Friday Night at the Movies with 9/11 Truth

Friday Night at the Movies with 9/11 Truth

A few selections to relax and enjoy 911 Truth after your dinner, or during your dinner, or way after your dinner, or along with your second dinner, or even if you are not having dinner. I’ll be watching New Standard of Deception with a couple of friends. I’ll be eating meatballs and spaghetti. Garlic bread with melted cheese. One friend said she’d make her trademark salad. Forgot the name, but remember it was friggin delicious. Laslow always picks up an expensive bakery cake. Beer and wine will be the choice of beverages. Both will be drunk. And Truth will be had.

Farenheit 9/11 (Call it what you want, but know what it provided. It turned a lot of people towards to Truth. Plus it is loaded with great clips of Bush and other sons of bitches.)

New Standard of Deception ~ NIST & FEMA WTC Report Flaws Exposed by Kevin Ryan

Truth Surge

Bill Moyers, the respected TV journalist, analyzes the threats to constitutional government posed by an illegitimate network of spies, profiteers, mercenaries and ex-generals.

The Power of Nightmares Part 1: Baby it's Cold Outside - by Adam Curtis. Learn some history of the neocons and the ideaology which binds them.