshall and Colmes sounded the voices of reason. With video.

Hannity, during a teaser at the beginning of the program said, “The hopelessly confused actor is going to narrate a film full of his wild-eyed conspiracy theories.” Can you imagine Alan Colmes saying before a segment about, say, Ann Coulter, “The hopelessly malicious columnist will offer more of her crackpot theories in an upcoming book?” I can’t. On FOX News, the conservatives do the attacking, often while complaining about the rhetoric of the left.

At the beginning of the actual discussion, Hannity played a clip of Sheen calmly talking about why he doesn’t believe the official explanation of 9/11. Hannity said, “That was Charlie Sheen, ranting like a lunatic.”

Reagan didn’t waste a moment getting in a slur of his own. “The apple does not fall far from the very tree at all, with Martin Sheen being his father.”

In synch with the conservatives, the screen chyron read, “CHARLIE SHEEN’S 9/11 CONSPIRACY RANT HEADED TO THE BIG SCREEN.”

Reagan added, without explaining how he “knew,” that jihadists will use the film to blame the Jews.

Marshall laughed at that, saying that she has a lot more Jew in her than he does. Comment: Why don’t more liberals laugh at conservative attempts to intimidate them? What could take the wind out of a bully’s sails more?

Marshall said, “Last time I checked, we’re all Americans here… I don’t think someone’s an idiot if they disagree with you or me, Sean…. I don’t think Sheen’s an idiot for expressing his mind.” Responding to Hannity’s ridicule of conspiracy theorists, she added, “Last time I checked, there are a lot of people today in Dallas standing on a grassy knoll, still disputing the single-bullet theory and Arlen Specter is still in office.”

During Colmes’ turn, he said to Reagan, “Look, the fact of the matter is, I don’t agree with Charlie Sheen. But, you know, your way of dealing with it though is to ‘Let’s denounce Charlie Sheen. Let’s denounce Martin Sheen…’ rather than actually debate the issue and talk about just what’s going on here. You want to make it personal and go after the individual.”

Reagan answered, “You’re out of your mind to debate that.”

Colmes continued, “You’re missing my point. My point is, you take free speech, which we all agree we all have, and you meet that with other free speech... That’s the way free speech works… You choose to make it a personal attack on the individual rather than deal with what the individual is saying, which you can easily refute.”

Reagan had no answer to that, apparently. So he widened his field of attack. “People who support that also are giving aid and comfort to the enemy.”

“Stop with the aid and comfort to the enemy,” Colmes told him. “Michael, can we believe everything the government tells us?”

Reagan stopped in his tracks. “What kind of a question is that, Alan?”

“A good one!” Colmes fired back. “I’m trying to get beyond the idiot-calling and actually have a conversation with you, if that’s possible. We’ve already established that you think he’s an idiot. That’s your level of debate. Do you think the government would ever lie to us?”

But Reagan didn’t seem to have anything else to say beyond attacking the left. “Don’t make the issue other than what it is. It is Charlie Sheen, Mark Cuban supporting Charlie Sheen and putting this out so the left can have an orgasm…”

Marshall jumped in. “The only person having an orgasm here, Michael, are the right, attacking the Sheens – Charlie and his father – attacking any conspiracy theory, actually attacking any one individual on a personal level – I agree with Alan – rather than just ‘let’s sit down and talk.’ …One of the things that I know is that you can only learn more if you hear every side and every opinion.”

Reagan, stymied again, responded with yet more invective. He said scornfully, “Charlie is a wonderful human being, just a wonderful guy…”

Marshall answered, “That’s not what I said. I’ve never met him… I’m here to debate what he’s doing. I’m not going to debate his character.”

Hannity broke in to end the discussion. Waggling his bullyboy pen, he declared, without offering any evidence, “He has free speech but I gotta tell you something. This will be used by America’s enemies as propaganda.” Comment: Unlike, say, an invasion of a Middle East country on false pretenses?

Colmes said sarcastically, “You should never speak out in this country.”

Hannity & Colmes

Hannity & Colmes
were playing the good cop bad cop routine.I thought those two supported Bush and the official theory?

"I thought those two

"I thought those two supported Bush and the official theory?"

I highly doubt either of them actually believe the official theory, but yes they support it. Like everyone else in the MSM. The banter was an attempt to lend credibility to the otherwise ridiculous exchange; without a "liberal" arguing some other position the program would lose its propagandistic effect. They cannot have someone arguing against the offiicial theory, therefore they framed it as a free speech issue.

They would not be discussing it all but for the Charlie Sheen angle and the poll numbers indicating widespread disbelief of the OFT; they saw this is a good opportunity to paint the issue as "crazy hollywood liberal" vs. "sober official account". Since they can no longer ignore the issue entirely, they are trying desperately to restrict and distort the terms of debate.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

good analysis Danse

I think we also have to consider the possibility that the country is being prepared for a soft landing--reasonable elites realize that the lie is going to collapse at which point all bets are off.  As for the change from ignoring to confronting, check out this latest take from my friends the Harvard Democrats:

But Iraq is a different story. The confrontational attitude is not valuable here. Why? Because -- and this is something progressives need to remind themselves more often -- folks, THE PUBLIC AGREES WITH US. Support for continuing the war is below 1/3 and dropping every day; by a similar margin they oppose the surge. A majority of Americans now support cutting off funding for the war, and that number is also trending up. (See more from PollingReport. It's endless.) In fact it's not just the war. The big Pew poll last week found that (with the glaring exception of same-sex marriage) progressive positions have majority or plurality support across the board. Trend lines are uniformly in our direction. I cannot overstate the importance of these numbers. Say it out loud, progressives: "We're in the American majority." That makes a lot of us uncomfortable. It does! Us progressives, after decades of being mocked and marginalized, are as nervous as my cat when the propane delivery man comes. (She hates him. He's loud and he smells funny.) We've grown into natural contrarians, outsiders, immediately suspicious of everything in the mainstream. Some of us have become terribly elitist, some of us pathologically angry. A few of us have run all the way up into tinfoil-hat country just so we can avoid the crowds. These are all understandable reactions; but for obvious reasons it's gotta stop. We should not deny our popularity.

I will add that I had a very nervous shill accost me a few months ago (he found me at my office, creepy) and go into this symbolic spieal about how I should sympathize with his position because he was basically in charge of "writing the script" for a "new Harry Potter book" which would reveal Harry Potter to not be a real magician, and killing him off.  He implored me to consider how "brutal" that rvelation was, and to try not to "tweak the bosses'" nose about it quite so much.  Make of that what you will, I took it to mean that they knew the jig was up but they needed time to ease people into it.  Or he could have just been fucking with me, I don't know--I keep all options open, including thinking it possible that someone out there is going to make sure the truth comes out, but slowly. 


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force

The horror

"I took it to mean that they knew the jig was up but they needed time to ease people into it. "

That's an interesting theory and I don't discount it. The problem is that the gentlemen who pulled of 911 are some of the most powerful -- and frankly, deranged -- people in the world. Poppy Bush alone; he's the only ex-prez who regularly digests CIA reports, so I'm told, and he's been right smack dab in the center of every major black op for at least half a century. Christ, he must have dirt on everyone.

Rummy and Cheney have been the point men behind major "nuclear holocaust" drills since the late 70's -- really, really freaky Dr. Strangelove Mt. Weather type shit. Ok, so Rummy's allegedly out the picture -- don't count on it. Kissinger called Rummy the "most ruthless man" he's "ever known" -- which is saying quite a lot -- and we all know how the revolving door operates. From the oval office to the Carlyle group. He and Cheney are still lurking around in the shadows licking their lips like hungry rats.

"The crazies" have taken control of the asylum, quite literally. Brzezinski's false flag warning was a sign of desperation on behalf of the "slightly-more-sane" imperialist faction. Surely if there was a group of "wise men" to step in and yank the reigns they would have done so by now? I hope I'm wrong.

That's the beauty -- and the horror -- of 911. It brings down the whole house of cards, and there's no way around it. Buckle up kids. We're in for a hell of a ride.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

i agree

no matter which way you slice it, the other shoe has yet to drop, and it's going to be a doozie. best we can do is persevere and hope that more people including the craven elites will see reason. it's either that or let the crazies trigger a nuclear armaggedon so they can save face. it IS that serious--we're talking about sociopaths whose master plan is hanging from a thread. i hope to god we can avoid that, but we should understand the consequences of taking on these scum.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force



I think most here are aware of this. We have chosen to side with truth and justice, nonetheless, no matter the adversity. Because we had to. Because the still voice within was stronger than fear. No matter how this pans out, we know we have chosen the right path, and we are not alone. <3

Another scenario to consider, awful as it might be, is biological armageddon...I'm just saying.

interns < internets

Brave new world.

It's looking like there are few options forward here. One is the next false flag event or, as you say, nuclear armaggedon, either of which will basically end all hope for democracy and, well, even hope itself. Perish the thought.
The other (and preferable) option is a whole new paradigm which would require wholesale upheaval of the current paradigm. I don't imagine I'm the only one whose heart breaks from the thought that the next generation will not likely enjoy the luxuries and ease of life we have enjoyed. That we have to break the system that sustained us, so we can fix it for them. So they won't have to grow up in a reality based on deceit and corruption. I hope they will understand and forgive us.
Vive le Truth
Awareness+ activism+ rebellion= New Paradigm.

What most fail to recognize

is that by no means do we have to break the entire system in order to fix it.

All we need to do, for now, is to revert the power to issue money back to the people, thereby eliminating national debt, the globally destructive exponential growth required of the economy, and overall servitude to the privatized money system. Then we will have to break apart the power concentrations that have developed due to this unjust money system. Yes, Mr. Rockefeller, you will then have to earn your living by contributing something worthwhile to society -- good luck, scumball!

After these two steps, many problems, including dishonest corporate mass media, will mostly dissolve. Add some grassroots democracy into the mix, and we should be good to go...

Any objections?

interns < internets

Sir, no Sir

No objections. Actually I prefer your solution. I only hope it works in practice. It's my belief that "There are no problems, only solutions." Sometimes its just too easy to get bogged down in complexities.
Thanks for the optimism.

Awareness+ activism+ rebellion= New Paradigm.

You know

it's not hard to see that the powers that be have a vital interest in creating fear of chaos and anarchy should they be no more. And we all know how good they are at manipulating minds...

It's basically their one and only superpower ;-)

interns < internets

yeah, there is no soft landing

for 9/11. The fear mongering that they have done post-9/11 makes that impossible. They went so overboard with their transformational event, that the truth coming out about the event will do nothing less than shake the entire world. The. entire. world. Because the post-WWII structure of politics internationally was Communists vs. the West. That world order lasted over 4 decades. Since then they've been trying to establish another world order to last several decades. What they came up with was Terrorists vs. the West. That was also supposed to last decades (probably until the mid 21st century when it would change to China vs. the West). 9/11 is the lynchpin for the entire world order. If that lie goes down, so much more goes down with it.

News editor at The Watchman Report,, delivering 9/11 truth to the Christian community

AHA! a soft landing denier!!

just kidding. yeah it means the end of a lot of BS, but as DRG says, if you think the consequences of the truth coming out are bad, understand that the only thing worse is the truth NOT coming out. words to live by!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


I agree with

Real Truther. Griffin is right. The truth NOT coming out is far worse than what would happen if the September criminals get away with 9/11. I also think Tarpley is right-on with his evaluation of the situation. He believes there is a huge split among the Global Elite. The sane ones know that pulling off another super 9/11 as an excuse to attack Iran would trigger WW3 and that would be nuclear. Like us, they don't want to die in a nuclear war. Personally I would rather die in a nuclear war than live in a world run by these madmen. Say your prayers truthers, it is bound to come to a head soon.

I also think Tarpley is

I also think Tarpley is right-on with his evaluation of the situation. He believes there is a huge split among the Global Elite.

Can you provide a URL for this please ?


Faux News has lost the will to live

At this late date, they must realize that "everyone" (who counts) knows who and what they are and choose to be and what they are doing. In fact, they are now SO blatant about it, and don't even minimally attempt to act like a real news organization, that they simply just do and say whatever they want to say or do without even trying to make it sound or look like "real (objective) news".

I suggest that FOX TV is no longer adequately fulfilling their required "obligation to serve their local community's needs and interests" and therefore their broadcasting license should be revoked by the FCC.

Call in your complaints to the FCC here: (Toll Free)

1-888-CALLFCC (1-888-225-5322)

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief Correspondent

I also think Tarpley is

I also think Tarpley is right-on with his evaluation of the situation. He believes there is a huge split among the Global Elite.

Can you provide a URL for this please ?