WTC Blueprints

Torrent: WTC Blueprints.

Must get. Vital reference. This has been missing.

Best of luck.


It really is the original blueprints... The one's that have been witheld for soooo long...

Thanks to whoever got these out... share, share, get these everywhere !!!!

Thanks and best wishes

PS... sample snippet from 1964 !!!

Free Image Hosting at

caveat downloader!

Not that this isn't awesome if legit, but remember the Bush memos! Also, I'm loath to join a random p2p network as needed for bittorrent downloads--if anyone has a straight download link I'd be happy to mirror it on my site, which has plenty of bandwidth to spare...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


more info and a torrent link

additional trackers
"torrent is banned from this tracker"

i have added these trackers in utorrent:

these 3 URL are not for download anything or clicking on them.
in the torrentclient "utorrent (microtorrent) you can make a doubleclick on the torrent and add additional URLs for trackers to search for the torrent. enable DHT in utorrent, to exchange additional peers
i dont know, if this really helps, but give it a try

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It's spreading and building up speed...

Sir Rious Mind -- none of your links work for me...

The one posted by GANGSTER on ConCen seems the best bet...

Link :

Any other ideas would be appreciated, I'm talking to my binary newsgroup buddy also.

Good speading and best wishes


Can someone post the blueprints to megaupload? The torrent is having some issues.

Do not have torrent

I can print these out on paper up to 36" wideX however long

What do I have to do to get these?
Together in Truth!

Get torrent ;-)


interns < internets


I think I don't have it for a reason.... don't know how or where to get it...

direct me please
Together in Truth!

here ya go

I recommend Azureus

interns < internets

Keep those torrents going.

I use Azereus myself, but utorrent may be better.

Any luck?

Did you manage to get the entire file?

torrent seems to be little stuck

Availabiliy 0.939, no change for a while, seeder disconnected.

This guy seems to be the TxGuy mentioned here. Anyone has contact to him (email/icq)?

Very slow.

I have no seeds, just peers, most of whom have over 90% of the file though. So hopefully they'll be seeding soon.

don't worry, just wait

I'll seed 100% of that torrent in few hours.

possible source of the plans

at the moment, i have only 35% downloaded, the seed is currently not avaiable.
but i looke in the zip-file with an editor an found this:
"LERA - PLANS-022102/floor_heights.txt"


possible the original source of the plans:

"... a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind." (mp3)
Albert Einstein

repair an uncompleted/broken zip-file

if you have already downloaded 90%, you can repair the data:

1. copy the zip to a new folder
2. download "DiskInternals ZIP Repair" (freeware)
3. install disk repair
4 open the copy and repair
5. open the repaired zipfile
i tested it with my 35% zip dowbload, and got some tifs out.

really nice tool !

"... a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind." (mp3)
Albert Einstein

Extremely Interesting

/LERA - PLANS-022102/subLevels $ tree
|-- SKA10-84.tif
|-- SKA11-84.tif
`-- SKA12-84.tif

0 directories, 3 files
vice@defgw ~/bptest/ - PLANS-022102/subLevels $ tree ../
|-- Dxf's
| |-- HPLASER.ctb
| |-- footprints.dxf
| |-- save.$$$
| |--$
| |-- topprints.dxf
| |-- wtc1.dwg
| |-- wtc2.dwg
| `-- wtc2s.dxf
|-- FoundationPlans
| |-- FILE0006.TIF
| |-- FILE0007.TIF
| |-- FILE0008.TIF
| |-- FILE0009.TIF
| |-- FILE0010.TIF
| |-- FILE0011.TIF
| |-- FILE0012.TIF
| |-- FILE0013.TIF
| |-- FILE0014.TIF
| |-- FILE0015.TIF
| |-- FILE0016.TIF
| |-- FILE0017.TIF
| `-- FILE0018.TIF
| |-- A-A-1.tif
| |-- A-A-10.tif
| |-- A-A-100.tif
| |-- A-A-101.tif
| |-- A-A-102.tif
| |-- A-A-103.tif
| |-- A-A-104.tif
| |-- A-A-105.tif
| |-- A-A-106.tif
| |-- A-A-107.tif
| |-- A-A-108.tif
| |-- A-A-109.tif
| |-- A-A-10a.TIF
| |-- A-A-11.tif
| |-- A-A-110.tif
| |-- A-A-111.tif
| |-- A-A-112.tif
| |-- A-A-113.tif
| |-- A-A-114.tif
| |-- A-A-115.tif
| |-- A-A-116.tif
| |-- A-A-117.tif
| |-- A-A-118.tif
| |-- A-A-12.tif
| |-- A-A-121.tif
| |-- A-A-124.tif
| |-- A-A-125.tif
| |-- A-A-126.tif
| |-- A-A-127.tif
| |-- A-A-128.tif
| |-- A-A-129.tif
| |-- A-A-13.tif
| |-- A-A-130.tif
| |-- A-A-133.tif
| |-- A-A-134.tif
| |-- A-A-135.tif
| |-- A-A-136.tif
| |-- A-A-137.tif
| |-- A-A-138.tif
| |-- A-A-14.tif
| |-- A-A-140.tif
| |-- A-A-143.tif
| |-- A-A-144.tif
| |-- A-A-145.tif
| |-- A-A-146.tif
| |-- A-A-149.tif
| |-- A-A-15.tif
| |-- A-A-150.tif
| |-- A-A-151.tif
| |-- A-A-152.tif
| |-- A-A-153.tif
| |-- A-A-158.tif
| |-- A-A-160.tif
| |-- A-A-161.tif
| |-- A-A-162.tif
| |-- A-A-163.tif
| |-- A-A-164.tif
| |-- A-A-165.tif
| |-- A-A-166.tif
| |-- A-A-169.tif
| |-- A-A-17.tif
| |-- A-A-170.tif
| |-- A-A-171.tif
| |-- A-A-172.tif
| |-- A-A-174.tif
| |-- A-A-175.tif
| |-- A-A-178.tif
| |-- A-A-179.tif
| |-- A-A-18.tif
| |-- A-A-180.tif
| |-- A-A-19.tif
| |-- A-A-2.tif
| |-- A-A-20.tif
| |-- A-A-20a.tif
| |-- A-A-21.tif
| |-- A-A-24.tif
| |-- A-A-25.tif
| |-- A-A-26.tif
| |-- A-A-27.tif
| |-- A-A-28.tif
| |-- A-A-29.tif
| |-- A-A-3.tif
| |-- A-A-30.tif
| |-- A-A-31.tif
| |-- A-A-32.tif
| |-- A-A-33.tif
| |-- A-A-34.tif
| |-- A-A-37.tif
| |-- A-A-38.tif
| |-- A-A-39.tif
| |-- A-A-4.tif
| |-- A-A-40.tif
| |-- A-A-41.tif
| |-- A-A-42.tif
| |-- A-A-43.tif
| |-- A-A-44.tif
| |-- A-A-45.tif
| |-- A-A-46.tif
| |-- A-A-47.tif
| |-- A-A-48.tif
| |-- A-A-49.tif
| |-- A-A-5.tif
| |-- A-A-50.tif
| |-- A-A-51.tif
| |-- A-A-52.tif
| |-- A-A-53.tif
| |-- A-A-54.tif
| |-- A-A-55.tif
| |-- A-A-56.tif
| |-- A-A-57.tif
| |-- A-A-58.tif
| |-- A-A-59.tif
| |-- A-A-6.tif
| |-- A-A-60.tif
| |-- A-A-63.tif
| |-- A-A-64.tif
| |-- A-A-65.tif
| |-- A-A-66.tif
| |-- A-A-67.tif
| |-- A-A-68.tif
| |-- A-A-69.tif
| |-- A-A-70.tif
| |-- A-A-71.tif
| |-- A-A-72.tif
| |-- A-A-73.tif
| |-- A-A-74.tif
| |-- A-A-75.tif
| |-- A-A-76.tif
| |-- A-A-78.tif
| |-- A-A-79.tif
| |-- A-A-8.tif
| |-- A-A-80.tif
| |-- A-A-81.tif
| |-- A-A-84.tif
| |-- A-A-85.tif
| |-- A-A-86.tif
| |-- A-A-87.tif
| |-- A-A-88.tif
| |-- A-A-89.tif
| |-- A-A-9.tif
| |-- A-A-90.tif
| |-- A-A-91.tif
| |-- A-A-92.tif
| |-- A-A-93.tif
| |-- A-A-94.tif
| |-- A-A-95.tif
| |-- A-A-96.tif
| |-- A-A-97.tif
| |-- A-A-98.tif
| |-- A-A-99.tif
| |-- A-A139.tif
| |-- LA1.tif
| |-- LA10.tif
| |-- LA11.tif
| |-- LA12.tif
| |-- LA13.tif
| |-- LA14.tif
| |-- LA15.tif
| |-- LA16.tif
| |-- LA17.tif
| |-- LA18.tif
| |-- LA19.tif
| |-- LA2.tif
| |-- LA20.tif
| |-- LA21.tif
| |-- LA22.tif
| |-- LA23.tif
| |-- LA24.tif
| |-- LA25.tif
| |-- LA26.tif
| |-- LA3.tif
| |-- LA4.tif
| |-- LA5.tif
| |-- LA6.tif
| |-- LA7.tif
| |-- LA8.tif
| |-- LA9.tif
| |-- NO NAME1.tif
| |-- T-A-A-110.tif
| |-- T-A-AB-MD-1.tif
| `-- TITTLE SHEET.tif
|-- floor_heights.txt
|-- subLevels
| |-- SKA10-84.tif
| |-- SKA11-84.tif
| `-- SKA12-84.tif
|-- tvmast
| |-- CD_14_PAC1
| | |-- SA401.TIF
| | |-- SA402.TIF
| | |-- SA403.TIF
| | `-- SA404.TIF
| |-- CD_8_BK9_1of2
| | |-- file0001.TIF
| | |-- file0002.TIF
| | |-- file0003.TIF
| | |-- file0004.TIF
| | |-- file0005.TIF
| | |-- file0006.TIF
| | |-- file0007.TIF
| | |-- file0008.TIF
| | |-- file0009.TIF
| | |-- file0010.TIF
| | |-- file0011.TIF
| | |-- file0012.TIF
| | |-- file0021.TIF
| | |-- file0050.TIF
| | |-- file0051.TIF
| | |-- file0052.TIF
| | |-- file0053.TIF
| | |-- file0054.TIF
| | `-- file0055.TIF
| |-- CD_8_MK9_2of2
| | |-- File0001.TIF
| | |-- File0002.TIF
| | |-- File0003.TIF
| | |-- File0004.TIF
| | |-- File0005.TIF
| | |-- File0006.TIF
| | |-- File0007.TIF
| | |-- File0008.TIF
| | |-- File0009.TIF
| | `-- File0010.TIF
| |-- CD_ARCH
| | |-- A-A-175.tif
| | |-- A-A-177.tif
| | |-- A-A-178.tif
| | |-- A-A-179.tif
| | `-- A-A-180.tif
| `-- WTC - Roof Truss.xls
`-- weidlingerAssoc_WTCtowerCollapseFlexPOVfiles1780msTO1880ms
|-- flxpov.TowerB.MV.1780.gz
|-- flxpov.TowerB.MV.1790.gz
|-- flxpov.TowerB.MV.1800.gz
|-- flxpov.TowerB.MV.1810.gz
|-- flxpov.TowerB.MV.1820.gz
|-- flxpov.TowerB.MV.1840.gz
|-- flxpov.TowerB.MV.1850.gz
|-- flxpov.TowerB.MV.1860.gz
|-- flxpov.TowerB.MV.1870.gz
`-- flxpov.TowerB.MV.1880.gz

10 directories, 256 files

What was the second file in the torrent...

I am aware of the file...

But unsure of the second file blueprints.rtf

Has anyone actually managed to access the small second file that was part of the torrent !!!

It might be needed to keep the existing torrent "working", without all existing downloads being wasted !!!

I'm not a "torrenter" so not 100% sure of the terminology.

Thanks and best wishes

content of the blueprints.rtf

rtf = Rich Text Format
open with word - content:

Inside this ZIP file you will find the entire architectural plans for the World Trade Center. This information was passed from a third party onto Steven Jones, and then onto me, where I uploaded it to our server and seeded it out onto the internet.

Excerpts from the letter sent to Dr. Jones:
"I was not sure if this information was available and I wanted to make sure that it first went to people who are well versed on the existing material. I have enclosed ... the architectural plans of the WTC Complex in .TIFF format. I have also included the WTC Tower collapse ... data that [we] compiled. My hope is that this can be posted on the appropriate websites and more people can make use of it. I would like to contribute my efforts where I can as I was on the ... team working for Silverstein Group ... in 2002."

I'm glad this vital evidence can finally be put into the public domain where it belongs. Many thanks to this individual, and to Dr. Jones for passing this information onto me.
-Dylan Avery
Louder Than Words

if a had the 93% complete, i repair it
the only problem is, i can only upload with 6kB/s

it is better if someone with a fatser connection repairs and extract and pack it again and upload it to another server - some tiffs may be lost, but better than nothing

"... a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind." (mp3)
Albert Einstein

Do not trust this torrent

An idiot jrefer managed to be the original seed. The torrent has been altered.

See here for details:

The file was not altered...

the JREF'er (TxGuy / enigma) pulled his seed at 94%

If he wanted altered data out there, he would not have "pulled it"...

tens of GB's have already been downloaded, we are working on getting this resumed within the next couple of hours, so do not panic !!!

We have the originals to confirm the data also.

This is being resolved as we speak.

Best wishes

Torrent Header Extract...

created by uTorrent/1500

length 1363 blueprints.rtf
length 585512846 (matches original)


Do we have a chain of custody on these? Can we 100% confirm they are the originals?


They were altered to fit their story..... I think it would be obvious.

look for the massive core columns... or any core columns for that matter..... and their story would be wrong
Together in Truth!


Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

problem with torrent resolved

I have received direct download link to file from Dylan Avery, downloaded it directly from

This file's MD5 sum


matches with completed torrent file. So it's that file from Dylan, it wasn't altered. Also hash check used by BT matched - if it didn't, that would mean original seeder altered the data. I wouldn't be able to seed it, all data already downloaded by peers would be useless, new torrent would be needed. This fortunately was not the case. Original seeder just uploaded 93.9% and quit.

For people who can't use BT, here is a link for direct download: http

Thanks to 911veritas and Dylan


You are a HERO !!!!

I have not pulled this one out in a Loooong while...

You more than deserve it !!!

Thankyou very much for sorting the torrent and providing a [ Direct Download Link ]

thank you

I do what I can to help the truth out. I very much respect you all guys, who fight for the truth every day. We're in this all together.

I will gladly help with initial seeding/sharing larger 911 data. If you have some valuable data that need to be (quickly) shared with rest of the world, just drop me a line. I'll create ftp for you to get it to me and will put it on some hi-speed locations then.

Please excuse potential typos, English is not my native language (I'm in fact from central Europe).

i have wondered

that among the first 10 peers with 100% there are some from europe - now i understand

best wishes and thanks from germany

"... a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind." (mp3)
Albert Einstein

Mirrors coming

Thanks, sector!

I'll post mirrors as soon as my download finishes and I get out of my meeting...

[EDIT] argh. my meeting went late and i had to rush off to another appointment. mirrors tomorrow, when i get to work.

still uploading to our

still uploading to our server as well.. wont be able to post our mirror link til tomorrow afternoon..

dz... Have you checked your FTP server...

Someone might have left a present for ya (yesterday)...

Best wishes


Anyone know POV?
user@defgw ~/911/_docs/blueprints/ - PLANS-022102/Dxf's $ ls -alh ../weidlingerAssoc_WTCtowerCollapseFlexPOVfiles1780msTO1880ms/
total 11G
drwxr-xr-x 2 vice users 4.0K Mar 26 17:18 .
dr-xr-xr-x 8 vice users 4.0K Jun 29 2006 ..
-rw-r--r-- 1 users 955M Aug 15 2002 flxpov.TowerB.MV.1780
-rw-r--r-- 1 users 955M Aug 15 2002 flxpov.TowerB.MV.1790
-rw-r--r-- 1 users 955M Aug 15 2002 flxpov.TowerB.MV.1800
-rw-r--r-- 1 users 955M Aug 15 2002 flxpov.TowerB.MV.1810
-rw-r--r-- 1 users 955M Aug 15 2002 flxpov.TowerB.MV.1820
-rw-r--r-- 1 users 955M Aug 15 2002 flxpov.TowerB.MV.1830
-rw-r--r-- 1 users 955M Aug 15 2002 flxpov.TowerB.MV.1840
-rw-r--r-- 1 users 955M Aug 15 2002 flxpov.TowerB.MV.1850
-rw-r--r-- 1 users 955M Aug 15 2002 flxpov.TowerB.MV.1860
-rw-r--r-- 1 users 955M Aug 15 2002 flxpov.TowerB.MV.1870
-rw-r--r-- 1 users 955M Aug 15 2002 flxpov.TowerB.MV.1880

A sample...

triangle { < 0.12568E+05, 0.17737E+04, 0.23301E+04>,
< 0.12566E+05, 0.17738E+04, 0.23102E+04>,
< 0.12565E+05, 0.17739E+04, 0.23103E+04>
texture { TX8 } }
triangle { < 0.12565E+05, 0.17634E+04, 0.23102E+04>,
< 0.12568E+05, 0.17632E+04, 0.23301E+04>,
< 0.12567E+05, 0.17633E+04, 0.23302E+04>
texture { TX8 } }
triangle { < 0.12567E+05, 0.17633E+04, 0.23302E+04>,
< 0.12565E+05, 0.17634E+04, 0.23103E+04>,
< 0.12565E+05, 0.17634E+04, 0.23102E+04>
texture { TX8 } }
triangle { < 0.12565E+05, 0.17634E+04, 0.23103E+04>,
< 0.12567E+05, 0.17633E+04, 0.23302E+04>,
< 0.12568E+05, 0.17737E+04, 0.23302E+04>
texture { TX8 } }
triangle { < 0.12568E+05, 0.17737E+04, 0.23302E+04>,
< 0.12565E+05, 0.17739E+04, 0.23103E+04>,
< 0.12565E+05, 0.17634E+04, 0.23103E+04>
texture { TX8 } }
triangle { < 0.12566E+05, 0.17738E+04, 0.23102E+04>,
< 0.12568E+05, 0.17737E+04, 0.23301E+04>,
< 0.12568E+05, 0.17632E+04, 0.23301E+04>
texture { TX8 } }
triangle { < 0.12568E+05, 0.17632E+04, 0.23301E+04>,
< 0.12565E+05, 0.17634E+04, 0.23102E+04>,
< 0.12566E+05, 0.17738E+04, 0.23102E+04>
texture { TX8 } }

It has some ASCII stuff in the file...

I run out of memory trying to view...

But on unix, you should have no probs using strings piped to pg etc.

Could you post the first page of file content...


EDIT +++ Too quick for me ;-) Cheers, looks like some form of modelling language, maybe 3d, POV usually mean "point of view" (I think)

Probably need an architect to tell us...

before another waste his time

works not.

"... a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind." (mp3)
Albert Einstein

i think one of this

povray mesh data

pace Sir Rious Mind, povray renders the mesh data perfectly well, albeit requiring 1.2GB of memory and ~40 minutes to parse the data on a 1.6GHz pentium m.

the mesh data references nine textures, and having assigned arbitrary colors to these, the model rendered at medium resolution (4096x4096 pixels) in a couple of hours. as the directory name suggests, these meshes appear to be a sequence of models of one of the wtc towers collapsing. The first and last only differ slightly, from the file names being only a tenth of a second apart. it would be interesting if more of this mesh data were to become available, at perhaps tenth of a second intervals. I doubt this is all that was modeled.

if anyone wants any of these renderings, please reply to this post


I'm sure we all would like to take a peek

Could you host them somewhere? If not, contact dz or sector, they just might!


interns < internets

povray renderings

I don't have anywhere to host this stuff, so I've posted four renders of the first mesh at different rotations around the y axis, on imageshack (scaled down for imageshack's file size limit):

this is the quick 'n dirty povray file I used to render the mesh, for anyone that wants to try it:

/* --------------------------pov file starts-------------------------- */
/* textures referenced in the mesh data */
#declare TX1= texture { pigment { rgb<.7,.7,.7> } };
#declare TX2= texture { pigment { rgb<.0,.7,.7> } };
#declare TX3= texture { pigment { rgb<.7,.0,.7> } };
#declare TX4= texture { pigment { rgb<.7,.7,.0> } };
#declare TX5= texture { pigment { rgb<.2,.4,.8> } };
#declare TX6= texture { pigment { rgb<.8,.2,.4> } };
#declare TX7= texture { pigment { rgb<.4,.8,.2> } };
#declare TX8= texture { pigment { rgb<.4,.8,.4> } };
#declare TX9= texture { pigment { rgb<.8,.4,.8> } };

light_source { <-35000, 35000, -35000> rgb <.8,.8,.8> }

light_source { <35000, 35000, -35000> rgb <.8,.8,.8> }

light_source { <-15000, -15000, -15000> rgb <.5,.5,.5> }

camera {
location <-6000, 5000, -12000>*.9
look_at <0, 0, 0>
angle 30
up <0,1,0>
right <1,0,0>

mesh {
#include "./flxpov.TowerB.MV.1780"
translate -x*13300
translate -y*1300
translate -z*1300
rotate -z*90
rotate -y*180

/* --------------------------pov file ends-------------------------- */

the povray options I used were "+a0.01 +am2 +w4096 +h4096"

Thanks halibut ... Finally we can see what's in Pandora's Box...

Great pics of the render...

I can only assume that this is the South Tower (WTC2), because of the collapse point.

It is hard to reconcile with "real life" though...

The impact hole does not seem to match, the fact it was just above the hardened upper mechanical floors and sky lobby is not obvious.

I would love to see the model of what they proposed happened to the core structure at time of collapse initiation, because it must have been blown at the same time (in my mind anyway).

Many thanks for decoding the 3d models, glad we have many various skills amongst us.

Best wishes

the model

is perhaps from this ACEC "Grand Conceptor" Award winning study?

"Grand Conceptor", eh?

I can try placing a camera 'inside' the model, to look at the core girders, but it'll take a while by trial and errror. It's a pain not having data for separate entities - all we have is a great blob of 5,958,102 triangles, in flxpov.TowerB.MV.1780, for example.

OTOH, it appears that each triangle has a texture assigned to it, in that file at least -

"sed 's/TX/TX\n/g' flxpov.TowerB.MV.1780| grep TX | wc -l"

produces the same result as

"sed 's/triangle/triangle\n/g' flxpov.TowerB.MV.1780| grep triangle | wc -l"

so it may be possible to split the model apart by texture, and see what results. I have no idea what the different texture assignments
to parts of the 'skin' mean - any ideas?

anyway, a-grepping I go...

three cheers for ascii

grep seems to have separated out the mesh data somewhat; a couple of low resolution renders of TX5 and TX8 textured triangles are posted at


Superb, look at the "floating core"

Thanks halibut, I have reposted your images with thumbnails (click to enlarge), so your work can be visually appreciated .

Free Image Hosting at     Free Image Hosting at

Your previous renders...

Free Image Hosting at     Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at     Free Image Hosting at

Great job, look forward to some more...

Thanks and best wishes

Thanks halibut & the rest of you!

Just look at it!

Frank DeMartini came to mind immediately:

"I believe that the building could probably sustain multiple impacts of jet liners because this structure is like the mosquito netting on your screen door - this intense grid - and the plane is just a pencil puncturing that screen netting. It really does nothing to the screen netting."

This thing wouldn't have come down in the purgatory. Awesome visualization!

interns < internets


sorry I haven't posted any more images, I've been uploading them to the host kindly provided by sector

note that the 600x600 preview directory may well be out of sync with the 4096x4096 directory, so look in the latter also.

images using subsets of the mesh are indicated by the texture elements used, eg


and so on

if anyone wants a particular rendering, please post a request here

update: as this post seems to have pushed sector's post of the url onto the next page, I add it here

I will host it

Thanks for renderings.

Please contact me via form in my profile, I'll send you FTP login/pass to get files to me, and I'll take care of the rest.

contact form

did you get any message from me via the contact form? if not, I will try again


thanks, but i thought, 600mb mem should be enough

even large photoshop works are able.
not for povray :-(
i thought, there is something missing, the textures TX
i have never worked with povray.
thanks for your script.

maybe, this sequence shows the impact of the plane, how it really should happened (without detonators destroying the peripheral grid) ?
would be nice to make a clip.
for a video, only ~ 500-700px is needed.
renders this size faster ?

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memory & animation

you probably could render with 600MB RAM, but the poor machine would be paging a great deal, and it'd be much slower.

lowering the resolution would speed rendering somewhat, but I see little point in rendering an animation; there are only 11 models, at 10ms intervals, so the last model is not greatly different from the first, and the models would provide less than half a second of video at 25fps. you'd see almost as much flipping between views 1780 & 1880.

it'd be interesting to get more of this data, while bearing in mind that it is only a model, and may well not represent what actually occured. a few seconds' worth, at 50ms or 100ms intervals could well be worth animating.

yes, i know, only 11 frames

but you can repeat it in different angles and make a
interesting clip for the public.

2 weeks ago i have "blown up" a clip with 12 (later 25) frames/second.

its a question of presentation....
adobe premiere interpolates in slowmotion, you can expand 11 frames to 2 or 4 seconds ( with 25 fps )

i have tried to find the option in povray to use paged memory, but not yet found it - i have to study the helpfile.

the run of your script stopped with "unable to open the include file" - possible a mem issue ( tried all paths, extracted and packed versions)

i am working with software since 1982, so i try to find out more these days ...

"... a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind." (mp3)
Albert Einstein

pov error, & animation

are you sure you pointed povray at the correct pathname for the mesh data? povray might die with an out of memory error, but it should open the file. the script assumes the data is in the current working directory. It seems you are on microsoft windows, so perhaps it objects to the leading "./" in the filename.

paging is the business of the OS, povray knows nothing about it.

as to the animation, IMHO it's not worth it, as the difference between the first and last frame is so small; in any case. I have plenty of rendering I'd like to do first (praise be to the creators of the cpu undervolt patch for centrino, otherwise my laptop would have melted by now ;).

impact time

i have tried the absolute path ...
nothing - unable to open
maybe i have forget a dot - i'll try "tomorrow" ( 4am now here)
i have tried to edit my previous post, but comments are disabled:

so here:
maybe the time simulated in the 11 frames is corresponding to the contact of the plane - if thats the case, no more data are needed-
in this case the data showing the whole impact
(without detonators disintegrating the peripheral grid)
video analyze and the flightspeed and plane-length can show, if this is correct: 1/10 s impact time

i cant imagine another reason for only providing 1/10 second of simulation.

if this data are the simulation of the impact, than they prove, that the plane can NOT go into the building - instead - it was stopped outside and fell down to ground. THAT is the point.

only detonators placed at the hitpoint, destroying the grid, can possibly enable the plane to vanish in the building.

(even in that case, i cant imagine, that a plane vanishs in a building)

"... a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind." (mp3)
Albert Einstein

Thank you to all who've helped make this information public

If a mod has time, please update Gangster's original blog with some of the updated torrent/direct download links for the blueprints.

Here's someone who needs to see them...

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This is the kind of leak

This is the kind of leak I hope we'll see more and more in the near future as many people who have access to critical data begin to be aware that something is really wrong with the government conspiracy theory. Up to now, these people may have no clue that there are alternative theories concerning 9/11 for good reasons. Thanks to the stupid MSM talking heads that try to fight us with non-sense, people get awake to the subject and get curious.

Yeah, things are starting to leak.

Got that file fine, 558MB of it.

Great work guys, keep it up.

Best regards,


renderings of WTC collapse model mesh data


Please check it out and leave your comments.

Thanks halibut for these. There is some more to come.