The 9/11 Distraction... FROM the "New World Order"

The common knowledge is that 9/11 catalyzed what many refer to the “New World Order”, regardless of how things really went down that day. From there this “NWO” is assumed to be a mere push for global domination (imperialism). In essence, the general concept of this NWO ends there, but in truth it’s something much more powerful and frightening than a mere quest for imperial domination: Artificial Intelligence, and my new video blows the lid right off this completely ignored threat.

It’s really quite obvious that the 9/11 event distracted the population, at least for a time, from any concept of truth, with this so-called “War on Terror”. In the foggy aftermath, those skeptical of 9/11 and this war have found a focus and often a newfound drive to learn “The Truth”. But even more importantly is that without 9/11 there would be alarmists, ”conspiracy theorists”, and just people who generally look into such things.

Thanks to 9/11, a global imperial war has been started, a nation has been polarized, much new attention on this so-called NWO has been gained, while all of the “watchers” have had all of their attention focused on the event that caused it all. We’ve been diverted from what the nature or enabler of the “New World Order” itself actually is.

If anything almost sure can be determined about the entire event, is that it’s designed to be the most confusing and debatable event in the history of man. This isn’t to say that 9/11 is in any way insignificant, or unworthy of research, it’s to point out what this ongoing disaster is really about, and to show us all what we’re really facing. So while we’ve all been distracted in one way or another, the elites ultimate dream is being aggressively implemented, and the capstone of that dream of ultimate power is A.I.

The establishment’s A.I. quest, in their goal of total domination, isn’t even a secret, it’s now in the open, and there’s absolutely no debate as far as that’s concerned. Since there is no possible debate, this can be the one thing that finally wakes up everyone up to the reality that we're running out of time to ensure a future worht living.
So while many of us try to solve and prove the event that caused all of this, I ask you not to ignore what’s coming, and is destined to be more devastating than yet another war for the history books.

The narrative is sourced from government quotes from start to finish. This was constructed almost entirely using government / military animations, videos, images and photos.
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.......There is a bigger picture,and more is at stake then most people can imagine.
DAMN! That sounds so paranoid,but if i have'nt researched it i would never have believed it.

I disagree

that "9/11 catalyzed what many refer to the “New World Order”," is "the common knowledge" -- except to "NWO people".

I've stated before that, if "nothing" significantly happens regards this whole "NWO" thing in the next five years, I'm chucking it all in and retiring early and enjoying the rest of my life and not worrying about it.

I could be wrong about it, but I don't think so.

Of course, any NWO person worth his/her salt would reply, "they have a long-term plan that will probably span decades".

Yeah. Right. Okay. What-ev-er.

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief Correspondent

So did you actually watch

So did you actually watch the video and check its resources, or did you just skim thru the blog and reply?

Global domination occurs without invading more countries, the whole point is to dominate the globe COMPLETELY so that we dont have to invade.

Didn't watch the film

But you think that globalism is the way? That when we conquer the planet all will be better? Total control. 1984?
Together in Truth!

JJJames, I'm not sure that's what IB was saying.

Doughnut and IB might be talking past each other innocently.

Super Trooper Team America

One of the most disturbing series of conversations I've ever had, was as a long acquaintance with noteworthy Cold War experience... exhausted himself trying to convey to me how he felt a global-cop-force (accompanied by globalization) was such a great idea... especially if it was an American Global Cop Force.

"Our duty to the world." I've heard repeated disturbingly far too often, by people using the word 'duty' when trying to rationalize the monumentally irrational actions of governments and institutions which they find to this day a premiss beyond reproach.

He even opened our conversation by establishing and defining the basic difference he recognized between he and I, the first premiss which more than any other, influences each and every successive interpretation, analysis, decision and proposal for the future.... trust. My friend, seeming exasperated, tried one after another to present examples of his admittedly fumbling government demonstrating its trustworthiness 'because' each time They could have done worse, They didn't... as if therefor they are trustworthy.

I could only laugh and throw my arms (sure, such actions do not necessarily prove my position either).

I told him how I found this whole schema to embody an insanity of delusion... and besides... Super Trooper Team America doesn't enjoy the same level of respect and love she once did. The bricks and stones (and much much worse) will be thrown at Team America on principal (with no further cause), for decades to come.

He and his friends seem oblivious even to this hour, that America has no money, has no self-sufficiency, has no moral high-ground.... has no right... to impose ANYTHING upon another... to say nothing more about Super Troop Cop Team America shooting Democracy and Freedom-bullets with the plan that someday Other's bullets will become obsolete.

Truly, a very sick joke.


Our democratic system was truly the best..... then they would happily and willingly attempt to adopt our standards free from our force.

But if you look at history in relation to modern democracy..... in most cases we have been a hinderance to sucessful implementation of democracy. We are constantly imposing our will to bring in the government structures which will best suit our corporate needs.

Every expert knows that the Middle East is the last place which would support democracy....especially democracy imposed by us in the manner we have chosen. It's a joke.
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I tend to agree with you doughnut...

While tehre is no doubt a desire on the parts of many powerful people to develop technologies that enable and/or facilitate control of people, the entire "NWO" narrative seems like just that--a narrative. If we are to believe everything we read, it seems that Alex Jones is at the forefront of exposing this devious real life "KLAW" or "CHAOS" (nemeses of Inspector Gadget and Maxwell Smart, respectively) that has its roots in Freemasonry and something called the Illuminati, so that tehre is an unbroken chain from the earliest power grabs of the catholic church to the modern day efforts to track every human on earth with chips as is done now routinely with pets.

Far be it from me to impugn the credibility of a cult figure like Alex Jones, but I just can't get professional wrestling out of my head when discussion turns to the NWO. And as much as I believe that an understanding of history must take into account the secret lives of powerful figures including their membership in secret societies, I think there is distinct tendency to go too far in presuming to trace an unbroken line of almost two thousand years that plots to this day to "control everything".

I have become very wary of those who seem to be in the business of fearmongering--who are essentially promoting the very power structure that they claim to be against. Pretending that because some person named Rockefeller told some person named Russo that the goal of the shadowy NWO is to embed RFID chips in humans we must prepare for a coming battle royale against the forces of evil doesn't exactly sound, well, real. It sounds more like an attempt to frame the real issues in such a way as to discourage serious people from considering them. When enemies of 9/11 truth appeal to people's biases and accuse us of being "conspiracy nuts", all they really need to confirm their fears is spend some time on Alex Jones' website reading about the Illuminati and the "NWO". "Hmmm, this sounds just like that David Icke guy who thinks the elite are shape-shifting reptilians!" might be their first reaction.

Now, there's enough good info in AJ's narratives that plenty of people take him at face value, and take offense at the suggestion that they are being duped. As truthers we encounter this same reaction among consumers of "mainstream" media who cannot fathom why someone might warn them not to take what the clean cut professional news readers tell them so sincerely every night. The message that these people find so hard to accept is that they are being fooled--no one wants to be made to feel gullible, and it is easy to defend your chosen narrative by pointing out everything it has been right about and downplaying any legitimate credibility issues it may have. People also have a tendency to put too much faith in anyone who they feel has helped them see through a lie--the idea being of course that there are only two kinds of people--people who lie and people who tell the truth.

We also like name brands because there is a sense that the recognizability and popularity of something is an affirmation of its worth, and for things to be simplified into manageable chunks for us. So instead of a chaotic world full of power struggles, there is really only one "conspiracy" that matters--the BIG one. The one that's been around forever. The one that Alex Jones is an expert on--the NWO. It's so much easier to trust in his or anyone else's analysis than to have to go through the whole--well WHO can I trust?! thing again. And again. Sorry, but that's the only way. You cannot trust implicitly in people--you can never give up your responsibility to question things, and you should always be wary of things that seem too good or simple to be true. Trust no one but yourself, and have faith that if others do the same, together you will find the truth.


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All the worlds a stage

just nobody realizes it.

I often wonder who all is involved in it. Who are the players and who's getting duped?

I know that there are many world leaders who are aware of the real culprits behind 911. Unfortunately many of them are reaping the same benefits. Think how many countries benefit when the price of oil goes up this dramatically? Then they can invest those extra profits and make the price go even higher.

Think how many countries are struggling with the spead of Islam and are looking for a round about solution. Example France.. last summer. Perhaps that was staged to some point to make the world see a problem that really shouldn't have existed. Perhaps they created this problem.... on purpose.

They are certainly attacking Christian Values and principals in this country so that people look towards the Muslim religion to place blame. Every Christian tradition that is attacked or removed is blamed on the offense of other religions. When are we going to get it. We are being fucked with and there is a goal to it all.

Is this a theater....a game?
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Not to mention that it

Not to mention that it suggests that the 9/11 perps are a such an amorphous group that it's hard to see how they can ever be nailed. I get uncomfortable with spokespeople who dilute the perp trail to such an extent in their oft-repeated analyses.

We can't identify or indict "The Illuminati," but we can certainly identify and indict the U.S. command-and-control traitors who were operational on 9/11. IMO, that's where we need to focus attention.