Tom Foti and Luke Rudkowski of NY911Truth on MNN (video)

Tom Foti and Luke Rudkowski on MNN (video)

Luke Rudkowski and Tom Foti of NY911Truth met Harold Channer to talk about 9-11 truth and the new upcoming documentary titled “Dedicated.” Luke Rudkowski NYC film maker has made his debut film as an homage to his friend and fellow 9-11 activist Dan Wallace. Dan Wallace is the son of a firefighter who was a victim of 9/11 named Lt. Robert F. Wallace. Dan unfortunately passed away on 1/29/07 during the making of this film.

The documentary is about the street actions taken by members of NY911truth including Luke Rudkowski, Tom Foti and Dan Wallace and shows these activist making their statement known in the presence of militarized police at well know locations such as the New York Stock Exchange.

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Provocative Or Something Else?

And not about Dan...

Why is this blog being voted down? IMO, Luke & Tom Foti do

great work!

I know that many NYC cops were acting like goons & thugs against truthers, so I totally agree with Luke/Foti's premise already. (I don't have 58 minutes to watch the whole thing now (I will later).

No offense....

...but does this fucking host let his guests speak?!? Holy fucking shit, this guy is annoying as all hell.

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Nice job!

Well done Luke and Tom. I was particularly impressed with Mr. Channers' knowledge as well as his ability to put events into context over several decades.
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Great job!

Great job!