Boston's Second Tier Newspaper Prints 9/11 Hit Piece

Sure to become an instant classic, it has all the right words--"moonbat", "anti-semitic", "kook", etc.

Gov gives fools their forum: Moonbats in his Web
By Michael Graham
Thursday, March 29, 2007

“9/11 was a joint Bush administration/Israeli operation. It is time America to wake up and smell the thermite!”- Posted on the “9/11 Truth” page of

You don’t have to be a clueless, conspiracy-obsessed moonbat to support Deval Patrick. But it sure doesn’t hurt.

Deval Patrick’s official grassroots political Web site was launched with great fanfare by Team Patrick. Its purpose is to energize Patrick’s grassroots base as he confronts the evil “Beacon Hill insiders” who don’t share his desire to shaft businesses and kill jobs - or as he puts it, “bring economic justice and close loopholes.”

Massachusetts’ corporate tax policy is an important issue, to be sure. But “inspiring”? Somehow I don’t see “Liberals Against Loopholes!” clogging the hallways of the State House. Will angry mobs really gather to shout “Two, four, six, eight. Change the way capital-intensive, multistate, non-LLC businesses depreciate!”

Probably not.

So how do you motivate your key activists? Traditional political machines had patronage and payola. What grassroots organizations need is passion, passions that come from pushing hot-button issues. Not corporate taxes or government reform, but issues like same-sex marriage, abortion rights and, of course, Bush-bashing, conspiratorial paranoid delusions.

Or as it’s known at, “9/11 Truth Is The Key To Ending This War.”

You’ll find the 9/11 conspiracy page on Patrick’s Web site somewhere between “Making Renewable Energy Work in the Commonwealth” and “More Funding to Public Education.” The 100 or so postings you find there represent the worst of the worst of far-left irrationality and unadulterated kookery:

“The Bush Crime Syndicate MUST be stopped,” (emphasis theirs) reads one entry.

“Controlled demolition. Clearly,” reads another, referring to the theory that the World Trade Center was brought down by bombs (almost certainly planted by the Mossad), not by the two planes that flew out of Logan Airport that morning.

While some posters are dispirited (“It is the birth of the 4th riech [sic] and we have no one to protect us.”), many are grateful for the forum Gov. Patrick and his campaign dollars give the “9/11 truth.”

“Thank you SO much for speaking up about this. I am proud to have you in office and actually standing up for this,” writes Nicole in Lawrence.

Nicole’s entire name and most of her address is easily accessible at Patrick’s Web site, by the way, and, according to the secretary of state, may violate privacy laws. This Big Brother approach seems at odds with the tinfoil-hat-and-shortwave-in-the-basement sensibilities of the content.

Patrick’s defenders say that the postings on have nothing to do with Deval Patrick, the governor. It’s a blog, they point out, and once you register, what you post is your business.

Really? So if some homophobic kook starts a “Why Gays Deserve to Die From AIDS” discussion on the governor’s Web site, he’ll leave that one up, too?

Of course not.

This is his campaign, his money, his name. And yet, as of this writing, the governor has chosen to leave this vile, anti-Semitic, America-bashing 9/11 idiocy up for five days. It’s been debated on my radio show, written about in the Boston Herald, and the entire Web site is monitored by the staff of his committee. Why is this nonsense still there?

The conspiracy theorist in me suggests that Patrick needs these netroot nuts so much, he’s willing to abide their anger. They may be irrational and hateful, but they show up at campaign events. They send e-mails. They call legislators.

Broader political pressure may eventually force Patrick to dump these losers, but for the moment, your local dose of “Bush Blew Up The World Trade Center” moonbattery is proudly sponsored by the Deval Patrick Committee.

Michael Graham hosts a talk show on WTKK, 96.9 FM.

this is from the Boston Herald

Which incidentally called me at home a few weeks back to offer me a free month of their daily fish wrap and couldn't understand why I declined. Ironically they must think that more columns like this will help them be more popular. Since most of their readers start at the back (the first page of the sports section) and don't usually get to the "serious" part before wrapping the daily catch it is unlikely anyone outside this site will actually read this...


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who banked roled Deval Patrick

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