FLASHBACK: 9/11: why it happened is more important than how

Deep Politics of 9/11
written in Summer 2004
Source: http://www.oilempire.us/911why.html

Motivations for allowing 9/11 to happen: Create pretext to seize Middle East oilfields (to control Earth's oil supplies after Peak Oil) and enact "Homeland Security" police state.

The attacks were allowed to happen to facilitate an aggressive policy of world empire, particularly in the Middle East and Central Asian oil fields, which contain energy supplies that will become even more critical in the near future as oil extraction declines in the non-Islamic world. (It has been said that the last two barrels of oil will be Saudi and Iraqi.)

The truth of 9/11 would cause major political shifts in our country, especially if many people dared to open up psychologically to the deceptions. It took decades for most people to understand that Lee Harvey Oswald did not shoot President Kennedy, that there was a conspiracy to keep JFK from scaling back the Cold War -- but by then, domestic politics had shifted from civil rights and peace toward the so-called Reagan revolution. We don't have four decades for people to understand the truths of 9/11.

There is considerable circumstantial evidence that remote control software, not amateur flight school drop outs, was used to fly the plane into the mostly empty, under re-construction part of the Pentagon (and therefore, the World Trade Center as well), although this will probably never be proved 100% (just like the identities of the assassins of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King remain unknown - although the motivations of the government conspirators have been well documented). However, neither the corporate media conglomerates nor the foundation-funded "left alternative" media are interested in investigating what actually happened on 9/11, even though much of the "evidence" has been disproved or is extremely questionable at best.

The official 9/11 Commission is an official coverup, even if they posture and pretend to be probing. Key facts about the Air Force failure to protect its own headquarters have been ignored, including the "wargames" that day that confused the military response to the hijackings. ALL of the commissioners have severe conflicts of interest. It's a repeat of the "Warren Commission" that cover up the military / CIA murder of President John F. Kennedy.

The chair of the official investigation of the "9/11 intelligence failure" is Thomas Kean, the former governor of New Jersey -- who is on the board of Amerada Hess petroleum, which was invested in a Saudi consortium that was part of the scheme to build an oil pipeline across Afghanistan to connect the Caspian Sea / Central Asian oil and gas fields with Pakistan, India and deep water ports for export to the United States, China, Japan and Europe.

The 9/11 coverup, the ongoing massacres in Iraq, the plans for world conquest and domestic fascism are interrelated, motivated by the empire's knowledge that global oil extraction is peaking and that the "American way of life" isn't likely to be maintainable much longer (and therefore the police state is being established because the majority of American citizens will be furious when they realize they have been duped).

One bright spot: the phony computerized ballot machines being installed are proof that the Republicans are a minority party - since they wouldn't be bothering to set up the theft of the 2004 election if they were confident of the outcome. However, if phony ballot machines are used to install John Kerry, who supports Bush's oil wars, as the alleged alternative, this could legitimize the use of these machines in the public consciousness, since the fact a "Democrat" had been selected would make these ballot counters seem authentic.

Control over the United States economy and its war machine is the greatest prize in human history - and spending a mere couple billion on new ballot machines to ensure its continued control by a tiny elite is a good investment, from their perspective.

The sad part is

The sad part about all these concerns about oil and controlling it seems so absurd considering the fact that there is alternatives to oil that actually burn more efficient and THEY DON'T POLLUTE THE ENVIRONMENT! Obtaining oil is no justification for killing innocent lives. It would be an injustice to the victims and the families to just ignore the facts. WE NEED 9/11 TRUTH!


The Truth Never Lies

and the government knows about alternative energysources

in this pdf, all is written down.
“Outside-the-Box” Technologies, Their Critical Role Concerning Environmental Trends, and the Unnecessary Energy Crisis

A Compilation of Briefing Papers Prepared For:
The U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee


The briefing was requested by Senator Smith (R-NH and Chair of the EPW) and Mr. David Conover (Chief of Staff-EPW) because of the need to look at energy and technology issues over times scales of 5-20 years. The briefing was organized by Dr. Theodore Loder and was held on Oct. 18, 2000 in the Senate Dirksen Building, Washington, DC.

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Too many to count?

There are MANY reasons why 9/11 was enacted, imo. Some are probably stronger reasons than others. And some of them are probably true, and maybe others not so true and just "side-effects" of what happened. (taking advantage of "opportunities") I don't think we will ever know the truth about all of it.

Although I'm not a huge "Peak Oil" fan (I'm still questioning that and trying to decide which way to go), what's MUCH more probable of a reason than Oil or Peak Oil is the Petro-Dollar and Iraq's/Saddam Hussein's threat of changing to the Petro-Euro. And Iran, as well, which is probably why they want to attack them, although they have backed away from that for now, probably because they saw the writing on the wall. Same with Argentina. If they change to the Petro-Euro, the (false/fallacious) U.S. economy will quickly sink like a stone in deep water. And then you will really see the crap hit the fan. Big time. (and it could still happen, regardless — I think we are much closer than people think)

Other reasons include: (and I'm probably missing some)

* Empire Building (Pax Americana)
* Military Industrial Complex / D.O.D. funding
* War Profiteering
* Tax Fraud (Silverstein, et al.)
* Civil Liberties Abrogation, Denial and Removal
* Simple Psychosis of NeoCons, et al. (feeding the addiction)
* Cold War into War on Terror transition

There were a lot of "good" (for bad people) reasons for 9/11.

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief Correspondent


Thank you! This is what I've

Thank you!

This is what I've been trying to get across, without much popularity.

It goes well beyond 'invading Iraq'. That's the common fallacy the shheeple out there state: "I dont belive it"... 'Believe what?' ... "That they did 911 so they could invade iraq".

Regarless of HOW it happened, no matter what the scenario (even if there wasn't actually any complicity etc) it happened because of America's permanent stance in AMERICAN IMPERIALISM. They're goals go way beyond mere control of oil, the're goals are utter domination of the entire globe. Their lust for power has them so riven that they're literally developing massive AI programs, so they're actually risking the entire human race including their own power, with this promise of infinite power. This isnt a theory, unlike most things being said, but it's being completey ignored: