PBS America Rebuilds Version 1 Video Download

Last week I was very fortunate to find this rare 2002 documentary on ed2k Peer to Peer, well known for the Larry Silverstein "Pull It" comment. It's loaded with other great information as well. I've made a torrent available here at this link.


Best wishes everyone!

Can someone

repost this as a zip or rar of the avi?
I always wanted to do a screw pbs film, but I dont do "torrents" :/

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This is the most truthful PBS 9/11 documentary I've seen, unlike "Why The Towers Fell". They even mention the molten steel, pulverized concrete, asbestos, etc. Anyway, I'd like to help, where can I upload this?

Thanks Xenomorph911

Quite a few folks wanted to see before and after the "pull-it" section...

Now's there chance !!!

Best wishes


My pleasure really. I'll probably be coming up with more stuff. I'm constantly questing for rare video. I'm not the real expert so I try to make things available for everyone that may be. Great job with your research by the way. Keep up the good work. Take care.