In Massachusetts? Encourage Governor Patrick to Support a New 9/11 Investigation

Governor Patrick has a section of his website driven by his constituents called "My Issues". Constituents can post and vote for the issues that they care about. 9/11 Truth is the Key to Ending this war and the next one (Iran) is just a couple of votes from the top 10. is an online tool to help you participate in shaping the direction of your community and Massachusetts. It is where you can identify and present an issue that matters to you and then organize around it. The Governor keeps track of the efforts of everyone who uses and will often comment on issues generating solid amounts of support.

He may even take action himself, help you take action, or get others to help.

So whether your issue affects all of Massachusetts or just your local area, you now have the power to reach your Governor and those in your community.

So go ahead: get organized and create change.

well I tried and I spied

In order to log in you have to find your name in a list of registered voters. I am a registered voter in this state, but my name is no where to be found. However, I was able to view the name and address of every voter in the state, too. An inaccurate list, obviously, but not something most folks want made available without their consent.

As an aside, I have zero faith in this new administration. The Governor is fresh from the board of Ameriquest, the mortgage sharks that grew fat on suburban sprawl. But now that loans are belly up and home prices are diving, Ameriquest needs money to stay afloat. No problem, Governor Patrick calls former Clinton Treasury Sec. Rubin who now works for Citigroup and vouches for his old company.

As for the Lt. Governor, he works for these real estate developers too. He took money from a Boston developer and then turned around and ushered almost $100 million in public funding their way to build a new parking garage and shopping mall in downtown Worcester. Just what we need.

All this non-sustainable development has us poised to crash hard with a state full of energy liabilities. I guess they're banking on Raytheon to bring in the cash.

Justice deferred is justice denied-MLK

I was able to register and vote

I created an account. I did not have to find my name on a registered voter list (unless it did this automatically some how).

Of course, getting this issue raised on Patrick's Blog is not going to do a damn thing. Although, I think it is good to keep the pressure on in any way we can. This may force him to make a statement on the issue. We already know his answer, but it would be good to have it recorded.

If you can't find your name

on the registered voters list, you can still create an account and just provide your name and address. Although I'm a registered voter in the state, I could not find my name - but I was able to create the account. At the bottom of the "create an account" page, it states:

"If you can't find your record after a couple of tries, click here to create a new database entry:" and just click on the CREATE button.

I agree that Deval probably won't address this issue, but I still think having this on the My Issue website will get noticed by people that haven't yet heard about 9/11 Truth, and it will get the word out.


I sent a message to my governor [The Terminator] but, I got a general reply from one of his staff.